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CA Emergency cell phone Alert. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Credibility Alert: Gov. Newsom’s Abuse of the Emergency Alert System

‘Emergency Alert’ ordering Californians to ‘stay home, wear a mask, keep your distance’

By Katy Grimes, December 12, 2020 4:03 pm

Friday, my phone, along with thousands, maybe millions of other Californians’ phones, blasted an unfamiliar alarm while I was driving on the freeway. Initially, I thought something was wrong with my car, and nearly crashed. When I was able to get a look at my phone, I saw it was Gov. Gavin Newson’s “Emergency Alert” ordering Californians to “stay home, wear a mask, keep your distance.”

What a horrific abuse of California’s Emergency notification system.

I posted the screen capture of the notification on my Facebook page, and hundreds of people left comments that they had experienced much the same thing – an emergency alert noise sounding like an air raid alert. Many said they were also in their cars and nearly crashed. Several reported they were in Costco and all around them shoppers’ phones were going off as well. All reported how freaky it was, and so very “1984” by George Orwell.

According to California Office of Emergency Services, the Emergency Alert System is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service providers, and direct broadcast satellite providers to provide the communications capability to the President to address the American public during a national emergency. “The system also may be used by state and local authorities to deliver important emergency information, such as AMBER alerts and weather information targeted to specific areas.” 

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. (Photo: Kevin Kiley for Assembly)

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley also experienced the alarming alert, and wrote about it:

“Yesterday my phone went berserk with an ‘Emergency Alert’ about the stay-at-home order. Fortunately, I was just sitting at my desk; I heard from people who almost crashed their cars from this latest abuse of power.”

“The bigger abuse, of course, is the stay-at-home order itself. But the battle now is not just for the next few weeks but the next six months, as Newsom has left no doubt he wants to keep the State of Emergency going at least into next summer.”

Gov. Newsom and his top staff really blundered with this hysterical notification. This isn’t a wildfire, earthquake or even an Amber Alert. It is a health order, and an overblown, abusive one at that.

Newsom and his team just showed how unserious they are, with this emergency alert.

Clearly Gov. Newsom is frustrated that his tyrannical orders are not having the effect he had hoped, as millions of California residents not only distrust his abuse of power, but are ignoring his lockdown orders.

The emergency phone alert demonstrated that.

The bigger problem Newsom has is one of credibility – he has very little after keeping Californians in varying forms of lockdown for nine months, and single handedly destroying the state’s economy by killing off hundreds of thousands of businesses through the lockdowns.

“In March, Gov. Newsom ordered the state’s 40 million residents to stay-at-home, shut down most businesses, closed schools, killed off sporting events and recreation, and even closed Disneyland, over the original dire predictions of massive COVID-19 cases,” the Globe reported Thursday. “That was nine months ago, with intermittent partial re-openings with restrictions, only to be shut down again.”

The RecallGavin2020 effort is gaining traction, as the Globe reported, and now there are news reports that the governor and his staff are actually a little worried about it.

Assemblyman Kiley is correct that Gov. Newsom wants this lockdown order to extend into Summer 2021. “Gavin Newsom may not have created all the problems causing California’s decline, but he’s dramatically accelerated them in a way we never could have imagined,” Kiley said. “Yet through his abominable actions, he’s also accelerated an equal and opposite reaction, catalyzing and coalescing a movement to save our state from self-destruction.”

Kiley also addresses the Newsom recall effort, recognizing that Newsom advisors, according to Politico, are afraid the recall “could mushroom into a major threat in 2021.”

The hiring of lobbyist Jim DeBoo to a top staff position in the Newsom administration signifies that the governor is concerned – not about what he is doing to California, but for his own political future and reputation.

Assemblyman Kiley says, “The good news is we’re making progress on a number of fronts:”

  • The Orange County Board of Supervisors has passed our Healthy Communities Resolution, joining Northern California counties and making this a statewide movement to end the arbitrary lockdowns.
  • In our lawsuit, Newsom’s Reply Brief with the Court of Appeals is due Monday, then we’ll have oral argument and get a decision. The Governor also just lost his lead lawyer, with Xavier Becerra resigning to take a job in D.C.
  • I’ve just introduced a bill to abolish endless emergencies in California. A State of Emergency would automatically expire after a fixed period of time (60 days or shorter).

Anyone watching national news has seen that other governors only shut down early on out of concern over hospital capacity, unsure about the dire predictions. Once it was clear only a few months in that the public health doctors’ predictions were wrong, and that the virus was not nearly as dangerous as originally feared, most states re-opened with ongoing precautionary measures.

However, California’s restrictions continue to drag on indefinitely. Another stunt like the statewide Emergency phone alert to “stay home, wear a mask and keep your distance,” just might solidify Newsom’s recall.

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16 thoughts on “Credibility Alert: Gov. Newsom’s Abuse of the Emergency Alert System

  1. Newsom must GO!!!

    He is a tyrannical fear-monger and a stupid one at that…

    Time to correct the mistake we made in 2003 and replace Gruesome Newsom with Tom McClintock…

    We need reasoned, intelligent leadership to stem the outmigration of California’s leading employers and best citizens…

    McClintock 2021!!! Your state needs you, Tom!!!

    1. Sign the RECALL PETITION! Millions of signatures are being gathered. Get this *astard out of office! Sheriffs and police aren’t going along with the program and neither will I. Go about your business, do as you please. Be a Karen!!!

  2. All week, our phones at work were ringing off the hook, as it’s a busy Christmas shopping season, as soon as the alert went off, it seemed as if business came to a screeching halt. Another “intended” consequence of the overreach of the emperor?

    1. Joyful: Sure, for everyone who is too busy, too happy, behaving too normally, and with your eyes on other things, like Christmas, or God, instead of fixed on Dear Leader, they need to be reminded and rudely jarred into being frightened again about the “threat.” How irresponsible can you get?

      Let’s see…. two highly credible people for whom I have great respect reported that they either HAD a car accident because of the stupid alert, or HEARD from many people who nearly had a car accident. I wonder how many people actually crashed or had something else happen to them because of the unnecessary but scary sound blast from our no-credibility governor and his gang? We’ll never know, but I wonder if some people’s reactions sent them to the hospital?

      We need new leadership in this state. As soon as possible.

      1. I was in my kitchen having a conversation with my roommate when we both received that text. It instantly put us both in a glum mood. I said out loud, “you think I don’t already KNOW about this stay at home order?”
        First of all, I’m already a homebody. But two, there’s something really creepy about being told what to do through an emergency alert on my phone. Overreach of power. It needs to stop. I feel like we are in a dehumanizing stage of this “pandemic.” Wear them down, humiliate them, make them submit. Well, guess what? I refuse to submit.
        You wouldn’t imagine the looks I get when I tell people I’m not getting the V a c c i n e. The product does not actually STOP transmission at all. If you don’t believe me, look into it yourself. So the “herd immunity” argument is a joke. This product does not prevent you from getting the virus. It may only lessen your symptoms or the the “disease.” Please, for the love of God, if you are reading this, please understand what you are actually putting in your body, read the side effects, and inform yourself. If you decide to take the risk, I respect you. But NO ONE will EVER tell me what to put in my body. We are already being “prepped” through the mask indoctrination. I may be exhausted and sad, but I will not be broken down by humiliation.

        1. K: You’re absolutely right on every point. A major clue that this stupid and unnecessary “emergency alert” was not meant to be helpful, but instead was meant as a sort of post-hypnotic suggestion to get people back to their “scary place” where they can be reined in, is that I can’t come up with ONE THING this governor and his minions have done since March 2020 (or before) that has helped or was meant to help any Californian be healthier, happier, more free, more optimistic, more productive, or more secure. These “dictator-lites” have probably produced better, more involved citizens out of some of us, but that was an unintentional consequence and not something that was meant.

          I was very grateful to read your post. It was heartening and inspiring. You obviously have not had your common sense beaten out of you by what you rightly call the “dehumanizing stage of this ‘pandemic.’” YES, “exhausted and sad” — I am also feeling that way for sure — is a normal, human, and fitting reaction to what has been done to us for more than nine months. But not broken down. We’re still standing. Best wishes, K!

          1. Happy Holidays to you. We are sad, but still standing. I am grateful for YOU. Thank you for your encouragement always. 🙂

  3. Recall?? It’s time for Newsom to be impeached, or indicted. God bless Kevin Kiley but this slow motion lawfare approach is just the same political fan fare we see time and again. Introducing bills that need to be voted on and weighed. Bills that will take months to clear and will end up doing nothing meaningful. Meanwhile, this Governor is destroying lives NOW. How about an emergency stop order or a restraining order, and some consequences for his long list of abuses? The emperor, Newsom has no clothes. It’s time every attorney in CA recognize this fact. And criminal Xavier Becerra plans to take a job in D.C.? So he can do what Newsom is doing to CA, to the entire US. Kevin Kiley, “new bills” are not the answer!

  4. Did everyone complaining contact the FCC? I sure did!! This is an abuse of power period….Contact the FCC……In other news the CCP list of compromised American companies, Governors, politicians was leaked yesterday…..Guess who is compromised by the CCP? GAVIN NEWSOM……Time for the firing squad…….We are living under Chinese rule!!!!!!!! California Globe I highly suggest you write about the leak….People risked their lives to leak this document it has 2 MILLION names on it…..

  5. Please sign the petition! Recallgavin2020.com California has decreed that these must be “wet” signatures, i.e. the form must be downloaded, signed in ink, and handed to the open businesses (listed on the website). We’re trying to reach out to you, but when we put up a table and banner, activists run in, turn the table over, tear down our banners and try to beat us up. Newsom is dealing in fear. So please download the petition, get five names, and send it to the Recallgavin2020.com team, or drop it off at the locations near you on the website. THANK YOU!

  6. I got that alert too, but now he’s spamming me with the exposure app notice every day that I want nothing to do with. He’s like a spoil child in a china shop when he doesn’t get his way.

  7. Gavin Newsom is a product of US Military Intelligence. This has nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with rolling out Orwellian tools to support the “Total Information Awareness” projects of the national security state. These alerts go two ways. The phones act as mobile tracking devices for mass surveillance. The data will be fed back to develop AI algorithms for Gavin’s crony defense contractors who are backing up this entire operation using their control of the so called “free press” to propagandize and lie to the public.

  8. With that alert I wonder If everyone got Apple’s Update PW screen like is in above picture. Why did we get that? is apple adding or modifying something with the phones or accounts.

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