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440,000 ‘Questionable’ Ballots Mailed Out in California’s Election

Election Integrity Project CA reported irregularities to Secretary of State Alex Padilla

By Katy Grimes, October 19, 2020 7:05 am

In May, California Globe warned 458,000 dead persons could be mailed ballots if the state moved to an all-mail in November 2020 election. This warning was based on a report by the Election Integrity Project.

And then Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order requiring all California voters to vote-by-mail.

Now, the Election Integrity Project California says hundreds of thousands of ballots for California’s November election were mailed to registered voters who have probably moved or died, while more than one ballot was mailed to thousands more.

And the Secretary of State had all of this information, but failed to act ahead of the election.

California Globe has been told by many readers of people who moved out of the state, but still received a California vote-by-mail ballot.

“Earlier this year, the Secretary repeatedly rejected similar findings, despite the risks of universal mail voting with a bloated voter list,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine.“We now encourage all candidates and parties to contact the Secretary of State to obtain our report, and to work with local election officials to ensure that only lawful votes are counted in November.”

Adding to the problems in this election, the state will now allow multiple votes, scrawled on notecards, to be stuffed into one mail ballot envelope,” Paine added.

EIPCa also published the number of questionable mail ballots in each congressionalsenate and assembly district and county.

In March EIPCa exposed that 13 California counties now have more registered voters than eligible citizens, California Globe reported.

Mailing hundreds of thousands of ballots to non-existent addressees opens the door to election crime. Mass “seeding” of unclaimed ballots, coupled with ballot “harvesting” by unscrupulous operatives, is a significant risk to the integrity of the November election, the Globe reported. Mailing two or more ballots each to thousands of duplicated registrants allows– even “invites” –voters to vote twice. California’s SOS has already confirmed double voting in the March 3 primary by duplicated registrants who were mailed two ballots each.

EIPCa’s May report, based on its analysis of California’s official voter registration file, includes evidence that the coronavirus-related proposal to mail ballots to all California voters has heightened the risks to the integrity of the November 2020 election:

  • Over 458,000 California registrants who have likely died or moved will be mailed ballots. These registrants have not voted or updated their registrations since November 2008 or prior. Though likely deceased or relocated, they remain classified as “active” status.
  • Almost 178,000 have never voted.
  • Almost 2,000 have birthdates indicating they are 105+ years old.
  • Over 38,000 Californians appear to have more than one voter registration.
  • 24,000 of them will be mailed two or more ballots under an all-mail scenario, because they have more than one active registration each.

California Globe has filed a California Public Records Act request to the Secretary of State’s office the Excel file from the SOS for the details of who was mailed ballots.

Election Integrity Project CA can be linked here.

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16 thoughts on “440,000 ‘Questionable’ Ballots Mailed Out in California’s Election

  1. In case there is anyone out there who still thinks Secty of State Padilla is interested in honest elections in California, check out below.

    From the Election Integrity Report:
    “Now a voter does not even need a genuine ballot, but can just mark up a sample ballot, or scrawl votes on a “letter or note.” A diligent fraudster can stuff one barcoded ballot return envelope with as many notecard ballots as will fit, and scribble names and signatures of additional voters somewhere on the envelope. [20991(b)(11]. Because signature verification has been weakened, such fraud could well succeed.” (Election Integrity Project Ca, October 2, 2020.)

    Is this a joke? Are these people out of their minds? This was mandated as recently as September! Of 2020! And of course this latest outrage is in addition to all the other flimflam going on with election integrity in California which has NOT been corrected. Nor is there any indication — just read EIP’s report as an example! — that the SOS intends to do anything but cheat.

  2. California should be excluded from the election. This is the only fair and honest solution until they clean up their voter roles.

  3. I’m not really clear about why these people have not been indicted by the Feds when a Federal election is on the ballot. What the heck is this if not election interference? You know, what the Russians are constantly being indicted for? There is and has been more than enough information over the past few election cycles to look very very closely at what these CA electeds have done and continue to do. What am I missing? Please tell me, I’d love to know.

  4. Padilla is ALSO a loyal Democrat party apparatchik, creating enough discord and uncertainty to pitch this election into question…

    The Democrat party is corrupt to the core, evil and a party of psychological projection…

    How anyone can be a part of it is beyond me…

    Of course, Trump is loud, abrasive and coarse, but we elected him to upend the swamp and the “moneychangers in the temple” and he’s the one guy with the brass to go up against these entrenched political hacks, and many on both sides resent him as a result….

    May he win again, and prosecute Newsom, Becerra and Padilla for their collusion in Federal election fraud….

  5. Fraud occurs when ballots are illegally voted, not when a ballot is allegedly incoRrectly
    mailed. Maybe the feds do not prosecute all those allegedly illegal voters because there is no proof — only Trumps whining.

    1. Mail out hundreds of thousands of ballots to dead people and you will get most of them back marked Democrat. This is an open invitation to voter fraud. T

  6. I feel I owe Californians an apology. From 1988 through 2014 I voted blue almost down the line and I am now older a tad wiser and very regretful. I was a vulnerable young man deceived by political predators that turned out to be anything but honest. Brown, Newsom and I should hang from a tree in Sacramento on the capitol grounds as a reminder to future youth, be very cautious who you give your vote to, they’re not refundable and the damage could be permanent.

    1. Jeffrey McDonald: I think there are many converts in California; I’m one. Woke up 17 years ago and haven’t looked back or thought to go back. An impossible idea, actually. But still doing penance, I think!

    1. Hello –
      there are several links in the article to EIPCA and their press release, but I added another at the end of the article.

  7. Thus the beauty of the Electoral College…Calif can have all the bogus ballots it wants, still only gets 55 electoral votes

  8. I am still waiting for an answer from SoS regarding “How many mailed out “Return to Sender” ballots have been returned by the post office or otherwise returned to the custody of SoS?
    So far, crickets.

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