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N95 Mask Commonly Asked Questions. CalOSHA Enforcement Branch. (Photo: CalOSHA)

Citizen Power: Masks Off and Health Director Out in OC

Mainstream media spreading contagious disinformation that wearing a mask is law

By Wayne Lusvardi, June 19, 2020 10:19 am

If you read the myriad of misleading online newspaper headlines in California you would be led to believe that Gov. Newsom’s new “order” that masks must be worn outdoors is an enforceable state law (see here, here, here, here, here). But where is the law? And if so, who is enforcing it?

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That is the question that is being asked by Orange County citizen activist Peggy Hall. And on June 8, Hall and her organization TheHealthyAmerican.org (THA.org) got Orange County Public Health Director Dr. Nicole Quick to quickly resign her position rather than comply with their request to go before the County Supervisors and explain the legal basis for her assertion that wearing masks outdoors is mandatory. Hall’s video explaining her efforts in Orange County can be found here.

Quick alleged she left because of death threats. But the only confirmed threats were of a personal lawsuit against Quick to be filed by THA.org alleging civil rights violations and a protest at her home. Protestors gave out Quick’s home address but apparently only stated they would hold a callisthenic “workout session” on the public street in front of her home.

Even the Voice of OC wrote: “To make matters worse, Quick also faced horrible public information rollouts for just about every one of the health orders she issued during her short tenure as Public Health Officer during the pandemic.”

To prevent a possible Constitutional lawsuit, the County’s new public health officer quickly changed the wording of the order to read “strongly recommended” instead of “required”. 

Masks Off in OC and Elsewhere

The Orange County Sheriff said he would not enforce the County’s public health “order”, or more accurately stated, “directive.” 

In Riverside County the Sheriff has stated he won’t write tickets. In San Bernardino County, wearing a mask is “optional.” Ventura County reportedly has no mask recommendations or mandates. Alameda County only encourages citizens to wear masks. Even in virus-plagued Santa Clara County an “order” to wear masks on the Sheriff’s website could not be found. The County Health Department stated their directive was for “guidance only.” 

And even the governor’s new June 18th more emphatic “mask mandate” contains weasel words that clearly state it is merely “GUIDANCE FOR THE USE OF FACE COVERINGS”.

One would think that wearing a mask to stop the alleged spread of coronavirus in a dentist office would be legally mandated. But even Cal-OSHA says their directive “is not a standard regulation and creates no new legal obligations.” While Cal-OSHA states that people “must wear face coverings,” it carefully claws back its wording to say it is only “guidance to help employers.”

The California Office of Administrative Law that determines whether laws passed by the legislature are valid, has no proposed law under review that would compel criminal or civil prosecution against those who refuse to wear masks.

Where is that Law?

Orange County does have a mask “requirement” for food and pharmacy workers. But businesses can refuse to serve customers who do not have masks or can grant some flexibility for those who have asthma or breathing difficulties. Most people don’t have difficulty with that.

But it begs the question why is a governmental mask mandate necessary in the first place? Businesses can be left to handle the situation to the comfort level of their customers. If you don’t like that business’s policy then you can shop elsewhere, that is unless government has shut down those alternative businesses. The hardware store in my community does not require masks and people are free to go to Home Depot.

Citizen pressure groups have ousted seven public health officials in California thus far who have abused their power in responding to the so-called virus epidemic. Hall says she and THA are bringing her unmasking efforts to other counties.

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22 thoughts on “Citizen Power: Masks Off and Health Director Out in OC

  1. Thank you for another myth-busting article that readers should find very helpful and encouraging as they try to navigate “the fear-and-falsehood maze.”

  2. This must be the conspiracy right wing dipshit site. I hope you shit stains get it and suffer for putting the rest of us at risk.

    It is the least thing required to truly get the economy back and you selfish prick snowflakes can’t be bothered.

    1. I don’t wear a mask but thank goodness foul mouthed people like you do so that way we don’t have to smell your equally foul breath!

    2. Such a repulsive post that offered insight into your emotional state. I wish you would have expressed your self in this manner at a local protest to an unmasked person.

    3. @ I wear a mask.
      Since you have taken the time to express your opinion in such an eloquent and academic manner, you may want to expand your mind and vocabulary and read some articles on this website. Also check out the great minds at the Hoover Institute.
      Please say hello to the great people of CHOP.

      1. Sign of covid is where oxygen is unable or greatly restricted from oxygenating the body. Through a mask on, and you are simply doing covid a favor by reducing more oxygen from entering the body.

        1. A commenter on another article suggested home-made masks made of cheesecloth. Seems like a good idea to me. You can look like you are wearing a mask to satisfy the venue edict but still breathe. Pick some up next time you go to the grocery store; usually found in the cooking implement/baking aisle.

    4. Since facts are not on your side you have a foul mouthed, infantile meltdown. Clearly a sign of high intelligence. lol

    5. I pray no one would get the virus and that “I Wear A Mask” is suffering from oxygen deprivation due to the extended use of a mask and the comments posted are not truly indicative of his/her current state of mind. To wish harm on anyone for any reason is inappropriate and immoral. God bless you, “I Wear A Mask”. Hats off to Peggy, The Healthy American, and all supporters of this imperative initiative.

  3. Thank you for relaying this news. Peggy Hall is a courageous patriot. She took the time to research and get the word out about the effectiveness of mask wearing for healthy individuals.

  4. For those of us in the vulnerable populations, this article is a death sentence. Is it REALLY such a sacrifice to wear a mask until we are ahead of this virus? !

    1. We are purposely being given harmful information that will only worsen patient outcome. Authorities are pushing face-masks which are immunosuppressive as well as lower oxygen content of breathable air – which doctors are saying COVID-10 patients struggle with already: https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2020/04/08/nyc-doctor-we-are-treating-the-wrong-disease-face-masks-dont-work/
      — from Madison Area Support Group
      Bring reusable cloth bags into stores has been banned due to bacteria. There is way worse of a problem of wearing a mask full of influenza germs into stores and the germs grow in your mouth and recirculate them.

    2. It’s far from a death sentence! If you’re a reasonably healthy American in the prime of your life, you have about the same risk dying from COVID as you do from flu. I know you’ve been reading a lot of scary headlines the last three months, but check a bit deeper and you’ll feel a ton better.

      Masks have not actually been shown to make much statistical difference in infection rates[1]. This goes back a long way to studies around the flu and other coronaviruses. The droplets that carry viruses haven’t suddenly changed how they behave because of COVID.

      There’s no need to live in fear! You can do this!

      [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5779801/

    3. For me, it is. I cannot breathe in it and even if I could it is disgusting to re-breathe your hot exhaled air. Stay home if you are so worried.

  5. Thank you, Mr. Lusvardi, for a well-reasoned outline of the Governor’s “mandate”. I agree that if someone is scared silly and/or wishes to signal their virtue, they should be free to wear a mask.

    For a healthy person, under 80 years old and not living in an Andrew Cuomo rest home, the risk is absolutely minimal, and their choices should be honored, as well.

  6. At this point a mask is a sign of submission to the all powerful nanny state. I wonder what they will require next to prove your fealty to Gruesome? A Democrat logo t-shirt? A hammer and sickle lapel pin?

    1. it is very dividing and controlling to me. If you do not want to get it, and most everybody will to achieve herd immunity, stay home. OMG leave us unsick people alone. My son;’s just has not required masks for him until this past Friday. I would have quit honesty. He does not mind but it is disgusting to force somebody to breathe in their exhaled air. Nope, not me. Docs offices only and I won’t go unless I am dying of something or in horrible agonizing pain.

  7. Please post your home address Wayne since there is nothing threatening about doing that according to you.

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