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Senator Brian Dahle. (Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom and Senator Dahle Agree To October 23rd Gubernatorial Debate

Until September, Gov. Newsom had not even agreed to an official debate

By Evan Symon, October 5, 2022 2:30 am

Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) just agreed to a Gubernatorial debate to be hosted via radio, live video stream, and television.

Finalization of a 2022 California gubernatorial debate has been in the works for the last several months. Until September, Gov. Newsom had not even agreed to an official debate. But, following mounting pressure, fellow Democrats pointing out the need for a debate, and Newsom needing continued debate practice going into a possible Presidential campaign, both Dahle and Newsom finally agreed to a debate in Mid-September.

Mayor Gavin Newsom leads parade in San Francisco, CA, Apr. 22, 2007.(Photo: degolden/Shutterstock)

Since then, while details have been hashed out over the debate, Newsom continued to hold a large lead over Dahle in polls.

Polling in Mid-September found Newsom had a commanding lead of 58% to 31%, while more recent polls from late September showed a slightly narrower margin of 53% to 32%. Despite the slight drop for Newsom, he is still expected to carry the election with around 60% of the vote, similar to his 61.9% 2018 Gubernatorial victory over John Cox and 61.8% voting no on the recall last year. Homelessness, crime, wildfires, housing affordability and other issues have increased in prominence this year, as well as more recent concerns over inflation, abortion rights, and higher consumer prices, leaving the door open for Dahle to possibly make some more gains before the election.

The Newsom-Dahle debate

“Dahle is still trying to climb right now, but Newsom has had a longer history of being in office and having the limelight, not to mention being a Democratic incumbent in a Democratic state,” said Erica Ziegler, an elections consultant who specializes in Gubernatorial races, to the Globe on Tuesday. “Dahle needs to get his name out these before people start voting, and right now, he has had only limited success. If the GOP can pull Newsom down below 60%, which the polls show as doable right now, that will be a win. Newsom will almost certainly win a second term, but if he wins it with yet another lower showing, any future race he is in he will have to explain that away.”

“But in the debate, Newsom cannot treat it like a good way to get soundbites. Republicans have a bit more than usual going for them this year, especially with the crime issue, so if Dahle presses that, especially how it affected Newsom’s home city of San Francisco, he may get some uncomfortable moments out of him. Dahle may only be a state Senator from a more rural area, but he is still a seasoned politician well-versed in the goings-on of the state. Newsom can’t underestimate Dahle and needs to go after him on his abortion record, and Dahl will need to know the right areas to needle Newsom on. The debate will definitely be a highlight, and we’re probably going to hear a lot of different viewpoints from Dahle that Newsom supporters really don’t like to hear brought up.”

With growing anticipation for the debate, during the weekend many details were finally decided. According to KQED, the October 23rd debate will be moderated by KQED’s Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos. The debate will not be a town hall style, but instead one in conversational format without strict time limits on answers.

“This election, like every election, is a critical moment for the state, and Californians deserve to hear straight from the gubernatorial candidates themselves their visions for the future,” said KQED Vice President of News Ethan Toven-Lindsey. “KQED is honored and excited that Sen. Dahle and Gov. Newsom have agreed to talk with our journalists in this important conversation.”

The debate itself will take place on the radio and live-streaming at 1 P.M., with a rebroadcast on television statewide at 6 P.M. Questions for the candidates can be submitted on the KQED website here.

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Evan Symon
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10 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom and Senator Dahle Agree To October 23rd Gubernatorial Debate

  1. 1 pm on KQED. So only retirees and maybe some unemployed people will be watching. the first question that should be asked, is why is the price for gasoline almost double that of other states, and what are they going to do about it. we have a high gas tax supposedly to be used for road repair, but we have some of the worst roads in the country.

    1. Well, Oct 23 is a Sunday, so at least that’s SOMETHING, but I certainly get your point. The main criticism I’ve heard of this debate’s date and time is that football games will compete for viewers. BUT, It will be televised (and made available to other outlets) as well as visually streamed, which is miles better than radio-only as Newsom manipulated the setting of the 2018 debate against John Cox. Ugh. AND, wouldn’t you expect that people are likely salivating to see this match-up between Crash-and-Burn Sadist Gavin Newsom and New-Future-for-California Brian Dahle? Sure hope so, we’ll see. I know that I can’t wait for this event and will definitely be watching it. Guess it’s up to us, in addition to the Globe maybe some others, to repeatedly publicize the date and time of this KQED debate on social media and elsewhere.

    2. LOL – Still has not suspended $1.21+/gal gas tax, or increased California production. Instead, Newsom called for early release of ‘Winter blend’, not as ‘environmentally friendly’, which would bring it down $1, but not til November. Today, OPEC voted to reduce Saudi production by 2 Million Barrels a day… so back up????

    1. Thanks CD9!
      I just ordered one.
      I cannot wait to put that sign up.
      “We need change, when do we want it, NOW!”
      I just saw gas at 7.98 a gallon today!

  2. So the October 23rd debate will be moderated by KQED’s Scott Shafer and Marisa Lagos? No doubt those two are liberal Democrat propagandists who will do all they can to prop up Newsom? Senator Brian Dahle’s campaign should have requested different moderators?

    1. Well, you KNOW that the California Democrat party likes to tilt the proverbial billiard table towards their end of the table, so that’s not unexpected….
      Same way I believe that they order the Republican mail-in ballots to be printed slightly out of alignment, so they require “adjudication” by the County Clerk to “determine the will of the voter”… it so much as says so on the SOS User Acceptance testing by the Wheat Ridge-based security firm that evaluated Dominion for Padilla before he skated to The Swamp to backfill Kackling Kamala’s Senate seat…
      Prove me wrong…

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