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‘Climate Change’ Is Not Making It Harder to Vote

The advisory board of this outfit reads like a who’s who of climate alarmism and includes a stable of political hacks

By Anthony Watts, October 30, 2020 3:24 pm

press release from a political group called “ClimatePower2020” makes ridiculously wild claims that “climate change” is making it more difficult to vote in the upcoming presidential election, by creating severe weather extremes that keep people from venturing out to vote. There’s simply no credible evidence that “climate change” has anything at all to do with voter access to in-person voting or mail-in voting. The premise is nothing more than climate alarmism at its worst.

The message conveyed by the press release is that “if you vote for Donald Trump, you are enabling voter suppression via climate” because Trump isn’t doing their bidding on climate issues.

At best, this is defective circular logic. At its worst, it’s an outright lie catering to low-information voters.

First, let’s look at who is behind this. The advisory board of this outfit reads like a who’s who of climate alarmism and community organization. It includes a stable of political hacks like Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff and “advisor” to Barack Obama John Podesta, coal baron turned climate activist and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer (based on his track record, Steyer is likely the money behind ClimatePower2020). Then there’s Dr. John Holdren, former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), who once claimed that “global climate disruption” is what we experience every day, that the winter “polar vortex” was actually proof of global warming, and when pressed to show evidence to back it up, got caught by a Federal Judge in a “bad faith” case.

Then there’s the boatload of community organizers, actors, and social media wannabees that make up the remainder of the advisory board. Clearly, you should take anything ClimatePower2020 says with a grain of salt, because obviously, they are all about political action, and nothing about science.

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an arm of the United Nations, declared in their Special Report on Extreme Weather that they could not find any evidence of linkage between severe weather events and climate change. Also, in the  IPCC AR5 WGI Chapter 2 on extremes, they back that up with even more evidence saying there is no linkage.

But the bottom line is this: There’s no credible scientific evidence whatsoever to link climate change with any asserted increase in storms, rainfall, snowfall, heat, or cold events. From a science standpoint, it is a dead issue. Weather is not climate.

Nevertheless, climate alarmists continue to make claims that any variable and normal weather event is proof of alarming climate change. If this makes you wonder what the truth really is, visit ClimateAtAGlance.com where you will find dozens of scientific, easy-to-understand refutations of alarmist claims spanning topics from heatwaves, to floods, to drought, and even that poster child of climate change, polar bears.

Clearly, ClimatePower2020 believes that like the “dark side of The Force” in the Star Wars movie franchise, “climate change” is an “all-powerful Force” and there is nothing it doesn’t make worse. But the scientific evidence simply isn’t there, so all we are left with is a belief system being used to influence the gullible. “The Force” can be powerful, influencing the weak-minded.

With the total lack of supporting evidence, the claims of ClimatePower2020 are just the “fake news” of another dark-money funded political group trying to influence the 2020 election.

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4 thoughts on “‘Climate Change’ Is Not Making It Harder to Vote

  1. When Trump wins it’s over for Newsom and the dems Pompeo warned Newsom about China they didn’t listen or maybe they did but were way too far down that road to stop….We won’t need a recall…He needs to replace Barr, I heard Wray and Gina will be out of a job by Wednesday..

  2. This latest climate change charge is so completely comical and ridiculous and beyond the pale that it almost seems like a good sign to me in that it appears to reveal that Tom Steyer & Co are swimming in desperation and really losing their grip. Does it mean a last gasp —- that even they believe they are at the end of their reign in shoving nonsense down our throats? Who knows, let’s hope and pray so, this has been going on for WAY too many years and I’m fed up beyond what I thought was possible. And I’m not the only one.

  3. Parody can not touch the stuff these loons come up with but I will play along. If global warming, aka “climate change” makes it harder for Democrats to vote I will go for a nice long drive on election day.

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