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CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly during a press conference on July 21, 2020. (Photo: Zoom)

CA Public Health Doc Outlines New Guideline Changes, Date-Based Re-openings

CHHS Secretary Ghaly reiterates data-driven COVID-19 health responses

By Evan Symon, July 22, 2020 4:07 am

On Tuesday, California Health and Human Services (CHHS) Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly replaced the Governor during the normal statewide COVID-19 update press conference, outlining possible new closure changes in California in the future.

Dr. Ghaly reiterated and borrowed Governor Gavin Newsom’s metaphor of California’s economic openness being a ‘dimmer switch‘, with current information statewide either reopening or closing more places based on current numbers of new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

“The governor’s finger is on that dimmer switch,” said Dr Ghaly. “We, at this moment, continue to watch the data.

“If the data trends continue to such a place that we don’t think we will get better, we will return to dimming in some areas of the state. We will always have our finger on the dimmer switch, we are not afraid to use it and we will continue to be guided by data.”

The CHHS also confirmed that California will soon have a new ‘playbook’ on how to alter any guidelines currently up to counter any new threat or reduction of the virus. Dr. Ghaly noted that the primary factor driving any changes will be the health of Californians, meaning overall COVID-19 rates and cases statewide.

“We are preparing to put out a playbook to augment the guidelines that have already been put out,” added Dr. Ghaly during the press conference. “The overall health of Californians is what will guide the governor. Not just north or south, but all Californians. The goal is to box in the virus with clear sector guidance, testing and contact tracing.”

With 9,231 new COVID-19 cases being reported Tuesday in California by the Department of Public Health, along with 61 new deaths and 170 more COVID-19 related hospitalizations, not much positive news was reported, with Dr. Ghaly being unsure on when the mandatory mask order would be lifted. However, Dr. Ghaly did have a few positive statistics in the fight against COVID.

“We don’t see the same double-digit increases in hospitalizations,” noted Dr. Ghaly. “We continue to see transmission come down. We have again built up sufficient hospital capacity across the state.”

Health experts noted that Dr. Ghaly’s conference was mixed but hopeful.

“It was a fair update,” said San Jose-area doctor Ramesh Singth. “I can’t speak to if we are going down on the curve again, but there are signs of hope.

I’ve been telling my patients that my family moved here because America could always beat whatever problems it faced, and this is just the latest one. If we continue social distancing, wearing proper masks in public, and don’t take any unnecessary risks, we can fight COVID-19 faster and beat it faster.

Dr. Ghaly didn’t sugarcoat it and said there’s a long way to go, but normalcy isn’t out of reach.”

Governor Newsom is expected to resume his COVID-19 updates this week.

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Evan Symon
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8 thoughts on “CA Public Health Doc Outlines New Guideline Changes, Date-Based Re-openings

  1. “Dimmer Switch” ie Boot of the government on our necks!

    It’s a playbook all right! We are being played!

    1. You bet they have a playbook and people better wake up now to those Bill Gates ( Father of Depopulation agenda ) vaccines and Bills digital tattoo he was talking about everyone getting. They have nano technology in them. Newsom is just their patsy / troll , not to count digital money system , social credit scores , vaccination records to travel, work or go to school . Wake up people , if we don’t fight this now, we won’t be able to.

  2. True Cali. They have a new weapon to use against the people of California and they will never voluntarily let it go.

  3. “The governor’s finger is on that dimmer switch,” said Dr Ghaly. “We, at this moment, continue to watch the data.” Gov. Newsom is a petty dictator who is exploiting the virus to further his political agenda. He needs to shove his finger up his ass where it belongs.
    Recall Gov. Newsom!

  4. Until We The People rise up and stop this UNCONSTITUTIONAL removal of our rights, it’s not going to end! When President Trump wins in November, the Dimms will double down on us! I refuse to bow to the mask mandate! I was in 4 stores today and, despite the signs, no one asked me about a mask; if they do, I have my CA code 51 in my purse. I am claustrophobic and can’t breathe with a mask on, and by law they can’t question my disability, so the few times I’ve been told I have to wear one, I just tell them I have a medical issue. I am so done with this!!!

  5. The numbers are fake. They add up false positives, people who never got tested, and they don’t even have a test that actually narrows it down to Covid-19. They are testing for coronavirus which is a family of viruses which includes the common cold. If they tested a papaya and motor oil which came up positive that should tell you something. This is all based on a house of cards and people are falling for it. Question everything they do and start to think for yourself. Research, research research. Turn off the fake news channels.

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