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Homeless drug addict at Broadway Sacramento Post Office. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom and Democrat Mayors Prioritizing Homelesss Over Productive Californians on Lockdown

‘So, what’s the body count need to be before you make a change?’

By Katy Grimes, March 26, 2020 8:15 am

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the state would provide “emergency aid to local governments” and implement emergency protective measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among the homeless living on California streets.

“People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19,” said Gov. Newsom. “California is deploying massive resources to get these vulnerable residents safely into shelter, removing regulatory barriers and securing trailers and hotels to provide immediate housing options for those most at risk. Helping these residents is critical to protecting public health, flattening the curve and slowing the spread of COVID-19.”

Homeless stuff on X St near Alhambra, Sacramento. (Photo: Facebook)

Newsom directed the first allocation of the $500 million in emergency funding recently authorized by the Legislature for COVID-19 related activities – $150 million for local emergency homelessness actions. To deploy this first funding allocation, the state will provide:

    • $100 million directly to local governments, for shelter support and emergency housing to address COVID-19 among the homeless population, and
    • $50 million to purchase travel trailers and lease rooms in hotels, motels, and other facilities in partnership with counties and cities to provide immediate isolation placements throughout the state for homeless individuals.

Is the governor spending emergency federal funding on hotels for the homeless? It’s hard to tell where the money is coming from, except is the state already had the funding, why wasn’t it allocated last year for the homeless epidemic, or the year before? If the Democrats in Congress can lard up the stimulus bill, it’s not a stretch to wonder if Gov. Newsom is using federal funds instead of money from the state’s budget for the homeless.

A recent Sacramento Bee editorial on Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state’s homeless epidemic addresses that the homeless crisis was already a health crisis long before the coronavirus crisis, yet the editorial didn’t have a single word about treating the homeless with mental illness – which is the vast majority of them. The editors only talked about people being evicted, which is extremely misleading.

As Dr. Drew continues to point out, California’s homeless of more than 160,000+ is not an economic problem, otherwise the millions of illegal immigrants would be on the street, and they aren’t.

The Newsom administration has repeatedly claimed the explosion of drug-addicted, mentally ill people on the street is a housing shortage and housing affordability problem. Housing may be one part of the problem, but lack of housing is not at the root of the hundreds of thousands of drug-addicted mentally ill people living on city streets, in public parks, along rivers and parkways and in tent cities; state and local policies are.

Outbreaks of disease and viruses are common among the homeless population. San Diego battled a two-year-long hepatitis A outbreak that started in a homeless encampment and killed 20 people, sickening almost 600 others, Fox News reported. “In 2019, a typhus outbreak hit Los Angeles’ notorious Skid Row, while the homeless living in Santa Monica dealt with a scourge of trench fever, contracted from body lice.”

Gov. Newsom announced during a recent news conference that the state would be prioritizing the homeless as a vulnerable population. However, the homeless population was not the subject to the Governor’s shelter in place order – it’s the state’s productive residents who are under lockdown.

5 hand washing stations in Sacramento for homeless. (Photo: Facebook)

Mayors London Breed of San Francisco, Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, and Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento have all ordered residents to remain in their homes, as have many counties. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and the city council installed five hand washing stations in the heart of Sacramento’s homeless area… hand washing stations, not porta-potties. The hand washing stations are an odd choice for people who poop on the sidewalk. Wipes might have been more practical and actually used.

As for the Governor leveraging federal funds for the coronavirus crisis and using some of the money for homeless, HUD Secretary Ben Carson has been very explicit about the requirements for any money. Dr. Carson, a critic of the Housing First policy of the Obama administration, said some of the federal aid might come in the form of medical services, but has encouraged California to look inward at some of our policies creating the homeless crisis.

The Governor throwing $100 million to the local Mayors for their homeless programs – trailers, hotel beds, recreation center beds – isn’t necessarily the only answer. He’s going to find out is that you can have all the beds in the world,  but if you’re not dealing with all the mental health and co-addiction problems, often with involuntary treatment protocols, it won’t fix the problem.

Yet Mayors and the Governor are already claiming that had they not issued these orders, the coronavirus would have been much worse. The path not taken is not known, but politicians want you to believe that it would have been worse.

Dr. Drew Pinsky continues to ask when will enough be enough with three homeless people a day dying on the streets of Los Angeles. In Sacramento, he said one homeless person a day is dying. “It’s a slow genocide,” he said during his speech at a Sacramento event in January. “So, what’s the body count need to be before you make a change.”

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9 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom and Democrat Mayors Prioritizing Homelesss Over Productive Californians on Lockdown

  1. Democrats do not govern to fix problems. They govern to advance their political position and gain more power and control over the citizenry.

  2. I listen to you on Phil’s talk show. Really enjoy hearing what’s going on in our left leaning state. Still pray for our leaders, and hoping for the best. My wife and I are native born and have seen our state just fall apart monetarily and morally. Sad. Keep up the good work though. Being positive. Ha ha.

  3. Tell us please….what State, City, Borough is a long term economic miracle under continuous Democrat control?

  4. The coronavirus panic is a charade — we are being lied to every step of the way. We are witnessing a planned, manufactured crisis — the coronavirus is just this year’s flu.

    In the United States, from 30-45 million get the flu each year and 30,000 to 60,000 die. With the common seasonal flu, approximately 80% of those who get it are asymptomatic — they have no symptoms at all. For the approximately 20% who do present symptoms, most will feel ill for a few days or a few weeks. A very small percentage, consisting almost entirely of persons with compromised immune systems — such as the very old, those with AIDS, those undergoing chemotherapy, those with pneumonia, those with COPD — will manifest more severe symptoms. A very small percentage of that group pass away.

    Even the government and the corporate media’s own statistics show that at least 80% of persons who test positive for the coronavirus are asymptomatic — the same as for the common seasonal flu. However, the government then goes on to tell us that the coronavirus is at least ten times as deadly as the common flu.

    Ask yourself this: If the coronavirus is unique and unusually dangerous, if the lethality rate of the coronavirus is at least ten times more than that of the common seasonal flu, then why is the percentage of those who are asymptomatic the same as for the common seasonal flu? Wouldn’t the percentage of those showing no symptoms be much less if the coronavirus were much more deadly?

    For more information, check out the articles “Coronavirus Perspective” by Richard A. Epstein and “Inaccurate Virus Models Are Panicking Officials into Ill-Advised Lockdowns” by Madeline Osburn.

    1. So just to point out, that the information this post is passing of are not facts, and it should be countered with points that are not opinion and can be found easily on the CDC, and WHO websites.
      Numbers: So total confirmed cases of SARS-Cov2(Covid-19) are- 509,164 total globally with 46,484 confirmed in the last 24 hours alone. That’s 10.9% of the all cases. The deaths globally are 23,335 total with 2501 in the last 24 hours. That means 21.8% of people who have contracted the virus have died from the virus. Influenza has a 7.3% death rate, or 2 in 100,000 people. Covid-19 is a pathogen we haven’t experienced prior to now, so there couldn’t possibly be the data to support the statements in the post this response is to, importantly it is not a strain of influenza, but is a new never before identified SARS like virus. As with all new viruses, novel to human immune systems, there are not any antibodies unless we have been infected, and there is no vaccine. Other than both being viruses, they aren’t related, don’t act the same, don’t have the same dna, and the symptoms aren’t the same. Our bodies don’t react to them the same, they are targeted in any way, and to compare and group them together only contributes to the problem by feeding into people’s biases, and hysteria.



  5. Gov. Newsome thinks that being nice will solve the homeless problem. It won’t.
    Either remedy it or don’t try.
    We’re in a ‘war time’ status already. It’s time to clear the streets of drug addled bums, and take our cities back. Kind of like fleas off a dog…

  6. We are now on a war time footing. The homeless crisis is too. We can’t justify throwing money at a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon. The Covid19 epidemic will be eradicated years before the homeless problem is….unless we get serious about it. The Governor has to put ‘feelings’ aside, and ‘man up’ to fix the homeless crisis. He should recall the vigilantes of San Francisco fame, that took care of some glaring civic problems in the 1850’s. There is a very small thread that holds our current society together. When the tax paying population has finally had it with the Mayor and Governor coddling to the homeless and illegal populations, that thread will break. Then, they’ll bawl about “how did this happen?” So long as the Governor is safe in his cocoon, don’t expect any change..for the better.

  7. Dr. Shutdown who concocted all the fake virus models used to put everyone out of work and force healthy people to stay home has admitted none of it was necessary. Wake up people! You are being lied to at every turn.

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