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America Learned What California Already Knows About a Potential Biden/Harris Presidency

VP debate shows with a Biden/Harris win U.S. could turn into dystopian California

By Katy Grimes, October 8, 2020 9:42 am

Much of America has finally figured out that presidential debates are merely political theater for the media.

Wednesday’s Vice Presidential debate only drove this home. But, the debate was useful for one important issue – America learned what California already knows: how Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris and Presidential candidate Joe Biden would run the country just like dystopian California.

The Calm before the Storm

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris addressing the 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, June 1, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Harris smirked and smiled and giggled and frowned, and shook her head in ridicule while Vice President Mike Pence answered debate questions.

Harris spent much of the debate dodging the few important questions, talking up her record as a prosecutor in California, as well as her U.S. Senate committee assignments. She, Pence and moderator Susan Page managed to dodge her radical record as well.

Susan Page is the Washington bureau chief for USA Today, and the author of a new book scheduled to come out in April, “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power.” Page’s debate questions to Harris would have been objected to in a court of law for being “leading questions,” while many questions to VP Pence were as fair as, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

Conspicuously left out of the debate was when Harris asked supporters in June to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a bail fund, in the wake of the violent left rioting in Minneapolis. That money was used to pay the bail of violent Antifa and BLM members, accused of assault, sexual assault, attempted murder, and murder.

Also conspicuously avoided was Page neglecting to ask whether Harris and Biden would pack the Supreme Court with more justices. It was Pence who demanded to know if Harris and Biden would pack the court. Harris refused to answer the question.

Page instead pivoted to a reliable talking point of the left: “What would happen to abortion rights if the court overturned Roe v. Wade?”

Moderator Susan Page also included other favorite topics of the left: the existential threat of climate change, the Breonna Taylor shooting case, and what would happen if Trump refuses to accept “a peaceful transfer of power” if he loses the election.

Kamala Harris landed a few effective blows starting with her claim that the Trump administration’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic was the “greatest failure of any presidential administration in American history.” Shifting her focus to the camera, Harris said, “The president and vice president knew on January 28 what was happening and they didn’t tell you.”

Pollster Frank Luntz said swing-state voters were “agitated with Kamala’s presentation.”

Luntz had voters from eight swing states on Zoom video with him, who concluded that Pence won the debate against Kamala Harris.

“Luntz said a majority of the voters found Harris’s demeanor to be ‘abrasive and condescending’ before noting that Pence came across as ‘tired but vice presidential’ to the group,” the Washington Examiner reported. “If this is a battle over style and substance, which is often the case with undecided voters because they simply do not choose on policy — they also choose on persona — this was Mike Pence’s night,” Luntz said.

NY Post writer Michael Goodwin said Mike Pence “clearly won the debate.”

“He did it by nailing the inconsistencies of Biden’s varying positions on taxes, fracking and fossil fuels in ways that highlighted the ways the Democrats have created a fog about what they would do if they win. After Harris promised that on ‘Day One, Joe will repeal’ the Trump administration’s 2017 tax cuts, Pence responded: ‘She just told you, on Day One, Joe Biden’s going to raise your taxes,’” Goodwin wrote.

California Globe predicted ahead of the VP debate that as Kamala Harris would undoubtedly get more aggressive and prosecutorial, Vice President Mike Pence would show more calm.

Raheem Kassam summed up the debate with this Tweet:

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4 thoughts on “America Learned What California Already Knows About a Potential Biden/Harris Presidency

  1. The sick way that Biden and Harris laugh at their opponents is the same way they laugh at the people who are voting for them. They do not think you are smart enough to see through this on your own. They think they are better than you.

  2. If Biden gets elected he will not finish his term. We will then have President Kamala and that thought is frightening. She lied through her teeth last night about the green deal, taxes, Trump’s comments about WW2 vets, and the handling of the CCP flu by the President. She lies pretty much about everything and won’t answer questions directly if at all. If she becomes President kiss the Second Amendment goodbye, suburban America will go away, our choice for energy will be gone, taxes through the roof to pay for all the free stuff the government will give away, and regulations that will dictate how you live. I encourage everyone to read “The Biden-Sanders Unity Project” if you haven’t already. It’s on Biden’s website and if it has been taken down you should be able to find it on Britebart. It is a 110 page modern day Communist Manifesto on what the Democratic party has in store for America.

  3. There were seven moments in last night’s Vice Presidential debate that were almost surreal in their absurdity and deception.

    First, Harris was asked if she and Biden supported the Green New Deal. Harris denied support like Peter denied Christ. It was mentioned that she sponsored the bill in the Senate and Biden has it on his campaign website. Again, in the face of these facts, she denied it again. Pence stated that she does, indeed, support the deal and Harris chided him and denied it once more. I was expecting to hear a cock crow at that point.

    Next, Kamala Harris was asked if it were wise to raise taxes with a fragile economy, since Biden stated in last week’s debate that he was repealing Trump’s tax cut “on day one.” Harris claimed that they would only raise taxes on those making $400,000 a year. VP Mike Pence pounced in his rebuttal, reiterating that Biden said he’d repeal the tax cut and that the average family of four realized a $2,000 annual increase in take-home pay due to the tax cut; which I can attest, having realized an increase myself. Harris repeated her false claim and Pence asked, “Does this mean Biden will repeal only part of the Trump tax cut?” Harris refused to answer. Make no mistake, America, your taxes WILL increase under Biden/Harris.

    Third, Harris was asked if the Biden/Harris ticket would attempt to “pack the Supreme Court” by adding 4 new justices to create a 13-judge court. Harris refused to answer the question. Pence pounced, noting that Biden refused to answer the question in the last debate. Again, Harris chided Pence about being lectured by the Vice President, which was silly, but then refused to address the question, instead, somehow taking Trump to task for filling some 300 federal judgeships during his tenure, as he is Constitutionally required to do. So yes, Virginia, team Biden will attempt to pack SCOTUS with four new justice positions.

    During a portion of the debate dedicated to racial justice, Harris brought up her record as Attorney General in California and Pence thanked her for doing so, mentioning that as an attorney general, Harris prosecuted and jailed blacks for marijuana violations over whites at a 10-to-1 ratio. Again, Harris stated that she will not be lectured to, but never denied the stats, which are fact.

    Fifth, Harris mentioned that Lincoln did not nominate a new Justice for SCOTUS until after the election in 1864, claiming that Abe said it was not an appropriate time. This is wholly untrue. Lincoln never issued such a declaration. Lincoln did wait to make his nomination, but only because the Senate was not in session. Once the Senate returned days after the election, he submitted his nominee post-haste.

    Early in the debate, Harris claimed that Trump hid the facts regarding coronavirus, as POTUS stated, so as not to cause a panic, but then looked into the camera and addressed America, asking, “How calm were you when you were panicked about where you’re going to get your next roll of toilet paper,” seemingly supporting Trump’s position by illustrating just how crazy Americans became simply over toilet paper, queuing-up all over America, hoarding and in many cases, actually fighting over toilet paper. Seeing the insanity, how could one in a leadership position not try to keep the public calm?

    The most surreal moment of all, however, was when Harris brought up Russian interference in the 2016 election, which gave Pence an opening to mention that Democrats spent 3 years trying to undo the results of the election with what we now know for fact was a phony scandal hatched and funded by none other than Hillary Clinton, herself, who also recently stated that Biden should never concede the election if he loses. Why she would create this opening for Pence is inexplicable. But she did, thankfully, because the news media seems to be delinquent in covering these latest developments in Hillary’s Russia scandal.

    Clearly Kamala Harris is not ready for prime time. That’s why she got clobbered in the primary earlier this year. But Biden said he wanted to nominate a “woman of color.” Clearly, that’s the only requirement Harris fills when it comes to qualifications for VP because she’s clearly not White House material.

  4. Not surprisingly, Kamala Harris was not asked during the debate about her comments that she had made in a chilling interview with Stephen Colbert about the riots and looting being committed by BLM and Antifa.
    Kamala declared: “They’re not gonna stop. And they should not.”

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