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‘Democrats Are Putting the People of California In Danger’ Says AG Candidate

‘It’s time to make California safe again’

By Katy Grimes, June 23, 2021 2:36 pm

Attorney Eric Early is on a mission to make California safe again. Early, a Republican, is running for California Attorney General and wants everyone to know, “Democrats are putting the people of California in danger.”

Also running for Attorney General in 2022 is current AG Rob Bonta (Democrat), Nathan Hochman (Republican), and Anne Marie Schubert as an Independent.

In a Globe interview, Early said Democrats won’t openly say “defund the police” anymore. “They are ‘reimagining policing.’ This is code for ‘defunding police,’ and emptying the prisons,” he added.

“It’s really troubling to watch what they are doing,” Early said.

Early is addressing California’s legal and public safety issues. “I’ve been stating my positions for years,” he said. “I really believe we are in a battle for ‘good versus evil’ in this country. We’ve got to get these people out of office.”

Early said the California Attorney General is the Chief Law Enforcement officer and Chief Legal Officer in the state. “Yet they [Democrats] want to defund law enforcement and abolish law enforcement.”

“We need to increase funding to law enforcement,” Early said. “It’s so obvious why crime is on the rise.”

Early said he hears from moderate Democrats and Independent voters who see what is happening. “Even with the Recall election, about 600,000 signatures are not Republican signers,” he said. “And as long as we get a fair vote, we can take back the state and help all of the people.”

Early ran for Congress in 2020 against Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Early is a plaintiff in a lawsuit along with several other former congressional candidates, and with the Election Integrity Project CA., “being brought to get to the bottom of the problems with universal mail-in balloting and computerized voting machines.”

“Los Angeles County is the largest county with the most voters – larger than five states – where Republican candidates go to die,” he said. “The Secretary of State, the Governor, the LA County Registrar, they all know how LA goes, the state goes. And we know we got robbed.”

Early said 2016 to 2018, then-Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Los Angeles Registrar Dean Logan, entered into “an unholy alliance” with Smartmatic voting machines. Early said Dean Logan was run out of Kings County, as the Seattle Times reported, in Washington State, where he was the the county’s elections director after an election in which dead people voted.

In 2018, Dori Monson of KIRO radio reported:

“And that is when the Democratic machine of Ron Simms, Christine Gregoire, and the head of King County Elections at the time, a guy named Dean Logan, got involved. What was revealed in subsequent lawsuits was remarkable. On the third recount, they miraculously found a few hundred more votes for Gregoire to steal away the governor’s race. Apparently, there were 300 illegal votes, 400 more where the voter could not be verified, 240 felons who voted illegally, 44 votes from dead people, and 10 people who voted twice. When all of those votes were counted, the third time around, all of a sudden Christine Gregoire was the governor.

Dean Logan had to resign in disgrace from King County Elections. Where did he go? Los Angeles County.

Did you see what happened last night in the California gubernatorial primary? In that primary, 118,000 people were accidentally left off the Los Angeles County polling place rosters. We’re talking about nearly 120,000 people who went to vote. Some left frustrated, and some were promised absentee ballots.”

“We have got to get to the bottom of this,” Early said.


Early is focused on public safety for all Californians, “which is under the Attorney General’s control,” he said. “The number one job of the Attorney General is to keep all Californians safe.”

“The governor is spending $12 billion on housing for the homeless,” Early said. “Unfortunately, most homeless are severely mentally ill. They need care.” Early is concerned that with Gov. Newsom’s and Democrats’ focus on housing the homeless rather than treatment, the $12 billion will vanish the same way $1 billion approved by the voters did, and homelessness only got worse.

We discussed the importance of involuntary treatment for the mentally-ill homeless. “Letting somebody live and die on the street is not compassion,” Early said.

Early has a video discussing homelessness and necessary treatment:

Critical Race Theory

Early has been involved for three years with one of the first CRT lawsuits in the country in Santa Barbara parents, Fair Education Santa Barbara, which the Globe has reported on. “These are indoctrination camps,” Early said, “and are leading to the downfall of our country. It’s repulsive.”

Investigating those who have kept our kids out of schools

Early says “California is a leaderless state.” On school kids missing a year or school, Early says, “Gavin Newsom, if you can order the schools closed, then you can order them open.”  Early pointed out that even by May 2021, half of the kids in California were still not back in school. “When I’m California’s Attorney General, I’m going to investigate exactly what went on here,” Early said. “To the extent laws have been broken by these public employees who are our teachers, in the teachers unions, they’re going to be prosecuted to the extent necessary, and fired.”

Rogue District Attorneys

Early wants to address the rogue District Attorneys “working overtime to protect our criminals more than they are doing to protect our law abiding citizens, and victims of crime.” Early says when he is Attorney General he will do everything to force those rogue district attorneys to follow the law, protect our law abiding citizens, to protect our victims, and to do everything possible to keep our criminals incarcerated as long as possible.”

Protecting small businesses, girls sports, the Second Amendment, law enforcement and law and order, are all issues addressed on Early’s campaign website.

In 2018 Eric Early filed a lawsuit seeking to remove then-Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s name from the ballot in California’s General Election because Becerra was not an admitted, licensed attorney in the State of California for five uninterrupted years prior to being appointed by California Governor Jerry Brown.

Xavier Becerra, a sitting member of Congress since 1993, was an “inactive” member of the California Bar for 26 years when Gov. Jerry Brown appointed him as California Attorney General.  California General Election Code 12503 says, “No person shall be eligible to the office of Attorney General unless he shall have been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the state for a period of at least five years immediately preceding his election or appointment to such office.” Early was right, but the judge in the case ruled on  the “intent” of the statute, making clear he wasn’t going to make the decision to remove a candidate from the ballot.

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4 thoughts on “‘Democrats Are Putting the People of California In Danger’ Says AG Candidate

  1. Correction. While 600k are not Republican signers, the true number of liberals, left leaning independents and apolitical voters are likely closer to 200k to 400k. There’s probably many Independents that were either already pretty conservative that were sick of the establishment and ended up switching Independent or were Independent for other reasons (conservative on one important issue or many issues except one or two, libertarian, ect…)

  2. Eric Early is on point for most items. However, his view on homelessness is not. The main culprit of homelessness is not mental illness. It is drug addiction. Put stricter drug laws in place, and enforce them. The homelessness will go way down.

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