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Senator Tom Umberg (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

CA Senate Domestic Terrorism Bill Authorizing Investigation into Right-Wing Groups

‘You must look at those who broke into the Capitol, and at the groups and individuals who were burning police stations in Portland’

By Evan Symon, January 11, 2021 6:28 pm

On Monday, State Senators Henry Stern (D-Los Angeles) and Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana) announced that they would soon be introducing a bill to have the state create special investigation units focusing on domestic terrorism.

Senator Henry Stern. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

The as of yet unnumbered bill, written by Senators Stern and Umberg in response to the storming of the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C. last week, would specifically have the Attorney General and the Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) be in charge of creating such teams. Within the California Department of Justice, teams would specifically investigate coordinate efforts to stop any incidences of domestic terror, hate crimes, and other criminal endeavors done by, according to the press release, “white nationalist, neo-Nazi, neo-confederate, anti-government militia, and other similar groups.” The CalOES State Threat Assessment group would assess threats from the same groups.

While the definition of such groups encompasses several dozen groups operating in the U.S., Stern and Umberg specifically named several including the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and the Ku Klux Klan.

“Let’s be very clear.  What happened last week wasn’t Antifa,” said Senator Stern on Monday. “It was effectively sponsored by a President and his loyalists in local, state and federal office who have been encouraging and supporting the white nationalist movement, helping it get bigger and stronger to try and normalize the types of atrocious activities we witnessed in Washington. We have to respond not just with blustery condemnation, but with a concrete answer to this threat to domestic security.”

Senator Umberg also noted his reasoning for the bill on Monday.

“The most effective way to combat domestic terrorism is with actionable intelligence gathered from all reliable investigative agencies,” stated the Senator.

Targeting domestic terrorism

The bill currently under draft is also basing its targeting of such groups on an October 2020 Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) study that found that two-thirds of all domestic terrorist plots and acts in 2020 in the United States had been conducted by the targeted groups.

While there is no known opposition to the soon-to-be bill as of Monday, some have called for the inclusion of left wing groups, such as those that rioted in American cities during the summer of 2020, to be included as well.

“You need to look at everyone who has, or is planning, acts like that,” explained an anonymous law enforcement advisor and former detective to the Globe. “If you look at those that broke into the Capitol and were in the million MAGA march, then you need to look at the groups and individuals who were burning police stations in Portland and assaulting others too. We need to unpolarize right now and base it all on law and order. Set aside all the background noise of stealing elections and police injustice and everything else right now, and let’s look at the actions of all those people.”

“Both sides broke the law, and there were groups responsible for each. ACAB, MAGA, doesn’t matter. So if California is going after groups on one side, it’s not only fair, but it’s a matter of justice that the other sides groups are treated the same way, because they terrorized too.

“I know I’m making people on both sides mad by saying this, but it’s important that we look at anyone and everyone who may terrorize or injure people like this. Everyone who can do this needs to be looked at. And I hope that the bill is updated to include that.”

The bill is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks, with assignment to the Senate policy committee being expected by March.

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Evan Symon
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15 thoughts on “CA Senate Domestic Terrorism Bill Authorizing Investigation into Right-Wing Groups

  1. I suppose that Mr’s Umberg and Stern are aware that Antifa and militant BLMers as well as plain ole looters are mostly those responsible for torching this country last year. Just two more mediocre chuckle buckets who are given way too much authority.

  2. “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, there were Antifa last week that made their way into the U.S. Senate. Videos proved it. One video showed Trump supporters pulling away an Antifa member as he was breaking a window. Another video showed a group breaking a window with a shield that clearly showed two green helmeted Antifa members with backpacks who went through the window (later on some MSM networks they edited the seconds on the video that showed the helmeted Antifa thugs). “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, XRVision recognized two Philadelphia Antifa members inside the Senate building. “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, another video showed an Antifa wearing a black helmet with a red logo on the back of it wearing a backpack (backpacks and helmets are not worn by Trump supporters as I have been to a Trump rally). “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, It was your party the DEMOCRATIC PARTY that let rioters burn, loot, destroy, and MURDER this last summer in the name of “Social Justice” and not do a damn thing about stopping it! “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern it was your party the DEMOCRATIC PARTY that started the Ku Klux Klan and used it as a terrorist strong arm for over one hundred years to do your party’s bidding, now to be replaced by Antifa. “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, it was your party’s Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris said in June that “the riots are a movement and that they are not going to stop”. “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, there was not one thing in President Trumps speech Wednesday that advocated violence. If it did the news media would be repeating it over and over. “Let’s be very clear” Sen. Stern, the real danger in this country is not President Trump, it is not the overwhelming majority of peaceful conservatives, it is people like you and the Democratic party who continually divide this country.

    1. 100% accurate John!!! Bravo!!!

      I recognized the plexiglass shield that was used to break that window as similar to those used all summer by Antifa at their riots…
      The skater helmets and backpacks are also trademark Antifa…

      Neither of those are EVER at Trump rallies….

      Chew on THAT, Senator….

  3. In other words, anyone who dares to raise an American flag or utter the words USA will be considered a domestic terrorist. Meanwhile, Antifa will be allowed to continue marching, maiming and burning. Let me be clear, Antifa WAS in DC on the 6th. Antifa did breach the Capitol with what appears to be help from the Capitol police.
    The election was fraudulent as was the so called riot and no amount of legislation will change my mind.

  4. Yeah, we get it. A whole slew of new laws to protect Antifa/BLM, and punish little old geezers with MAGA bumper stickers.
    Don’t forget that the Sacramento PD – yeah, that Sacramento PD – stood down and let Antifa/BLM riot and destroy property within view of the State Capitol – yeah, that State Capitol.

  5. The Proud Boys are a DHS-funded project through a subcontractor names Stratfor. Actually, most of these groups are fake.

  6. I love the replies on this article. I see so many clear minded responses. Californians are being railroaded by our representatives

  7. All Christians and responsible adults are jack asses and need to be over seen by California Teachers Association.

  8. The Capitol building break in was a jointly planned operation with CNN and antifa! Yes really! CNN sent a photographer along to break in and film the murder of that poor woman. CNN is now in the murder business.

  9. Completely redundant! It already is a law and that law does not discriminate. Democrats are the only ones who discriminate between Leftist domestic terrorists and law-abiding, passionate Patriots. I have a question for these two “I want my name in the paper” Senators. What did Nancy know and when did she know it?

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