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California Supreme Court Orders Gov. Newsom to Justify School Closure Orders

The governor has until Friday to respond

By Evan Gahr, August 26, 2020 7:50 am

The California Supreme Court has given Governor Gavin Newsom until Friday to respond to lawsuits seeking to enjoin his orders that bar schools opening for in-person learning.

The lawsuits, formerly known as “writ petitions” were filed by the Tyler and Bursch law firm on behalf of a coalition of parents, private schools, a charter school and the Orange County Board of Education.

Department of Public Health director Sandra Shewry was also named in the filings.

Attorney Robert Tyler told the California Globe that it was “fantastic, wonderful news” that the Supreme Court had accepted their writ petition because most of those filed are denied.

“By closing the schools of California to in-person learning, he [Newsom] is creating havoc for parents and children,” Tyler contended. “The California Constitution requires that all children receive an equal education. Our position is that he is creating an unequal burden on economically disadvantaged families.”

He said that poorer families don’t have the money to pay for learning pods that are popping up all over California.  And that one of his clients is a single mother who works full time and can’t stay at home with her child for online learning. “For many single parents, they have to choose between educating their child, and putting food in their table.”

One writ petition was filed in the California Supreme Court on behalf of private schools: Immanuel Schools; Linfield Christian School; Calvary Murrieta; Calvary Chapel Of San Jose; Clovis Christian Schools; and parents Regina Bailey; Nicole Hill; Katie MacDonnell; and Jenny Pierce Heil.

The other was filed on behalf of the Orange County Board of Education, which wants to reopen schools and the Palm Lane Charter School. The parents represented in that case are Juaquin Cruz; Angela Miller; and Cecilia Ochoa.

The private schools case says that the policy discriminates against private schools as a class because they do not receive state funding that makes online learning possible.

“Governor Newsom’s defiance of the rule of law and disregard for the constitution usurped Private Schools’ contractual rights and detrimentally effected the learning of students across the State of California in violation of the Equal Protection Clause,” the complaint says.

It says that “the orders discriminate against an identifiable class, students who attend private schools in the State of California. Private school students are a unique and identifiable class outside of public schools as they do not obtain state funding and thus, cannot obtain the same benefits of distance learning which are facilitated through the governmental supplements. Thus, private school students are at a disadvantage as a unique and identifiable class.”

Citing the low rates at which children spread the corona virus and get infected the request for relief also said the closure order can not survive the legal requirement of strict scrutiny because it does not serve any rational objective.  “The Governor’s orders, even by scientific standards, fail to meet a strict or even a rational scrutiny as there is an absence of evidence and no medical basis for continuing to keep schools closed.”

It also says that the closure order violates the California constitution and the United States Constitution because of its “interference with petitioners contractual rights.”

That basically means sending your kids to a private school amounts to a  contract and Newsom is interfering with the contract being carried out by ordering the schools closed.

“The Governor’s Executive Orders and the [California Department of Public Health} directives substantially impair these contracts as the mandatory implementation of distance learning impedes Petitioner’s ability to complete its contractual obligations which places some Petitioners in a position of serious financial jeopardy due to the failure to comply with their contractual obligations, loss of students, and the assumption of contractual liability stemming from hundreds of potential breach of contract allegations from parents.”

It says that Newsom exceeded his authority to issue the directive.

“Governor Newsom wields the Executive Powers under the State of Emergency like a sword, exercising greater discretion than that of granting a license or waivers.”

“Five months after the declared state of emergency, the Governor continues to suspend liberty rights, including those of students and private schools, for unlimited durations based on unproven projections and contrary to scientific reports from experts and the CDC.”

The complaint on behalf of public schools  and public school parents  says that the closure order violates the rights of special needs students under the Individual Disabilities Education Act because they need in person learning to meet their needs. “Thus, in order to meet the mandatory requirements of IDEA, public school districts must conduct in person instruction which is specially designed to aid disabled students and meet their specialized education needs in a manner which is consistent with the student’s IEP.”

It says the order also violates the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires reasonable accommodations for anybody with disabilities, because it prevents them from  going to schools and getting kind  specialized instruction that can’t be achieved through online learning.

Echoing the complaint brought by private schools and private school parents the public school complaint says the closure orders have no rational basis. “The Executive Orders and subsequent directives cannot survive a strict scrutiny challenge where, as here, it is not the least restrictive means of furthering the government’s goal of reducing the transmission of coronavirus as demonstrated through the conceded development of scientific data relating to the transmission in minors, as well as studies reporting a low risk to students and indicating that less than 2% of COVID-19 transmissions occur in individuals under the age of 20.”

As Tyler told the California Globe, “the data and science shows the schools should be opened.”

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97 thoughts on “California Supreme Court Orders Gov. Newsom to Justify School Closure Orders

  1. Will be anxiously waiting and watching to see what happens with this and hoping for the best. We’re due for some good news in this rapidly failing hellhole.

    1. What is the purpose of having young children wear “dust masks” at school? They do not protect from viruses. These masks allow the inhalation of our own CO2, a toxic waste product that is never to be inhaled for several hours a day.

    2. After Newsom’s response has been filed with the Supreme Court clerk on Friday August 28. Tyler & Bursch will have until Sept. 1 to prepare a reply.

  2. This is encouraging. Newsom has done detrimental damage to special-ed students. The ADA has been violated.
    It becomes more clear that Newsom and his administration have never had a clear plan to reopen schools and businesses. When questioned by the press to give guidance to cities and counties that have been taken off the dubious watch list, he says, “we will get back to you”. Some kind of leadership!

    1. You’re so right, Cali Girl, especially about the damage done to special ed students. And to non-special-ed students! Also a great point, that I don’t remember hearing before, is that the ADA has been violated.

      Newsom apparently knows that saying “we will get back to you” and then never getting back to you is an exquisite kind of torture for Californians whose lives are on hold. What kind of person does this? The answer is a person like our governor and he is not going to stop doing it. He likes it.

  3. I don’t think that the California Supreme Court will accept the explanation “I’ll get back to you”.
    Sadly, stranger things have happened.

  4. WayTo go Bob This is good news I hope we hear something soon it’s really tough on the teachers as well as the students and every family in California

  5. Sounds like none of u really care about your childrens lives Better safe then sorry. Sounds like a republican group wanting to disregard how serious and life threatening the virus is. Govoner thank you for caring great job!

    1. You’ve got to be using sarcasm?! If you cared about children you would see the mental, physical, emotional, psychological, social, developmental irreversible damage is being done to each and everyone of them under these executive orders. Newsom is nothing more than a control freak who hides behind his billions of dollars his family ties and oh yeah his fraudulent real estate deals with dishing out orders to the rest of the peasants. The science doesn’t back up the lockdowns whatsoever. Has nothing to do with political party it has to do with pulling our country above its knees. I’m sure you and many other Californians have enjoyed sitting back collecting that unemployment but the rest of us would like to get back to work and have our children properly educated & social !

      1. Amen!! It’s people like Kayla Johnson who need to pull their heads out of their asses. Democrats, get off your lazy asses and contribute to the rebuilding of our economy rather than sucking the tits of the hard-working republican citizens who earn an honest living.

        1. Sorry but gaslighting people with your ridiculous liberal BS won’t work. I think you are scaring children will your lies & that is hurting them not us Kayla. You stay home. You are a smug bully who is blind to reality. You are the evil one in this scenario. Sit back down.

      2. Here here ! Well said Sandra!! 1000% agree!
        My High school daughter is emotionally suffering not being able to be social and make friends.
        I work full time as single mom so she stays home alone all day. How is that healthy? Pray they open up!! Don’t get me started on the unemployment system and the lazy folks who abuse it!

    2. No what it is it this online learning don’t work for many students in many households. Also my kid is one of those students with an IEP and was blind all last year. We have many children and she is so far behind and is not getting her needs met. She has an IEP for a reason and the state is required to meet her needs why do you think they have the disability act in place? Also she is not in a low grade she is on a crucial part of school 6th grade is no joke and if she can’t catch up and get help there will be serious long term effects like how will she graduate 7th and 8th grade or go on to high school and even have a shot at being successful? How will she graduate and she plays sports and if u can’t maintain a 2.0 you can’t play any sports. So you think it’s ok for her to not have a shot at an education or any chance of being successful from this point on? This is not just about today tomorrow or next week this is about the many years left of school she has and the rest of her life! Don’t sit there and act like you or the fucking govenor have the right to take that from her. So get a grip and open your mind and maybe try to understand that this virus will go away but you can’t get this time back for these kids that need help today! And until you have walked on the other side and have experienced what I or my kids have gone through then you need to sit there and shit up. Furthermore if anyone wants to let these politicians scare you so much that ur afraid to live your life then you choose to stay home well kids that need help are getting their needs met. P. S. Just know we are all going to die one day tomorrow is not promised to anyone even those who choose to baracade themselves in their homes are not safe from death.

      1. Yes, Kierstin, I totally agree with you. The people who fear COVID so much that they 100% support these tyrannical, abnormal, and unhealthy lockdowns would tell you that nothing matters but the lives of the people who have died from COVID. But that’s bull. Your kids’s lives matter. The fact that my daughter is being forbidden from going to a playground and socializing with other children, as is her duty and right as a two year old, matters. Thank you for comment. It mattered to me.

      2. Again another great comment and totally agree ! We need to not live in fear for a virus which has a 98% survival rate!! CDC just changed guideline AGAIN – you don’t need to quarantine or be tested if you’ve been exposed. If you fear the virus lock yourself in your bubble wrap.

    3. Pathetic!! Just bury yourself alive for years if you believe in that propaganda but others should be free! Period! This nonsense has to stop! We are paying taxes so our kids can go to school and receive adequate education in a socially acceptable environment! Enough of that Newsom tyrant! He should be recalled…Dictator!!!

    4. 2k deaths in California for people under 60 years old. Justify that. I guess you support poverty, bankruptcies & increased suicide. Bravo, you must be proud.

    5. The decision to wear masks should be up to you. If you think the masks help, and you are concerned about your child attending school, then by all means go ahead and keep your kid’s from school, for it to be forced upon everybody due to the ones who live in fear is wrong. Let the people weigh out their own medical decisions. Let the ones in fear continue to live in fear, but don’t hold those back who have done their research and found how misconstrued the evidence is. Fear is a tactic used to gain control, only when fear arises (as history has shown countless times), people are willing to have their rights taken.

    6. No, it sounds like YOU are demanding that we all comply with YOUR misguided fears, despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary. Children are at exponentially greater risk from continued school closure than they would be from exposure to Covid-19.

      If YOU are THAT afraid of a virus that presents with mild-to-no symptoms in kids, and has a global survivability/recovery rate of 99.973%, then by alleans, please keep your child(ren) home to “keep them safe”. Practice what you preach and show the rest of us just how much more you care about your progeny by committing to homeschooling them, while the rest of us sacrifice our young on the alter of living our best life by sending them to the obvious cesspools that are our schools. ????

      It’s astounding at the level of audacious entitlement on display these days as far too many make unreasonable, illogical demands of millions of others, despite being at direct odds with countless experts and mountains of data to the contrary.

    7. Sorry but gaslighting people with your ridiculous liberal BS won’t work. I think you scaring children with disinformation is hurting them not us Kayla. You stay home. You are the evil one in this scenario.

    8. Do you honestly believe that intelligent, educated, and more importantly, INFORMED parents would put their own children in a “serious and life threatening” situation? Read the data; it’s available for all to see. As a parent I greatly resent your comment. My children mean more to me than anything. If comparing a controlled environment with the same group of people meeting together regularly, following appropriate safety procedures versus the thousands of random people shopping at a Walmart (with their children by the way) everyday, which do you think is the greater threat? I don’t know of a single Walmart that has been ordered to close for even 1 day during the entire pandemic.

    9. If you feel it’s best for your children to stay home and safe please feel free to keep them home. For those of us with children struggling beyond measure, please let us make our own decisions. Every child is in a different situation and and it’s unfair to put them all into the same box- a box in which they do not ALL fit into.

    10. Kayla Johnson sounds like a member of the teachers Union, which is nothing more than an overpaid ignorant mob of lazy liberals who have mastered the art of exploiting children, the poor and the weak for their own agenda.

    11. Wow, do you have rooms for rent. It is no longer about your health or your kids or for the schools. It is a big political scam and Newsom and His Aunt Nancy Pelosi are some at the most non-caring people you will find. I STAND for AMERICA and our freedoms. You need to go else where and live.

    12. You’re an idiot if you think this lock down is helping anyone. I have adopted 4 special needs kids and they are NOT getting what they need and is in their IEP. plus they don’t understand why their world has been turned upside down. Their behaviors are getting worse every day. They need to be back in school. If you think Newscum is right about this, I invite you to spend a few days with families of special needs children. Stop being a Republican hater and shut your mouth, about things you know nothing about!!

    13. Only .0003% have died from this. Less than the flu. So what’s your worry??? More people die in car accidents, maybe we shouldn’t be driving either.
      The rest of the world is opening up, just not us!!!???? Ask yourself why!
      Control, control, control!!!
      To me, only the sick should be quarantined, not the healthy. It’s like if you are sick you stay home from school or work so you don’t get others sick. They need to stop the would if this, would if that game. We are not pawns in a chess game!!! If you’re sick, stay home.

    14. Follow the science and the data, no reason for children to not be at school, most states already sent their kids back to school. I don’t understand why California takes this stand with this dictator Newsome

    15. Exactly. Suddenly everything’s safe and ok because having their children home and assuming the responsibility of their education isnt comducive to their accustomed lifestyle. I’m in the Bay Area and its only getting worse so if the naysayers force their children to serve as guinea pigs in a school setting, I’ll be opting for full distance learning for the rest of the year.

    16. Kayla i agree with you. My childs and familes health is top priority and im thankful to have a governor whom is doing his job to keep our kids and families healthy

    17. There is not one person here that doesn’t care for their children, and why would you say that? And “Republican group wanting to disregard”? So by your words, all republicans care not on this and how serious it is? Nice try at demonizing persons you don’t even know. I would encourage you to read up on what the CDC as well as the WHO as well as many other persons in the medical field are saying now. And Newsom has exceeded his authority on not just this issue. He is drunk on his own view of his self importance and is the clinical definition of a Narcissist.

  6. Sounds like none of u really care about your childrens lives Better safe then sorry. Sounds like a republican group wanting to disregard how serious and life threatening the virus is. Govoner thank you for caring. great job! Now they wont post this Democrats opinion!

  7. I think the Govonor has and is doing the responsible and safest thing for the future of those without a voice. Our children! I applaud you govonor and thank you for the childrens sake

    1. Less than 0.1% have to have Covid19 or 100 in 100,000 people for the counties to reopen. That means 99.9% of the people will not have it! Seems like an absurdly high threshold. Covid is very dangerous for some people, but that threshold is absurd. 99%….ok, but 99.9%?

      Also, some schools are much smaller and able to open safely under CDC guidelines. The Governor should never have mandated this for schools that had the capacity to open- if he’s not going to pay those schools and if the parents still have to pay for school, he should have no say in what they do.

      Look at what some districts like Glendale are doing- opening up as “childcare to facilitate online learning”. How is that different than opening schools, especially if those schools were to be set up exactly the same way with 12 or less students and all proper safety precautions? This Governor is a joke.

    2. Kayla – You don’t even know how to spell governor??? Like three or four times… Smh. What a display of your intelligence.

    3. Kayla, this is not about a virus. It is about control of the people. I’ve been in infection control for 45 years & I’ve seen much worse communicable health issues. We have never been shut down in the past. Especially for a virus that has a .03% mortality rate!! Living under a Marxist form of government that Newsom is leading has & will have far greater consequences then this virus has had on society.

    4. I am hoping this will show that our Governor has been extremely capricious with his re-opening plans. Tanning salons good, haircuts bad. Target good. Mom and Pop store bad. Gyms good. Ice rinks bad. As a parent of a special needs child on the high end of the spectrum who attends regular classes, I can tell you that “distanced learning” stinks. He has straight A’s. But he’s cried in the bathroom at night because he is having so much trouble feeling connected and understanding the social cues. Am I worried about COVID? Sure. But I’m also worried he’ll get hit by a car or murdered by a random stranger. The odds of him dying seem to be higher with the car and the stranger. Science shows children are at extremely low risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19. Between Jan. 22 and May 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded only 13 deaths in children ages 0 to 9, out of more than 20,000 confirmed cases, and 33 deaths among those ages 10 to 19, out of more than 49,000 cases, a case fatality rate of around 0.06% to 0.07%. He has a better chance of dying of heart disease from comfort eating cookies than he does dying of C-19.

  8. What science do the parochial schools, all Protestant, suggest that the closure is not warranted? I also don’t see any Catholic or Episcopal schools in the lawsuit. They and their dioceses are the largest private /parochial school providers in California. Why have they been excluded?

  9. If the Supreme Court allows schools to open with high case counts and the virus spread worsens then it will be on them. Takes Newsom‘a responsibility away. Really close to opening in a lot of counties anyway.

  10. Didn’t Newsom and his thugs say they had no documents of any kind supporting the shutdown? I wonder if that will work with the Supremes?

  11. As a special education instructional assistant I can see our kids struggling and their frustration at trying to learn online when they desperately need in person contact, support, guidance… their parents are suffering too! We need to get back to the classrooms even if just as a hybrid model!! Something better than this distance non learning…

  12. Less than 0.1% have to have Covid19 or 100 in 100,000 people for the counties to reopen. That means 99.9% of the people will not have it! Seems like an absurdly high threshold. Covid is very dangerous for some people, but that threshold is absurd. 99%….ok, but 99.9%?

    Also, some schools are much smaller and able to open safely under CDC guidelines. The Governor should never have mandated this for schools that had the capacity to open- if he’s not going to pay those schools and if the parents still have to pay for school, he should have no say in what they do.

    Look at what some districts like Glendale are doing- opening up as “childcare to facilitate online learning”. How is that different than opening schools, especially if those schools were to be set up exactly the same way with 12 or less students and all proper safety precautions? This Governor is a joke.

  13. Look at the science. Stop shaming people for wanting their kids to be educated. This agenda has been blown so out of proportion. More people have died of hearts attacks than corona. More people have died of the flu than corona. Stop letting fear rule your life. Sad.

  14. This emergency declaration needs to end. I wish the Supreme Court would stop it. It would Newsome’s ability to be a dictator. This needs to stop!!!

  15. @Saltysandra…how ignirant some must be to make a comment the rest you you enjoy collecting you unemployment….no one limes to be laid off or furloughed….serioisly woman? Second…@ Kayla Johnson….there is a 97 percent survival rate honey…..this is not the black plague. Do we need to take precautions because thos virus picks and chooses it next victim? Yes. I am so excited about Newscum having to answer for this. All of this is a long time coming and hopefully liable for much more than just this one act. Trump Train…ChooChoo.

  16. Close schools, churches, and no mass gathering, but you can go to Gavin’s winery, it was never shut down. And don’t forget you can always protest, loot and burn people’s business’s in name of social justice.

  17. This is a poorly written article. The author clearly didn’t run his copy by a lawyer (or even a law student) to make sure he got basic legal concepts right. I suggest the journalist brush up on the concept of a strict scrutiny test and rational basis test, learn the difference, and understand why one or the other might apply here.

  18. I understand everyone’s upset and the fact that this doesn’t affect children like it does adults,. The issue is that teachers are older adults and will get sick, so they are not going to be in class to teach your children which kind of defeats the purpose. The social emotional aspect of this is going g to be deviating to some students. Just wait until a student who tests positive is blasted all over social media. Or what if they don’t know they have it and get others sick and everyone blames them. They are not going to want to return to school. There are far more negative aspects of starting school the anyone is taking about. This isn’t just about having a place to drop your kids off during the day.

    1. Teachers are free to not go to work, and not get paid. They can file for unemployment like all private employees affected by the virus. If so, union requirements need to be suspended in order to attract replacements. Or are you suggesting that we taxpayers owe teachers a job, even if they are unwilling to come to work?

    2. The legislation for children in school and Covid is frightening. If the staff at school observes any covid like symptoms ( cough sneeze runny nose etc) your child can and will be dispatched to a testimg site that you will not be permitted to go to. Youll only be told you will be contacted and you must go self quaratine with your household. No thanks. I’ll keep them home and facilitate their education. I’m a teacher with high risk family members. Obviously people still dont get it. The high risk groups are the teachers teaching the kids.

  19. While it’s okay to allow air travel without distancing, state sponsored van pools, and turn a blind eye toward protesters rioting…yes, it’s time the democratic governors explain their reasoning for denying our children the essential right to attend school.

  20. Forgive me, I’m going to sound like a 4 yr old for a minute with a few “why” questions. Has any illness of any kind ever been politicized in our country? Has COVID-19 been politicized? Why has it been politicized? For as long as I’ve lived, I have had a duty to not intentionally harm one of my fellow human beings. Why am I now required to take extraordinary precautions to avoid inadvertently, unknowingly harm someone else, when the chances of actual harm are so remote when living without such extraordinary precautions? Why is this all so divisive? Do you ever remember an illness that divided our country so? Why are we letting those who pretend to care about us (politicians) divide us? Why is this virus being treated like the black plague when the statistics do not support that idea? Why can’t we protect our elderly and medically sensitive friends without shutting down the economy and dividing our country? Are we not in 2020 the most technologically advanced society on the planet?

  21. “For many single parents they have to choose between educating their child and putting food on their child.”

    Glad I can put food on my child

  22. Kayla, What do you care about children and their health? You’re pro choice you would kill your baby in a minute for any reason!

    1. Newsom should have some compassion for special needs children because he himself was in special needs for his dyslexia. I guess it’s just really hard for him to learn certain things. For example, the fact that autistic children can’t do distance learning. Hello! They are already good at distance. Wait. Distance? Is that the opposite of in-person? Oh I see. Wait. What did you say?

    2. Susan your out of line, stop being a troll & bully. Your dumbass remarks are the ones that get you in trouble

  23. It is very stressful having to choose between your child and putting food on the table. I am a single mother and I hope the Court fights for our children and reopens our schools now.

  24. Highly support Newsom in not allowing schools to re open. It’s a sensitive subject but lowering the risk of covid is vital.

  25. This is only for those with learning disabilities and private schools, neither of which my kids are enrolled in, we can’t afford either. We are looking to move out of state, things keep progressing to one side, get out while you can. Complaining won’t help anymore.

  26. This is good news and long overdue. Newsom has overstepped for sure. He is politically capitalizing on FEAR. Here’s an idea for you: How about we first open K-5 schools to all teachers and children who WANT to attend. Those teachers that opt to show up and teach will receive a $2K one-time bonus, call it ‘hazard’ pay. The teachers and parents will sign a hold harmless form stating they will not sue the district if their child contracts COVID. Then get on with it! Open up, start teaching in classrooms of 12-15 students, and see what happens. The old adage, “You can’t steer a parked car” applies here. Someone has to start somewhere. Start small, but START! And then, guess what, everyone will be surprised when no one contracts COVID and the school setting drops off the ‘dangerous place’ list. Quite possibly, parents will quietly say, “What were we so worried about?”

    1. Hold harmless? Hell no, if a school wants to open, they need to guarantee it can not happen on their campus, if they can’t they need to stay closed.

  27. Newsom has a long way to go before he can prove that any of these schools are a health hazard to the rest of the community on Tuesday 8/25 the Immanuel Schools prevailed in their TRO (injunction) against the County of Fresno. The county looked like bumbling fools trying to justify Newsom’s arbitrary & caprious ORDERS based on NOTHING but an opinion.
    Immanuel a top performing school academically and athletics was button up with a professional constitutional attorney with proof sources, also a independent serology study done on 198 students with 59% showing up with antibodies (antigens) present. Relevant testing on the actually students instead of a random clinical done with multi sites but on the school in question. You cannot get any more specific than that., antibodies show who has the immunities built up against a specific virus. This showed the herd immunity is very much effective and hopefully the blood bank can get donated blood from those that may have had Covid 19 or have the antibodies present and are asymptomatic.
    Great win for a great group of families, they get it and never lived in fear but in faith. Never once did the news and propaganda scare them. The proof is in the outcomes of the testing. Although interim health director Dr. Vohra tried to dismiss the test off the burden of proof was on them and they just had nothing except 1 big guessing game. Public health physicians do not conduct or design clinicals their job is to try and enforce Newsoms orders based on no science they also are bean counters counting data but do not do a good job at that particularly with Pediatric data.
    They actually looked like fools, the county Attorney was embarassing himself he claims he was un prepared for the 400 page response. Gee if you are going to file charges against a school wouldn’t you have your substantiated reason for shutting down a school or a business?
    They will have a follow up hearing on 9/15 hopefully nothing changes, but Immanuel has shown the rest of California what courage looks like. It speaks volume when we have cowards in politics that throw their power around without any sort of justification. If anyone knows how to keep their children safe its the people of Immanuel Schools in Reedley, CA.

  28. Let’s not forget this is a man made virus and so is everything pertaining to it. Newsome just announced he is spending california money in investing into a new lab and will be making Covaid tests and vaccines in California . He claims it will be cheaper for ca to purchase tests and vaccines. But he also warned of major cut backs to the disabled including already vaccine injured . Common sence says don’t make a virus in the first place! The flue and corona virus are their big sells now and dangerous as all get out. Please avoid any vaccine or otherwise as these people need to make people sick or they look like fools in the end. Boycot mad science! This lawsuit not only helps open schools but will also set president on Newsome proving there is a corona virus and actual pandemic. Newsome now carries the burden of proof that his bs isn’t bs . Good job to the attorneys and plainiffs! ???? fry that sucker! Let’s see how nervous he can get! Bet polosi is all sorts of back talking with her upside down mumbling ????????????????

  29. What about the Teachers Union! They do not want to go back to work. They want to collect a check and teach at home. So what then???

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