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Governor Gavin Newsom (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom Announces National Guard Activation for Protests Next Week

Up to 1,000 National Guard troops to protect Capitol, other ‘critical’ buildings next week

By Evan Symon, January 14, 2021 6:07 pm

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday he will be activating up to 1,000 California National Guard troops to help protect the Capitol Building and ‘critical state infrastructure’ in preparation for planned armed protests next week during President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In addition to National guard troops, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers will be on scene, as well as other law enforcement. A temporary security perimeter will also be placed around the Capitol Building as an added security measure.

The Governor made the decision following news that armed rallies by Trump supporters are planned in all 50 states, with supporters gathering to protest the inauguration of President-elect Biden. Also influencing his decision for increased security  was the unwillingness to have a storming of the capitol building by protesters similar to the the storming of the Capitol Building last week.

“We’re taking important steps here in California in light of what we saw at our nation’s Capitol just last week,” Newsom announced in a video address posted on social media.

“Our state operations center is actively working with federal and local law enforcement partners across the spectrum in assessing threats, sharing intelligence, and sharing information. We will respond to any potential violent civil unrest leading up to or during the inaugural if required. We’re treating this very seriously and deploying significant resources to protect public safety, critical infrastructure, and First Amendment rights. But let me be clear. There will be no tolerance for violence.”

“That’s why, today, along with the CHP and Office of Emergency Services, I’ve activated the California National Guard to support the CHP to enhance security with an initial deployment of 1,000 guard members to protect critical state infrastructure in and around the State Capitol. Also today we’re setting up a temporary security perimeter around the Capitol.”

“California will take every necessary measure to protect public safety and protect our Democratic principles and to ensure that those disgraceful actions are not repeated here.”

Added security in Sacramento

However, protesters planning to attend have said that violence and breaking past barricades is the last thing they want.

“Sure, we are angry about everything that happened,” said “Dave,” a Fresno resident who is planning to go to Sacramento to protest. “But everyone is saying the day will go down like what happened in DC last week. And that’s not true. We’re not extremists or white nationalists or anything like that. We’re citizens, admittedly Trump supporters, who are very unsure on how the votes were tallied for president. Of course we’re mad that Trump seemingly lost, but there’s a lot of questions over vote counting and missing votes that haven’t been addressed.”

“And that’s why we’ll be there. We feel like the election was stolen, and there’s no real discourse now but to do it publicly. BLM protestors did that last summer when they felt like there was no other option than to get angry and protest, and we’re in that situation now. What else can we do?”

“And, this is important, we’re not trying for an “armed insurrection” or are going to try and break in. We just want our voices heard. Especially in California. I don’t think they needed all the extra security, but after what happened in D.C. and those people breaking in, I can see why.”

“There’s a lot of supporters out there who won’t articulate this as politely, but we’ll be out there because we think that Biden stole this election. You know, Gore supporters protested too in 2001. We’re just doing the same. We’re telling the world, in D.C. and all 50 states, that we don’t think this is right.”

Protests are expected to peak on Tuesday next week in Washington, Sacramento, and other state capitols during Biden’s inauguration.

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Evan Symon
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14 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Announces National Guard Activation for Protests Next Week

  1. Hmmmm nothing has happened yet, but we are preparing. OK. What happened when BLM/Antifa whomever was terrorizing innocent businesses, people on the freeway, CHAZ, Portland. That was all OK?
    Now Dems and MSM are making a huge issue of something that hasn’t even happened? Glad we are preparing. Why was the “voice” of people through destruction ok for one agenda but not another? Am I crazy? This two way street seems to be one way only.

    1. These people create a phantom and then pretend to “protect” themselves from it. It’s a theatrical production intended to keep alive the illusion of threat from the so-called right-wingers, which is a lie. They are pretending to be victims! It looks like mental illness, doesn’t it? But I don’t think it’s a delusion, it’s an act. And if you ask me it’s not very good acting. We can see right through it. It’s also a psychological projection because the Dems’ army of thugs — that they apparently keep on a retainer — burned, looted, and threatened violence all summer. This is not the first time they have done this. As you know.

    2. Exactly, while they were protesting at the Capitol in Sacramento Antifa was organizing in Fremont Park. Not one police officer was there watching them. Their double standard would be laughable if it wasn’t so corrupt. They are trying to paint Trump supporters as the enemy. Trying to keep them from protesting peacefully by using propaganda that they are violent insurrectionists, Meanwhile the left is actually burning cities and hurting people while they stand down.

  2. Comrades
    Recognize brick and mortar business is dead….insurance rates to the moon, rental rates that make no sense competing against the digital business model, anarchists chomping for new destructo opportunities. Fear is everywhere on Main Street-

    1. While they promote big business and “sin” businesses like pot shops and strip clubs., it doesn’t get more obvious people.

  3. Newsom: “There will be no tolerance for violence”. He seems to have a change of heart! Where was this Newsom when California’s cities were being burned to the ground in the name of “social justice” last summer? I seem to remember him saying at one of his “press conferences” that he would not send the National Guard to suspend rioting because that would ” create more violence and that it was important for these protestors to express themselves”. Remember all these mayors taking a knee with these Black Lives Matter THUGS? MIDDLE FINGER TO YOU newsom YOU PUNK!

  4. Back in June 2020 as rioters were burning down businesses in California and throughout the country Newsome said “You’ve lost patience, so have I,” he said, directing himself to the protesters. “You are right to feel wronged. You are right to feel the way you are feeling.” Recall this son of a bitch!

  5. Newsome is a scrouge on California.
    On a different note, do you know the difference between the Titanic and California?
    The Titanic had it’s lights on when it sank.

  6. This looks like a psyop. If there are violent protests, you can be assured they were organized by the FBI/DHS as part of a strategy of tension. I hope sincere and actual “Trump Supporters” don’t get sucked in by the phony spectacle.

  7. Not MY President…
    Not MY Governor…
    Simple as that….
    But watch – Fauci will be on TV a week,from Monday to announce that we’ve reached herd immunity…
    Calling the shot…

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