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Congressman David Valadao, R-21. (Photo: Twitter)

CA Republican Rep. David Valadeo Votes With Speaker Pelosi to Impeach President Trump

Rep. Young Kim introduced a resolution to censure President Donald Trump

By Katy Grimes, January 14, 2021 7:14 am

Two newly elected California Republican members of Congress have sided with House Democrats to impeach and censure President Donald Trump.

Rep. David Valadeo (R-CA) voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Trump Wednesday.

Rep. Young Kim and five other members of the House introduced a resolution to censure President Donald Trump claiming Trump tried to prevent the certification of the 2020 elections and allegedly incite rioters last week.

Congresswoman Young Kim accepting her Congressional victory on November 13, 2020 (Photo: Twitter)

Valadeo lost his Congressional seat in the 2018 ballot harvesting slaughter to  TJ Cox.

In 2018, Kim was the Republican Party candidate in the 39th congressional district, and was defeated by Democrat Gil Cisneros, also in the ballot harvesting slaughter of seven congressional seats.

Here is what Valadeo said in a Facebook post about his vote to impeach:

President Trump was, without question, a driving force in the catastrophic events that took place on January 6 by encouraging masses of rioters to incite violence on elected officials, staff members, and our representative democracy as a whole.

Speaker Pelosi has thrown precedent and process out the window by turning what should be a thorough investigation into a rushed political stunt. I wish, more than anything, that we had more time to hold hearings to ensure due process.
Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi did not afford us that option.

Based on the facts before me, I have to go with my gut and vote my conscience. I voted to impeach President Trump. His inciting rhetoric was un-American, abhorrent, and absolutely an impeachable offense. It’s time to put country over politics.

There are 5,400 comments on Valadeo’s Facebook post by “friends” critical of his vote and subsequent excuse for it. Several of the comments sum up constituents’ reactions:

“Heard you on Trevor Carey’s show. Your explanation for voting for impeachment was total BS. The impeachment charge had nothing to do with what Trump was saying for the last 2 months. It accused him of inciting what happened January 6. It is a false charge, yet you voted for it. People like you are the reason democrats get away with trashing our country & constitution.”

“I moved into your district from McCarthy‘s right before the election and made an extra effort to make sure that I was registered. I voted for you. As a fellow farmer, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in your vote to impeach. Did Pelosi make you an offer you couldn’t refuse? I defended you when others called you a RINO. Now, you need to either be recalled or face a true Republican primary candidate.”

“Courage would have been standing up to Pelosi. Remember, you REPRESENT your constituents, and you should have voted accordingly. You will not be re-elected in 2 years….AGAIN.”

On Twitter, Valadeo was no more popular:



“Big mistake David! As someone who phone banked for you and donated to your campaign, I’m terribly disappointed in you. You lost my family’s support today.”

Here is what Kim says about censuring President Trump, as Breitbart reported:

“The violence that our nation witnessed on Wednesday was abhorrent and resulted in an assault on law enforcement, lives lost and many more put in danger. These rioters must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The president also misled many Americans to believe that the outcome of the election could change on January 6th, when that simply was not true, and must held accountable for his role. I believe censuring the president after his actions helps hold him accountable and could garner wide bipartisan support, allowing the House to remain united during some of our nation’s darkest days. I’m proud to join Rep. Fitzpatrick and others in introducing this resolution today.”

She added, “Like many of my colleagues, I came to Washington promising to bridge the divide. I hope both parties can acknowledge our role in perpetuating division and come together to support this effort and move forward for our constituents and the nation.”

Commenters weren’t happy with the censure either:

“In ‘Julius Caesar’ it was the Senators, and we already had that happen last week. With this many backstabbers, the line would have been ‘Et cetera?'”

“Let’s include the rhetoric of their peers in this motion as well as bring up the dozens of demm objections to the EC votes in 2001, 2005, and ,2017. Yet the weak mindz of the GOP still act like we are wrong to dispute the results.”

Kim also received criticism on Twitter:

“Thanks, Young. No need to seek my vote when you run in 2022, you won’t get it.”

“One term congresswoman. Cool!”

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8 thoughts on “CA Republican Rep. David Valadeo Votes With Speaker Pelosi to Impeach President Trump

  1. Anti-American RINO’s use any excuse to do what they already want to do. It does not matter if it is 100% lies, they will use the fake news to impeach the best president in the last 100 years. Shameful! I will contribute to replacing him in 2 years. Better yet, resign in shame.

    1. Thanks CW, you provided the answer. Almost missed it because of our near-simultaneous posts. Hadn’t realized they were both RINOs, for one thing.

  2. What the heck is going on here? Young Kim and David Valadao not only lack a spine but apparently also the imagination to predict that Republicans who supported them, donated to them, worked for them, and voted for them would be INFURIATED by what they have said and done here? They have not only stabbed those supporters in the back but every other real Republican in the country.

    Someone needs to check the water supply and the ventilation system in the Capitol building and report back. There might be toxic substances or hallucinatory drugs piped in; how else to explain it? Blackmail? RINO-ism and/or Trump Derangement Syndrome that was not flushed out before the election?

    Their inaccurate and offensive high-and-mighty act is disgusting. Obviously THEY will be held accountable by voters next time around. Cold comfort somehow. If someone can explain what is behind what happened here with these two I think many of us would really appreciate it.

  3. I contributed to the “Take Back the House” fund that Kevin McCarthy was so enthusiastic about before the election. So in a way I contributed to Rep. Kim and Rep. Valadeo who are not my representatives. I feel that these two (and the other eight) stabbed us in the back. They will probably not be reelected and unfortunately be replaced by Democrats. They drank the Democrat kool aid and swallowed all the leftists lies.

  4. Do these representatives realize that the voters who voted them in also voted for Trump? Very dumb move on their part.

  5. Katy Grimes,
    Thank you for posting this Important Story about these two newly-elected CA Representatives being So Weak!! I left the once-great party of JFK because of it’s growing Nancy Pelosi-style criminality!! Then, to my shock I found way too much weakness in our CAGOP!!! Anyway, thanks again!
    BTW, What has happened? I can’t see your FB page in order to support your efforts further?
    Best Regards to a Great Journalist.

  6. ALL Rhinos and fake Republicans that stand for mob rule and ignore the separation of powers by going along with an ILLEGAL impeachment with no high crimes and misdemeanors, MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Enough already. The NEW GOP will be made up of members who put America first, and American citizens first in EVERYTHING they do. The old GOP is done.

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