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Governor Gavin Newsom (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Barbershop, Salon Coronavirus Bans Retracted By Governor Newsom

Newsom contends that reopening was delayed over concerns with outdoor chemical, material issues

By Evan Symon, July 21, 2020 6:34 am

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that barbershops, hair and nail salons, and other similar businesses could now reopen, albeit with strict rules in place for all reopening businesses.

Under the new guidelines, all salons and barbershops will need to operate outside under a tent, canopy, or some other open air covering that has no more than one side closed.  All current laws, including Cal/OSHA laws, must be followed, as well as temporary COVID-19 laws such as mandatory face masks and social distancing when not using the service.

Face touching, such as through shaving or facials, can be performed outside along with other close contact services such as massages. However, tattooing, piercing and other similar services will not be allowed outside due to a hygienic, controlled environment being needed.

Outdoor service will only be required in counties who have been on the state COVID-19 watchlist for more than 3 days.

Newsom noted that he had wanted to allow salons and barbershops to remain open after the lockdown was announced earlier this month with new rules in place, but he couldn’t because many local ordinances had issues with certain chemicals and materials.

“The good news is we now have new guidelines out on the COVID-19.ca.gov website clarifying what we can and can’t do as it relates to hair cuts and activities that we want to move from indoors to outdoors for personal care services industry,” announced the Governor on Monday.

“It turned out, without getting into too many details, that issues of chemicals and shampoos and perms were more complicated than some had considered, particularly as relates to local ordinances and rules and regulations. So we worked through that over the last couple of days. Hopefully that provides more clarity.”

However, many industry workers noted that Governor Newsom only recently made the changes after a letter from the Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC) asking for outside service reached him. The PBFC had forced the Governor to reopen earlier this year in May to reopen following being left out of earlier reopening plans, one day before a lawsuit over being left out was about to be active.

“This isn’t the first time he snubbed all of us,” said Oakland beautician Chantelle Wood-Taylor in an interview with the California Globe. “We understand we have to get close to clients, but we’re being safe. Take safety out of the equation and all he really is doing is punishing our business for no reason.”

“We’ve fought to stay open before, and as we’ve showed this weekend, we’ll continue to do so.”

Other reopening announcements in the near future are not expected from the Governor, although that may change in the coming weeks with more businesses facing permanent closure.

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Evan Symon
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22 thoughts on “Barbershop, Salon Coronavirus Bans Retracted By Governor Newsom

  1. This is pure insanity by Gov Gruesome and the Gang. It’s way past time to knock off these sadistic games. “Giving back” to us, in a symbolic, impractical, B.S. way, what was not in their authority to take away in the first place. This is the person the Dems and the unions and the wealth class set up to be elected(?) Governor of the Once Golden State of California. Gavin Newsom. Good job! Happy now?

    1. @ShowandTell, Agreed!
      I wonder what Dr. Kelly Victory would advise?
      I would guess she would say, it does not matter whether you get a facial or shave inside or out, wash your hands after each client!
      Wow, a bunch of BS for sure!

      1. Cali Girl: It’s always so great to see you and your good common sense; not so common, as you know. 🙂

  2. outdoor hair salons and barbers, seriously?!

    do they lay tarp on the ground or just let hair fly in the wind after its been cut.

    How exactly do they move salon seats outside then inside and back again and use them without injuring clients as they are not bolted to cement.

    1. Not to mention wash stands, electricity and proper lighting. This sounds nifty when it is 110 degrees out on paving wearing face coverings.
      If we continue to go along with this, we are nuts.

    2. ….but they ARE bolted to the floor inside the salon. Even if it were do-able, just watch how Gov Gav would shut salons down again entirely the MINUTE the change to outside was made.
      Great points besides, George Orwell, including the one that cut hair flying in the wind is not going to “fly” and would probably be deemed some of kind of environmental hazard when it happened.
      This Newsom person is really skating on thin ice now and if he were smart he would pay attention to THAT hazard.

  3. There was noth in ng wrong with our working indoors..Outside how can you controll the temp how many of us can safely lift our styling chair outside and back in….Why would we leave a controlled environment to go outside to what ever is in the air..Hair flying to the Bar and Grill next door to me. Don’t make me laugh safer..bars and restaurants have to remove there mask to eat…OUR CLIENTS DO NIT REMOVE THERE MASK DURING SERVICE…CAN’T COMPAIR..This Govenor doesnt have a reasoning for anything..

    According to the US Census for Kern County we have 900,202 people in the county and 105 covid deaths ever. That is 0.0001 (1/100th of 1%) of the population. Said another equally valid way since covid ever began in Kern County 99.9999% of all Kern County residents have not died of the virus.
    Because 1/100th of 1% of all people in Kern County are claimed to have died with (not of) covid … it is likely that 31% of all businesses in the County are non-operational (according to surveys) which means up to 4,000 businesses and up to 60,000+ people out of work … for now … or for good … with an estimated 91,370 total people now out of work in Kern County an unemployment rate of 17.5% that is also higher than the rest of California.

  5. And in two days or so he will – or will be told to by his handlers to – change his mind yet again, and close things down

    All this does is impoverish yet again part of his base, inasmuch as people in the health and beauty end of things trend towards the left. One would hope that they and their clients see the light and vote both his and anybody with a ‘D’ after their name out of office.

    It won’t solve everything, inasmuch you’d still have a lot of un-eleccted and unionized governmental busybodies and world-improvers to gum up the works, but it would at least be a start. (And really, the Republicans and their cronies are no better than the Democrats when you think about it. So it will take more than just a change of Parties to create a Red Shift.)

    Regardless, you’re going to see an ever increasing level of civil disobedience leading towards violent rebellion unless a stop to all this nonsense happens immediately. And that includes a push-back against all the BLM and identity politics excuse making for the rioting, looting , ‘speech codes’, and general left wing bullying that is now completely over the top

    The Middle is angry, and its anger is crystallizing. The prospect of ones impoverishment through no fault of one’s own – like the prospect of one’s hanging, to paraphrase Samuel Johnson – concentrates the mind wonderfully. And when you have nothing to lose, have lost everything, you’re more willing to push back.


    Just a thought.


  6. So kind of der fuehrer to allow we little people to sit out in the heat and get a haircut. Where do I make my donation?

  7. There is no such thing as a “temporary Covid-19 law”…this is disinformation and false. You should amend, revise, and remove from future use of such misleading phrases.

  8. I just hope the rage & frustration expressed here now, extends up through the November elections and all of these petty, power-mad, Trump-deranged Democrats are VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!!!
    They, and their union supporters, ARE NOT your friends…
    Don’t fall for their emotional appeals and television ads where they make emotional appeals against Donald Trump or Republicans…

    I personally do not care for President Trump’s communication style or desire for attention, but I’m mature enough to overlook his personal STYLE for my unreserved support for his SUBSTANCE!!!

    China released this virus to destabilize the American economy, and Democrat sympathizers like Gavin Newsom and a host of Democrat politicians are attempting to exert their influence over our lives under the cover of this plandemic, which is being shown to be a political game on a daily basis by actions such as this….

  9. I want a Newsom windup toy with him dressed as der fuehrer. You wind it up and it goose steps across your desk and then stops and screeches “no haircuts”, “no churches”, “no beaches”, “no bars” and “NO SINGING”. I could sell a million of them.

  10. But it is NOT A LAW!! It was not voted and passed by Congress. It is an “order” or “mandate”. Very different things

  11. We have entered an era where the only law is power. Newsom will not stop with petty dictates, his appetite for tyranny will grow and grow if he is not removed from power.

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