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Gov. Gavin Newsom announces the latest COVID-19 figures on 1/4/2021. (Photo: Youtube)

Gov. Newsom Announces Vaccination Shortfall, Increased Vaccination Rollout

Dentists, other medical professionals to be called upon to administer vaccination

By Evan Symon, January 4, 2021 8:35 pm

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced during a press conference that California had fallen well short of its vaccination goal, and that the state would be recruiting personnel from other medical and health services.

Governor Newsom had announced in 2020, shortly after the federal government had announced the number of vaccines going to California, that he had planned for 2 million Californians to be vaccinated by the end of the year. However, only 1.3 million doses had been shipped by the end of the year, with only 454, 306 being administered by New Years Day.

Despite an additional 611,506 doses now in the state since the new year, and many more on their way, the Governor said that California is nowhere near where they should be.

“Not good enough, we recognize that,” said the Governor on Monday. “I’m submitting a budget this week for another $300 million towards vaccines in California.

“This is a deadly disease. This is a deadly pandemic. It remains as deadly today as any point in the history of this pandemic,” continued Newsom. “The vaccines don’t arrive magically in some state facility. We don’t receive large crates of vaccines.”

The Governor also announced a program to fight medical personnel shortages and fatigue by bringing in dentists, pharmacy technicians, National Guard members and other periphery medical professionals to administer vaccinations on a ramped up scale.

“We are working aggressively to accelerate our pace,” added the Governor. “You’re going to start seeing more rapid distribution of this vaccine, I can assure you that now.

“That said, it’s gone too slowly. I know for many of us, all of us, I think we want to see 100% of what’s received immediately administered in people’s arms, and so that’s a challenge.”

Dentist, medical professional response

In a press release, the California Dentists Association noted that they would gladly help administer the vaccine, even bringing up the fact that they are uniquely qualified to give shots.

“Dentists are ready, willing and able to help administer COVID-19 vaccinations to the public,” explained CDA President Judee Tippett-Whyte. “We can help with surge capacity at clinics and vaccinations sites – wherever we’re needed to quickly administer vaccinations and save lives.”

Other dental professionals also reacted positively to the news.

“Everyone is doing their part during this,” said Sarah Lopez, a Dental Hygienist in Southern California. “Some are in hospitals treating people, others are staying at home to reduce the spread. Now, we’re being called to help administer some of these vaccinations. Or at the very least assisting them. And we all have to do our bit. And if this is needed, we’ll do it.”

“It also means that we’ll probably get vaccines sooner too.”

The Governor also noted that a surge in cases will likely happen in California in the next few weeks due to holiday travelers coming home. The “surge on top of a surge” has worried most medical professionals in the state, saying that an increase over the 45,000 new cases reported on Sunday alone could push the medical system to the brink statewide.

“This is about total collapse of the health care system if we have another spike,” explained Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center chief medical officer Dr. Brad Spellberg in a CNN interview.

Also announced on Monday were further rollout plans for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, noting that Pfizer would be easier to distribute in the state because of California being close with the company in medical deals.

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Evan Symon
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6 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Announces Vaccination Shortfall, Increased Vaccination Rollout

  1. Problem with US health care is, it is designed for profit and not for public health. Over and above that state government, county/city health department’s biggest bureaucracy with their mired rules and hysteria. The phases for covid vaccines are so complex even super computer will take time to figure out who is next in the line. Hospitals has major incentive in slowing down vaccination once they figure out bureaucratic rules from state and county, there is no real money in vaccinating people, real money is in keeping bed filled and overflowing to parking lot. I think poor countries even without money and resource are better off in handling pandemic than western societies.

  2. The “vaccine” doesn’t prevent transmission and wasn’t evaluated for preventing transmission, so what’s the point? The only evaluation of the “vaccine” was on the basis of reduced “Covid” symptoms – which are nonspecific and could be anything – it’s completely subjective. It is really easy to hack a trial like this and be first to market. The risk groups are the elderly who may have some succeptability to symptoms, but pretty much everyone else is asymptomatic. Rational people would adopt a recommendation schedule identical to that of the bacterial pneumonia vaccine – in other words, don’t recommend it to the vast majority of people because there’s no point. The problem with that: Big Pharma’s contracts are not as Big. Serious Adverse Events are thing – anaphylaxis in a young healthy person can cause death or disability with NO value proposition for taking the vaccine in the first place because there’s no benefit to taking it because there’s no disease potential in the risk group. This whole thing hasn’t behaved like an infectious disease anyway – it’s a psyop.

    1. The masks and the “vaccine” are like training chains for the gullible sheeple. Full on slavery will come as people are conditioned to accept the ever increasing levels of gibberish coming from the “experts”. Before long they could offer shots of cyanide and liberals would line up around the block and fight to be first in line.

  3. Another point is the !need for ultra cold storage of these vaccines. Are these health professionals equipped to handle that? The answer is NO. This puts a grave amount of danger on the public. Also, if the hospitals are so full (as they have been every flu season) then why haven’t they opened up the arena again??? Where are the hospital ships??? Is this because they were empty last time? Wake up people! We are being played.

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