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Senator Steven M. Glazer. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

CA ‘Data-Driven’ Leaders Ignore Negative, False Positive COVID Tests

‘A better gauge of COVID-19 disease levels is the death rate’

By Katy Grimes, July 24, 2020 8:19 am

State Sen. Steve Glazer is demanding the state go back into strict shelter-at-home lockdown over concerns of increased coronavirus “cases” – those who have tested positive for the virus. “It’s clear that we have lost control of the coronavirus fight,” Glazer said during a Zoom press conference. “And you don’t have to look very far to see it in the numbers.”

The state ramped up testing healthy people, most of who are asymptomatic or test negative for the virus.

California’s COVID-19 website reports 6,778,304 total coronavirus tests given in the state.

Of those, 425,616 have tested positive. That is the number Sen. Glazer, Gov. Newsom and Public Health Director Dr. Mark Ghaly are basing their decisions on, but these are not 425,616 sick people.

That means 6,352,688 tested negative for Coronavirus, but the California COVID-19 dashboard does not list this number.

California reports 8,027 have died from Coronavirus – about 1,000 a month.

Every day in California, more than 750 people die from many different causes: heart disease, cancer, auto accidents, and seasonal flu.

California has nearly 40 million residents.

CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly during a press conference on July 21, 2020. (Photo: Zoom)

Dr. Mark Ghaly reports at the California Department of Health and Human Services, they have released updated testing guidance that focuses on testing already hospitalized individuals “with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and people being tested as part of the investigation and management of outbreaks, including contact tracing.”

Sen. Glazer also wants to halt counties being able to request permission to open additional sectors; “additional services for vulnerable populations, such as meal deliveries; and a mandatory quarantine period for people traveling into California from areas where the rate of positive tests exceeds 2%.”

Dr. Erwin Haas, a retired infectious diseases doctor, reported this week at American Thinker on the high number of false-positive tests, and how the CDC and NIH “data” reporting is not backing out the false-positives from their totals.

COVID-19 News reports that 48.3 million tests have been done in the United States as of Monday. Four percent, or over 1.93 million are false positives,” Dr. Haas said. “These patients are not infected. The same publication  alleges that about 3.9 million Americans have been infected with COVID-19. They did not subtract the nearly 2 million false positives. Fewer than 2 million Americans have truly positive tests for COVID-19 (but it’s not always certain which ones.)”

“The scam starts when one individual is tested and is found to be falsely positive. All of his contacts will then be traced and tested. If there are 25 contacts, one of them is likely to be falsely positive as well, in turn, one of his 25 contacts.The entire chain is actually negative but this kind of creative and unwarranted testing does swell the numbers. This is playing out as a manufactured epidemic in rural United States where a new population of COVID-19 cases has arisen in the last 2 months; Many of the new cases are in younger healthy individuals tested as part of contact tracing. To invent a meme; It’s not the same COVID-19 that we knew in the old days.”

“A better gauge of COVID-19 disease levels is the death rate. This is dropping. Michigan, as an example, reports one or two new deaths per day but on many days also reports a half dozen deaths retrieved in chart reviews of cases from February or March. This gives the false impression of a high mortality. The virus has burned itself out.”

Every doctor, epidemiologist, virologist and immunologist California Globe has interviewed says the only important number to focus on is the mortality rate from COVID-19 — not the positive tests, which certainly are not “cases.”

Haas continues:

“Some final notes;  1) We need to re-evaluate the positives that have been generated as a result of our misunderstanding of basic statistical principles. 2) This is a money maker for the labs and newly trained, well paid profession of contact tracer. These constituencies will fight against correcting this fluke in statistics. 3) I would not expect politicians or journalists to understand the problem of false positives but experts at the CDC, NIH and at the various universities who squawk loudly about the ‘pandemic’ and how ‘we must destroy the economy’ can be mocked for not understanding basic statistics and Bayesian Theory. And that should be fun.”

And still, Sen. Glazer, who is not a doctor, epidemiologist, virologist or immunologist, claims California needs to go back into shelter-in-place orders until the “virus is controlled.” Sen. Steve Glazer is a former political consultant and communications adviser, was a senior advisor to former California Gov. Jerry Brown, and was an appointed California State University Trustee, according to a bio.

“To regain control of the virus, Glazer laid out a multi-point mitigation plan that first recommends pulling counties back under a stay-at-home order if they have a higher positivity rate than 2%,” the Sacramento Bee reported. “That would mean most Californians would return to a March and April-like existence, when only trips to an essential job or to places like the grocery store and pharmacy were allowed.”

Democrats are trying to keep California under lockdown – and in total misery – at least until Nov. 3, Election Day.

A reader posted a spot-on comment on Dr. Haas’s article:

“What do the COVID testing numbers and President Trump’s polling numbers have in common?

They are tabulated by people that want to see Biden become president.”

Still unsure? Take a look at Death rates from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States as of July 24, 2020, by state

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13 thoughts on “CA ‘Data-Driven’ Leaders Ignore Negative, False Positive COVID Tests

  1. Comrades……it’s your duty to take a knee in sports, health issues, on the day of the month you use your fireplace or fry chicken in your previously lard laden cast iron skillet..

    Commissars know best…..

  2. I remember back when dancing in the blood of children was the liberals favorite pastime. But soon the liberal discovered that sick and dying children was just one of many avenues they could exploit for power and money. They discovered racism, sexism, poverty, pollution, and the list goes on.
    Now they have COVID.
    COVID is ALL encompassing. It’s their one-stop, one size fits all solution that ends to the liberals never ending quest for more causes.
    Babies get COVID.
    Poor people get COVID.
    COVID is in the Ocean.
    It’s on the beaches.
    It’s in the air we breath.
    COVID is racist.
    COVID causes poverty.
    COVID makes people crash and die in cars, on motorcycles, in planes.
    COVID kills people who commit suicide, because of poverty
    You get it. We all get it.
    It’s like watching a bad play. You want to leave but they locked the doors so we have to stay to the end.
    Make no mistake. The people who are saving us from COVID will suffocate and starve our children without even blinking an eye before they admit that all of this was built on a foundation of lies and manipulated data.
    The solution to this is cheap and plentiful. It is only through good manners that it has not been used.

  3. Appreciate so much the consistent banging away at this mess to keep the COVID accuracy alive.
    The numbers from the so-called experts, who should know better, seem so gummed up at this point that the public must be hopelessly confused. The average citizen doesn’t have special training on epidemics to find a clear path but you’d think a County Public Health officer making HALF A MILLION BUCKS A YEAR would (e.g., “Dr.” Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County).

    And yet, present company excepted (of course), there has been no earnest presentation by politicians, bureaucrats, or main media of full data or full data in context. Long-standing disease epidemic protocols have not been followed at all (e.g., who should be quarantined and who should not), and the information that is NOT told to us in the daily Public Health Officer lectures has always seemed purposely left out in order to fulfill an agenda that has become obviously and nakedly political. Then shills like Steven Glazer appear on the stage to finish the job. This can’t continue.

  4. “Democrats are trying to keep California under lockdown – and in total misery – at least until Nov. 3, Election Day.”
    Everyone knows this is a power grab however it appears to be working. Wake up people. If both masks and distancing work, why can’t businesses open? Mark Levin commented that politicians go nuts if the government is shut down for even a day, but private businesses can be shut down for months. Does doubling down on a failed strategy to control the virus make sense at all? Finally, even the death toll number is suspect as the CDC has said that a death can be listed as COVID even if no testing has been done: chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/vsrg/vsrg03-508.pdf

  5. The number of deaths is plummeting compared to the peak back in April. The CDC graph shows deaths nearing zero. Look up the graph at the CDC website called Provisional Death Counts for COVID-19.

  6. “Data” and “science” will be our tyrant. Newsom and his ilk will “data” us out of our livelihoods, homes, possessions and our freedoms.

  7. love the CAlifornia globe.
    for all of us low to no tech folks please an email option. It will be good for your business!!

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