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California ‘Karens’ Thriving in Blue-State, Seek to Cancel Businesses

‘Calm down, Karen’

By Katy Grimes, January 11, 2021 7:52 am

A California business owner contacted the Globe late last week with a stunning story she wanted shared, because her story is the story of thousands of business owners throughout the state, suffering under Gov. Newsom’s lockdown, and the uprising coalition of “Karens.”

The rise of the eternally pissed off busybodies known as “Karens,” has gained surprising standing in cancel-culture America. Besides being shrieking mask-shamers, “Karens” use their new-found power to shut down local businesses, and cancel people they don’t approve of on social media. “Karen” is obnoxious, angry, and entitled, and uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors Dictionary.com says. One outgrowth of this obnoxious behavior is the phrase, “Calm down, Karen.”

After breaking up an altercation between a crazy homeless guy and a customer in front of her store on her way in to work one recent day, she said her day only got stranger. “That was just another day in retail, these days,” she said.

She went back in to the store and was straightening products on  shelves when a customer walked up behind her and said, “I’m sorry to have to ask you this, but are you happy with what is going on in D.C. now?”

The store owner said she recognized the woman as a customer, but had never had a conversation with her.

“What?” she asked, saying she was glad she had her mask on.

“Are you happy with what is going on in Washington D.C. now?” the customer asked again. “I need to know because I need to decide if I’m going to shop here anymore.”

After a moment of stunned silence, the business owner said she turned the question on the customer. “No, but are you happy with what is going on in Washington D.C. now?” she asked.

The customer said, “Oh good. Now I can continue to shop here,” assuming they were on the same page.

The business owner said she was dismayed. But because one neighborhood busybody “Karen” could really harm her business, she bit her tongue. She said she is worried that she could end up with protesters at her door seeking to destroy her business.

However, the business owner decided to explain herself.

“But I’m not happy with Madison, Kenosha, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and Sacramento protests,” she added. “My family and I have served this community for decades, and never asked a business owner a question like this,” she said.

The business owner said the “Karen” wasn’t listening any longer, having received the answer she wanted.

This incident isn’t so far fetched as many business owners and their businesses have been targeted by people unhappy with their politics. This business owner said she has a “no-politics” policy in the store, even when customers initiate a political discussion.

It’s a shame she couldn’t have said, “Calm down, Karen.”

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8 thoughts on “California ‘Karens’ Thriving in Blue-State, Seek to Cancel Businesses

  1. Yes, the Karens are out in force, they come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Beware they are not just the thin, middle aged upper middle class type. I encountered an older woman in her late 70’s.
    It actually happened at the blood donation center we regularly donate to. An older woman in the recliner next to me asked her nurse if she would be getting the vaccine and if the hospital was mandating that all employees take the shot. The nurse responded and said that they are highly encouraged to but it is not mandated. The nurse then said, “I will be waiting and will not rush to get it.” You would have thought she was confessing to a murder the way the “Karen” responded. The “Karen” raised her voice and said, “What you can’t do that! I will not come back in here if they are not demanding you to take the shot. You could kill someone, do you not realize that the virus is more dangerous than polio? Meanwhile, I am in my recliner, getting prepped, whispering to my nurse, “does that woman not understand civil liberties”. I was very happy that the nurse continued to stand her ground. She told the “Karen” her family fled a communist country, and we live in a free country. The “ Karen” backed down. I thought, lady if you are do afraid of the virus and fear of your life, why are you here donating blood in close contact with others?
    Of course before she left the blood bank she stood up, wished everyone a Happy New Year and proceeded to say, “However, my Happy New Year will not begin until January 20,2021! The country will be better for it! “
    The Karens are so righteous and sure they are the arbiters of truth and justice and will die on that rock! “Wear that mask, take that shot , believe what I believe or else!”

    I just want to know, what is lacking in their lives that they have to do this to others? Is it out of kindness, is it a gracious act or a selfish act. What say you, Karen?

    1. Hey One Fed Up Cali Girl, thank you for sharing your encounter. I agree with your perspective and your assessments. I can answer you question for “Karen”…she is insane or lacks the capacity for independent thought. Unfortunately for the world, the Allegory Cave she exists in being imposed upon us. I can only see a very dark future for thoughtful and independent thinking individuals. My only hope is that I may be able to request a “Re-education Camp” in a temperate climate.

  2. Comrades
    Oh so quickly and easily your fellow human turns on you…..
    Reading about Old West and border states Civil War era you slept with both eyes open, for wild animals, strangers, indigenous people, land/railroad barons, misc. unknowns could do yah in….
    Odd how words “Yankee” or “Reb” could incite heinous behaviors like “Lib” or “Facist” in the Karen Era.

  3. I will be opening a business soon, and politics will not be discussed by myself and my son while operating the business. I don’t want to alienate ANYONE spending money at my store. And any businesses that have political signs or employees talk politics are alienating a good percentage of their customers. It’s really idiotic. But those businesses who advertise their political predilections publicly, like the tech companies, will lose a good percentage of their customers. Their leftism is more important than making money. Twitter is down 10+% in value. Amazon Prime customers are cancelling their subscriptions en masse. If I was a stockholder of these companies, I would FIRE THE CEO because he’s no longer running the company profitably. THERE MUST BE A PRICE TO BE PAID.

    1. @Abe, I presently work for a successful software company where company leadership is actively promoting social engineering, political criticism and political affiliation. I voiced a perspective similar to yours. A workplace should be about focus upon building the best product or service and people that will enable success. However, like minded conservatives at the company are oppressed and, yes, despised by leadership and many “woke” peers. Leadership always “invites” dialog, but it is only an invitation to be exposed re-education (meetings to understand/sympathize) and intimidation. The environment of Fear and loathing in high tech is real.

  4. The enemies of freedom and America are far ahead of us in the ability and willingness to use economic warfare.

    To preserve freedom and America, we need to catch up.

  5. Karens really shouldn’t be shutting down businesses in Cali considering how high the unemployment rate is.

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