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Mayor Steinberg placing flowers at shrine at Cesar Chavez Park to honor the life of George Floyd. (Photo: Twitter)

CA Mayors Garcetti and Steinberg Kneel to BLM

You don’t get respect by showing disrespect

By Katy Grimes, June 4, 2020 10:39 am

Sacramento marchers ignore curfew for third night, Mayor Steinberg and police chief take a knee.

While the City of Sacramento will be under a curfew through the end of this weekend, only the honest, law-abiding citizens are following the curfew and are at risk of being arrested for violations of it. Following violence, anarchy, mass property damage, theft, robbery and vandalism during ongoing Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, Sacramento residents have been under an 8:oo p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew since Monday. The rioters have ignored it.

Mayor Steinberg and Police Chief Daniel Hahn met with community members around 11 a.m. outside of Oak Park Community Center, and both “wearing masks due to the coronavirus pandemic,” took a knee, the Sacramento Bee reported.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he was cutting $150 million from the police department budget and would give it to communities of color instead – declaring he is committed to ‘making this moment not just a moment,’ the Daily Mail UK reported.

“LA City Council President Nury Martinez tweeted a full copy of the planned motion last night. ‘Today we intrduced a motion to cut funding to the LAPD, as we reset our priorities in the wake of the murder of #GeorgeFloyd & the #BlackLivesMatter call that we all support to end racism [sic],'” the tweet reads. “‘This is just one small step. We cannot talk about change, we have to be about change.'”

This stunning lack of leadership and denial of facts and police shooting statistics in Northern and Southern California by these Mayors is what is leading to more crime, violence, destruction, riots and unrest. It is also putting law-abiding citizens at risk.

Garcetti and Steinberg are ignoring that 9 unarmed black men were shot and killed by police in all of 2019, according to the Washington Post.

“Yesterday, I visited the shrine at Cesar Chavez Park to honor the life of George Floyd and all others who have faced injustice because of the color of their skin. I placed a bouquet of flowers next to a homemade sign that read, ‘I can’t breathe,’” Steinberg Tweeted. The guy nearby Steinberg is trash talking at him, claiming, “they been killing black folks. This is nothing new, and you know that.”

“I then got on one knee and said a prayer for George Floyd, our community, and our country. #BlackLivesMatter” Steinberg Tweeted, including the three colors of Black Power fist emojis. 

There were many outraged replies to Steinberg’s Tweet demanding he defund the police. However, this reply actually addressed policy:

“You are pathetic. You use this event in an attempt to gain supporters. Meanwhile, you force thousands of black families to remain homeless by not fixing a problem that you are tasked to fix, homeless Californians. Many have died under your watch.”

Another reply demonstrates that Sacramento residents remember previous issues Steinberg let fester:

“You let Stevante jump on your podium. You paid BLM off with taxpayer money for programs and they still rioted. You really think this will work.”

“Stevante” is the brother of Stephon Clark who was killed by SacPD officers after neighbors called police because he was breaking into their cars and homes one evening. The media portrayed Stephon Clark  as some sort of martyred saint after his shooting death by Sacramento police. They continually reported that his police shooting was about race, despite that one of the police officers was also black.

This is his brother Stevante Clark at a City Council meeting in 2018, after Stephon’s death:

Stevante Clark jumps on Mayor Steinberg’s desk during a Sacramento City Council meeting. (Photo: Facebook)
Stevante Clark jumps on Mayor Steinberg’s desk during a Sacramento City Council meeting. (Photo: Facebook)

Mayor Steinberg did not confront Stevante Clark, or demand he get off the desk and follow proper decorum. Clark was not cited or arrested for disrupting the council meeting, or for threatening the Mayor. He was not escorted out of the building by police.

And this is why BLM and Antifa know they can terrorize the City of Sacramento. Anyone else attempting to jump on the Mayor’s desk and threaten him at a City Council meeting would have been tackled by police, handcuffed, and escorted to jail.

Stevante was recently arrested on aggravated battery charges, and in 2018 was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats to another person, felony assault, felony vandalism, and abusing the 911 emergency line.

Just the Facts

The Washington Post keeps annual statistics of police shootings.

In a nationwide total of 325 million Americans, 1004 people were shot and killed by police in 2019:

  • 236 blacks were shot and killed by police
  • 376 whites were shot and killed by police
  • 159 hispanics were shot and killed by police
  • 9 black men were unarmed when they were shot and killed by police.

In a statewide total of 40 million Californians, 135 people were shot and killed by police in 2019:

  • 22 blacks were shot and killed by California police
  • 32 whites were shot and killed by California police
  • 45 hispanics were shot and killed by California police

Most were carrying a weapon when they were killed.

The numbers show that the claims by rioters are based on lies. Police are not stalking and committing genocide on blacks, nor are white vigilantes, as many claim.

Mayor Steinberg and Mayor Garcetti are ignoring the statistics and data because the truth does not support their leftist agenda. What is clear is that neither Steinberg nor Garcetti is a leader, and need to be replaced.

You don’t get respect by disrespecting law-abiding citizens.

Meanwhile, as Sacramento residents are told to stay home and obey the curfew, another night of riots and protest is planned to run Thursday night from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., “with a march starting outside the Capitol building and continuing to Cesar E. Chavez Plaza, Anti Police-Terror Project organizer Jae Montgomery says,” the Bee reported.

“Similar events Monday and Tuesday brought hundreds of protesters downtown, with most remaining for roughly an hour after the end of the 8 p.m. curfew, peacefully defying it as law enforcement did not start detaining or arresting curfew violators until after 9 p.m.”

The city of Sacramento agreed to pay Clark’s two children $2.4 million, even though the police were never charged for the shooting. The Clark family was seeking more than $20 million from the city.

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19 thoughts on “CA Mayors Garcetti and Steinberg Kneel to BLM

  1. Katy, good article filled with facts and to the point. I live in San Jose and I called an Oakland television station a few days ago when they were giving false information on “systematic police shootings” of blacks during a newscast. I gave the person in the newsroom the same statistics that you have in this article but that person was not at all interested and wanted nothing to do with having a conversation about it. This is what we are up against and too many people listen to this &(@#$ from the MSM and their minds are mush. Yes we need STRONG NEW leaders in our state and local governments. We can start by recalling Newsom! recallgavin2020.com

  2. Liberal mayors are working hand in glove with the BLM terrorists to dismantle law and order. California cities are going to collapse into anarchy. murder, arson and mayhem where the only crime will be self defense (and going to church). Better wake up people!

  3. Excellent points and welcome statistics that put the lie to all of the choreographed protests and the nauseating mayoral self-immolation plays we’ve been a captive audience to. Really now, how do Garcetti and Steinberg look themselves in the mirror when they shave in the morning? Or maybe they have somebody come in and shave and bathe and dress them, that might explain it. We wouldn’t want the pampered darlings to have to lift a finger. After all, they have to save their energy for kneeling and fake praying and slashing police budgets by millions down to the nubbins.

    And by the way, in L.A. County, probably in Sacramento, too, the law-abiding citizen is not only disrespected, you wouldn’t even know that any EXIST, because the whole place has been cleared of them to put on the big phony show of the sacred protesters and looters and head-busters! Long-time local reporters (not all) have even bought into the politicians’ narrative, or more likely had a metaphorical gun held to their head to say “x, y, and z” or else, and all you get is the same propaganda pabulum from them, too —- a one note song, no deviations, delivered in those contemptible maudlin tones, instead of needed facts and figures or at the very least an accounting of what happened when and where and who was involved. You know, reporting? Aaaahhh!

    1. You nailed it, Showandtell. The metaphorical gun held to their head… that’s such a great description. It’s nauseating. And so scripted. Take for example Grant Napear, the Sacramento Kings announcer either fired or resigned for tweeting “all lives matter.” WTF?

      1. Oh, I know. It’s crazy. Seems a lot of people have lost their jobs lately for saying sensible things that aren’t the “right” things. Guess that’s why everyone is running scared more than ever now. You must toe the line! The assault on normalcy continues.

        1. So true, so sad but so true!

          I take a solace in knowing that Katy and the rest of the excellent journalists are shining a light on these happenings. There is so much to unpack here on a daily basis.

          1. I’m with you, Cali Girl. Extremely grateful to Katy Grimes (et al) and The Globe. It is actually a relief to know that Katy is relentlessly and consistently on top of this stuff. Often the only reporter in California who is!

        2. So true, so sad, but so true!

          I take a solace in knowing that Katy and the rest of the excellent journalists are shining a light on these happenings. There is so much to unpack here on a daily basis.

    2. Great Reply.
      Yep, the media is playing a role here. The MSM are nothing more than glorified script readers, they will read what ever dribble is put in front of them.

      It is quite nauseating to see Mayors and Police Chiefs taking a knee, it is a sign of surrender.
      There is a video circulating where a so called BLM member which is questionable in itself, approach a white middle aged woman and ask her to kneel down to him and apologize for her white supremacy! She does! Then he chastises her for not getting the words out quick enough.
      Again this is not about the death of George Floyd or healing!

      I will only kneel for one reason to pray to our lord!

      1. I would like add a new detail to my original post regarding the viral video circulating of the woman kneeling down to someone who claimed he “worked” for the Black Lives Matter organization. It turns out the guy’s name is Smooth Sanchez and he is a you tube prankster.
        Apparently he pulled this on several women. I am disgusted by the prankster, but also disappointed by the women that felt compelled to conform to his wishes.

  4. Steinberg, you’re a fake, fraud, grandstander, showboat, and poser. A REAL MAN and leader would have had no inclination to publish what he had done in recognition of Floyd, he would have just silently, personally done it. YOU, on the other hand, make a superficial gesture and then plaster it all over social media for the world to see what a wonderful person you are! OMG, we’re sooooooooooooooo lucky to have a loser like you!!! Thank you, oh, thank you, Dear Leader Mayor! Heil Steinberg!!!

  5. Be careful who you vote for Angelenos, heck all Californians.
    We now have civic leaders that will throw our men and women in blue to the wolves. This will have a devastating effect on the marginalized neighborhoods who have all ready suffered and are in need of help. The wealthy progressive liberals have no need for the LAPD they can hire private security. The rest of those in the middle and lower- middle suburbs who are they going to call? Oh the suffering will just get worse!

    Again, The Defund the Police movement is not a solution to brutality it is a tool used to keep the mayhem going. Part of the Break it to rebuild it plan of the global elites.

    Simple equation: Defund the Police = An Uncivil Society

    Remember this, Garcetti and Steinberg are willing to risk more lives. Never Forget this, it will come back to bite the citizens not the politicians who kowtow to an absurd demand better yet a ransom!

  6. I am glad I don’t live under Garcettis Rule. I live one County over and BLM has a Protest planned on Saturday. Hope they know that my City is not Los Angeles, Sacramento, Long Beach or Santa Monica. The Residents of my City will not stand for Looting and Destruction and hopefully the Antifa Leadership and BLM realize this and don’t push for a showdown. If they do it will not end well for them.

    1. Keep your powder dry Patrick! Hopefully your local leaders are not not denying your Second Amendment rights and are not listening to “Imagine” by John Lennon like NYC Mayor Deblasio.

  7. Basically what seems to be happening is these Mayors, some police and the California National Guard have willingly surrendered their power and authority over to blm ( black lives matter ). So they work for them now and not the people of the state?

    What also seems to be going on is blm is being touted as a noble cause while pointing the finger more and more at ‘ caucasion ‘ antifa. I don’t know where this is going and what else is planned for California but it is looking more and more as a prison state. I really wonder who is calling the shots. Who are the blue state governors and mayors taking their orders from, or have they been abandoned by their handlers?

  8. More Truth Katy…. Oh Spirit of ’76 where dost thou sleep? Covid19 Flu D’etat treasonous officials grab power, stop the flow of goods, imprison the people in their homes, order the police to stand down while their Blackshirts destroy the town… pretty much confirms to me that the “officials” are certainly usurpers. What more needs seen?? I speak not just of California! The entire Nation is in Jeopardy. I would love to see what Samuel Adams would be doing right now! http://www.boston-tea-party.org/adams-orchestrated.html Just wait till October when Hyperinflation rears its head and they go to war with china, skip the election, declare martial law and yes, bring their BS mutated covid narrative back. The Government is USURPED… IMO Prepare for War. Know your enemy: https://archive.org/details/MastersOfDeceit

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