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Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (Photo: Melissa Melendez)

Golden State Policy Council Names Retiring State Sen. Melissa Melendez as President

‘The Golden State Policy Council’s clients are the people of California’

By Katy Grimes, December 14, 2022 2:55 am

The new California Golden State Policy Council announced Tuesday that retiring State Senator Melissa Melendez will take the helm as President. Melendez just termed out of the California Legislature.

The Golden State Policy Council’s mission is to advocate policy changes that represent the interests of the people of California. Instead of deepening our political divide, the council says it will work for practical solutions that will improve the lives of all Californians.

“There is a lot of work ahead; I intend to bring my experience to this new role and encourage my former colleagues to focus on policies that unite us, keep our communities safe, and make economic and environmental sense for California,” said Council President Senator Melissa Melendez.

“While California is chock full of special interest groups paid handsomely to lobby on behalf of their clients, Golden State Policy Council has but one client; hard working Californians,” Sen. Melendez told the Globe. “Our organization will provide sound research for bold policy changes to improve the standard of living for all who live here.”

The Council puts ideas into practice by educating legislators with academic policy research, testifying before legislative committees, and leading the public debate toward positive, free-market solutions to many of the issues we face in the Golden State.

“The Golden State Policy Council’s clients are the people of California,” Melendez said. “We aim to make our voices heard inside the Capitol walls and influence policies that improve the quality of life in our great state.”

Retiring Senator Melissa Melendez is a veteran of the United States Navy where she became fluent in Russian and one of the first women approved to fly aboard an EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft overseas. She served her country for ten years in the Navy, during the Cold War, Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

After leaving the Navy, Melissa started her own small business providing transcription services to high-level Pentagon officials. She was elected to serve on the Lake Elsinore City Council in 2008 where she also served as Mayor. Melissa has her Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Studies and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She lives in Lake Elsinore with her husband Nico, also a Navy veteran, and their five children.

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6 thoughts on “Golden State Policy Council Names Retiring State Sen. Melissa Melendez as President

  1. So is she a stabilizing factor, truly fluent in the current fantasy that is California politics, or just another newsom crony?

    1. @Paul L HARFORD. I don’t understand your comment. Exactly what is your problem with Senator Melendez? Her record in the legislature as a leading Republican?

    2. “A Newsom crony?” What on earth are you talking about? Sen Melissa Melendez was a shining star in the legislature. Smart, outspoken, persistent, tough, always sensible. I forget what year it was and what the particular triggering incident was, but if you need proof of her value to us and that legislative leftists despise her, as punishment she was moved from her office to what was essentially a broom closet by those “lawmakers” for her advocacy. That she will be leading the Golden State Policy Council is good news and lets us know there will be a counter and an argument and, one hopes, a real check against the monolith of CA’s one-party rule that I believe was achieved in the first place through years of election swindles.

  2. Let us hope that her past performance will continue in to the future.
    Lucky for us we have a watchdog with integrity that will keep the curtain open and we will be able to see her performance.

  3. The California Golden State Policy Council has a noble mission and best of luck to Melissa Melendez on taking helm of the organization? However, as long as the deep-state Democrat cabal is in complete control of California there will be probably be no policy changes that represent the best interests of Californians?

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