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California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. (Photo: screen capture youtube)

CA Govt. Schools Re-Opening Guidelines Written by Health Officials

Nowhere in the 44 pages of guidelines are team sports addressed

By Katy Grimes, June 11, 2020 7:53 am

The State Superintendent of Instruction and the California Department of Education just published guidelines for re-opening government schools. The first 11 pages are “health and safety” guidelines. It isn’t until page 12 that classroom instruction is even discussed. Even then, the “guidelines” mostly present questions to consider. There is one paragraph on California’s curriculum frameworks.

By page 17, the “guidelines” move into “social and emotional learning.”

“When educators and students practice physical distancing at school or through distance learning, it does not mean they must lose social and school connections.”

And, they continue to propagate the COVID “spike” lie and the chance of another lockdown: “As the possibility of a virus resurgence exists, so does the possibility of alternating between virtual learning and in-person classroom activities.”

Nowhere in the 44 pages of guidelines are team sports addressed.

A few select Guidelines:

  • “This guidance is also informed by the technical assistance and advice of many health and safety organizations including the Centers for Disease Control, California Department of Public Health, California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, and the many health officers from counties around our state.”
  • “We gathered additional input from focus group conversations with teachers, classified staff, child care providers, superintendents, and public health officials. Important voices were heard during virtual support circles with educators, parents, and students. And additional insight came from consultation with state superintendents, researchers, and experts from throughout the nation.”
  • “What has been highlighted during this pandemic is the importance of paying attention to the social–emotional well-being of our students, families, and staff. We encourage all LEAs to keep the emotional well-being of all at the forefront of their decision making.

Campus Access. “Develop a plan to minimize access to campus, and limit nonessential visitors, facility use permits, and volunteers.” (Sounds like the COVID nursing home rules).

  • Limit access to campus for parents and other visitors.

Protective Equipment.

  • Plan to address protective equipment needs to ensure personal health and safety in school facilities and vehicles.
  • a. According to CDC guidance:
  • i. Training and information should be provided to staff and students on proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings.
  • ii. Face coverings are not recommended for anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the covering without assistance. LEAs should make reasonable accommodations such as a face shield with a cloth drape for those who are unable to wear face coverings for medical reasons. Per Cal/OSHA, considerations for face shields should include a cloth drape attached across the bottom and tucked into shirt. HEALTH AND SAFETY 6
  • iii. Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected (many people carry COVID-19 but do not have symptoms). Cloth face coverings are not surgical masks, respirators, or personal protective equipment.

“As recommended by the CDC, all staff should wear face coverings. Per CDPH guidance, teachers could use face shields, which enable students to see their faces and to avoid potential barriers to phonological instruction.”

“Students should use cloth face coverings, especially in circumstances when physical distancing cannot be maintained. If an LEA requires students to wear face coverings, then the LEA must provide face coverings to be used. Consider how the LEA will address students with disabilities who refuse or are not able to wear masks. At a minimum, face coverings should be worn:”

1. While waiting to enter the school campus.

2. While on school grounds (except when eating or drinking).

3. While leaving school.

4. While on a school bus. A. Driver has access to surplus masks to provide to students who are symptomatic on the bus.

“Plan to limit the number of people in all campus spaces to the number that can be reasonably accommodated while maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of distance between individuals.”

“Limit number of students physically reporting to school, if needed to maintain physical distancing.”

1. Determine student and staff capacity of each school meeting 6-foot physical distancing objectives.

2. Consider various strategies outlined in the Instructional Program Models in the guidance document, such as early/late start times and blended learning models.

Playgrounds/Outside Spaces/Athletics

1. Increase supervision to ensure physical distancing.

2. Physical education (PE) and intramural/interscholastic athletics should be limited to activities that do not involve physical contact with other students or equipment until advised otherwise by state/local public health officials

Social and Emotional Learning Guidelines

“The CDE is committed to helping educators learn more about SEL and how to infuse social and emotional supports into every child’s school experience. The CDE convened a group of experts from different sectors of the education system to advise the best ways to support SEL implementation. The team developed California’s Social and Emotional Learning Guiding Principles (full version and summary) and a social and emotional learning resource guide.

Read the California Department of Education guidelines for yourself – you will be dumber for it.

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10 thoughts on “CA Govt. Schools Re-Opening Guidelines Written by Health Officials

  1. This is so painful to read. Cloth face masks are useless and I can’t help but feel that those who are still wearing them out of choice are just poorly informed. The only reason they are still being recommended is because apparently, we are all walking disease vectors, even though asymptomatic transmission is rare and poorly documented.
    I am a State Worker and I just received an email with these words:
    “State employees and other workers should be instructed to NEVER approach coworkers or members of the public who are not wearing a face covering, for the purpose of attempting to enforce any face recovering recommendation or requirement.”
    So, basically, don’t talk to anyone who isn’t wearing a mask, just try to shame them into wearing one. I’m so disgusted. Luckily, no one has tried to publicly shame me, so I consider myself lucky. If I was a parent, I would pull my child out of school and home-school them. Seeing my 4-year-old nephew have to wear a face mask to go to his preschool made me want to cry. The problem is that people are just going along with this insanity. The way people are acting still about COVID is emblematic of obsessive compulsive disorder.

    1. K: You are so right about all of this. And we are exacerbating OCD and growing new OCD. They are also shooting themselves in the foot to further devastate public school districts (reduction in state $$$ tied to attendance) because anyone with a brain is going to pull their kids out, move out of state, private school, home school, online school, WHATEVER they can do to NOT do THIS. Good job, idiots!
      They don’t want you to talk to ANYONE; wouldn’t want you to pick up or impart inconvenient facts or persuasive arguments.

      1. Thanks, Showandtell. I didn’t even consider some of the other underlying reasons they don’t want us to talk to each other (unmasked vs. masked). The schools are failing, there is no doubt about it. Further troubling that Gavin was so quick to cut their budget. The masses are waking up… it’s not going to be pretty.

  2. This is devastating for the children. Kids will end up touching their faces more with a mask on. It will get hot and wet. They will collect fluids inside the cloth mask. This is not a wise decision. Kids cough, sneeze into their mask. Social distancing and washing hands is the best we can do with children.
    Another thing that should be considered is the amount of oxygen they will be taking in. Freedom to breath builds your natural immunities.

    Was this really vetted by health care professionals?

    1. Of course this was vetted by health care professionals, a carefully selected group of health care professionals who
      followed the party line!

      1. Oops, silly me of course it was. As we are told they base all decisions on real data and science;)

    2. YES YES YES! So glad you posted this.
      Masks are unhealthy and NO CHILD NEEDS TO WEAR ONE. The risk to children of COVID is so low as to be statistically insignificant. For all intents and purposes it is ZERO

  3. Gee, where is the order for students to spin around three times and scream like a chicken before they enter the school grounds? But maybe it IS there in the longer version, which I simply couldn’t bring myself to read.

    These fire hoops that students will be required to jump through like a trained dog act are completely ridiculous and unnecessary, but no one needs me to tell them that because they already know it! Young people are not even on the radar of COVID fatalities, the risk is statistically ZERO, and with the debunking of the “asymptomatic shedder” into nothingness, there is and was no reason for lockdown, distancing, masks, and the rest. And yet these creeps continue to repeat lies and make “the rabble” follow nonsense rules. SIGH

    Why not add 100 pound weights to the ankles of each student and shackle them too for good measure?

    In addition to all the facts and arguments on this subject that Katy Grimes has given you (God bless her), and which I’m sure you have incorporated by now, treat yourself to 30 minutes of a blast of fresh air from Dr. Kelly Victory on KABC 790 at the link below, and arm yourself with more facts and common sense arguments that everyone will surely be needing in the weeks to come:

    Dr. Kelly Victory on the John Phillips Show, KABC 790 AM. At the moment it is the 2nd podcast in the list:

    1. Show and Tell,
      Thank you for the post. Amen!
      John Phillips filled in for Armstrong and Getty. He is great! I will tune in for sure!

      Yes, so thank for Katy Grimes and crew. They report the news others are not willing to. If it does not bleed, it does not lead!

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