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Gov. Newsom Says Lockdown Will Continue Into February, Ruins Christmas

Newsom says morgues are ordering more body bags because of ‘deadly disease’

By Katy Grimes, December 15, 2020 2:49 pm

What started out as a highly contagious coronavirus has become a “deadly disease,” according to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

After spending the bulk of his Tuesday press briefing touting the new COVID vaccine, and the 327,600 doses received from Pfizer, the governor then said the state has purchased 5,000 additional body bags… because morgues are concerned over the 142 Californians dying each day on average of COVID.

Gov. Newsom left out the part about the 750 Californians who die every day in this state from various causes: car accidents, heart disease, cancer, homicides, overdoses… etc.  Are morgues and hospitals overrun on any given day? Is this just scare tactics and fear mongering? One thing for certain, is that it is selective reporting by the governor, likely to justify his orders.

California is expected to receive 2.1 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year.

“All Californians need to be vaccinated in this campaign,” Newsom said. But the governor’s primary focus on vaccine deliveries is “diversity” and “equity.” He said minority populations and native Americans, along with health care professionals will be the first to receive the vaccine, making this plan sound like a race-based campaign. If they are at-risk populations, then it makes sense, but that needs to be explained.

The governor said he is spending more than $30 million on a Public Service campaign to push California residents to get the vaccine. “It’s a focus on diversity, it’s a focus to acknowledge that cultural competency as it relates to vaccinations has not always been made visible, particularly in Native American communities, particularly in the African American community,” Newsom said. “We also recognize we need to do a better job partnering with our diverse communities.”

Newsom said the “partnerships” include faith leaders, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and “trusted messengers.”

Gov. Newsom is trying to convince the public that only a zero risk standard is acceptable in dealing with COVID, but this is impossible with a virus. And not one California reporter has questioned him about it. Instead in Tuesday’s press briefing, most of the media was fixated on getting the vaccine.

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re still in the tunnel,” Newsom said. “That means we’re going through perhaps the most intense and urgent moment since the beginning of the pandemic.”

And now Newsom has extended the lockdown into February, effectively cancelling Christmas by telling Californians that holiday gatherings will not be allowed. Last week, we reported that the lockdown was extended right up to Christmas. This week, that has changed again.

The extended lockdown is justified, because the governor and CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly even disingenuously claimed that asymptomatic people are spreading the virus.

Recently, the Globe reported about the increasing false-positives in the COVID testing and non-infectious people:

The COVID PCR tests “are being used incorrectly, resulting in the false appearance of widespread transmission,” Dr. Joseph Mercola reported recently. “In reality, the vast majority of people who end up with a positive test will not develop symptoms and aren’t infectious. Needless to say, if you’re not infectious, you pose no health risk to anyone, and being placed under what amounts to house arrest is nothing but cruel and unusual punishment for no reason whatsoever.”

The COVID tests are pre-programmed to provide false-positive results? Dr. Mercola explains the PCR test is not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as it cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones. As explained in “Asymptomatic ‘Casedemic’ Is a Perpetuation of Needless Fear,” by using an excessive cycle threshold that amplifies the viral RNA to the point that it detects inactive (noninfectious) particles is at the heart of this so-called pandemic. It’s what keeps the pandemic narrative going, when in fact it’s long since over.

The Globe spoke with a medical professional who asked to remain anonymous. She said the manipulation of information by counties and the state is stunning: “The PCR test cycles over 35 are being used to get more false positive results. Then, after the vaccine comes out, the PCR test cycles will be lowered, and magically, it will be claimed that the vaccine works.”

Again, this is something no one in the California media will ask the governor or Dr. Ghaly about.

The medical professional said some counties are paying people $30 to take the COVID test.

Sonoma County on Friday locked down again, claiming there were only 3 ICU beds available. By Monday, miraculously 20 ICU beds were available. Yet when actual doctors in hospitals are interviewed, most say very few of the patients are COVID patients.

Recently, the Globe reported that a physician with the UC Davis Medical Center said less than 5% of the ICU beds were COVID patients. But the County Public Health doctors and officials continue to put out disinformation, and make it increasingly difficult to locate accurate information on their COVID websites.

The medical professional told me about “Save Sonoma 2020,”  by a newly formed totally grass-roots group of concerned and passionate Sonoma County residents who were growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of transparency, and the inconsistency with the information being provided by their Public Health Department and Board of Supervisors.  (For example, our Health Officer shut us down further on 12/12 when 3 ICU beds were available, and two days later, 20 beds in the ICU were listed!). The group is outraged that there is absolutely no verifiable science behind any of the lockdowns, and the criteria for lockdowns keeps shifting. People are suffering greatly with never-seen-before mental health and deterioration, business losses, unemployment, and an increase in alcohol and substance use. Their first protest is scheduled for Friday, 12/18/20 with a call to action for businesses to open and remain open on Saturday, 12/19.

The governor explained his regional stay-at-home orders, and said they were issued, “not because we want to. We are in a sprint the next 45 days. We want you to be there to experience the California come back.”

But both Gov. Newsom and Dr. Ghaly said, even with the vaccine, the stay-at-home orders stand. “Stay home and away from other people.”

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51 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Says Lockdown Will Continue Into February, Ruins Christmas

  1. Most are coming across borders for that free healthcare, too. Praying for all! Deuteronomy 31:6 and 33:27, ” Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them.” Titus 2:13, “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;. May God bless and keep you always!

  2. Considering the masses who aren’t listening, particularly in relation to large parties, what can one expect?
    Just this past week
    * a mexican party on my block complete with mariachis and live singing
    * people from my church gathering indoors in a group because they wanted to sing
    * other people asking to hang out indoors without masks for fun
    * multiple people thinking it is still a joke
    * an elderly lady I know convinced it isn’t a problem and is traveling to the hotbed of Arizona maskless to meet with children and other relatives without masks
    * a couple I know who was exposed but I’m sure is still going out and doing whatever they want vs quarantining.


    1. You buy into the lies and sound just like the media and government officials almost verbatim…
      I have friends out of state who have caught this thing and it was nothing more than being sick and they fully recovered. This includes elderly and young adults. I have friends in the health care industry in California who will corroborate what this article is saying, that the numbers are being manipulated because the ICU’s and hospitals are nowhere near capacity with COVID patients.
      People are doing the things you mentioned, because like me, they don’t buy into the media frenzy but instead use their God given ability to see, understand and make judgement calls based on their experiences and what they see and hear, not what the TV and internet tell them. We see that this isn’t what it’s being made out to be. Not only this, but what kind of moron would I be to fear something that the Governor and his medical professional friends clearly don’t fear themselves (French Laundry incident; which I’m sure isn’t the only time). This includes hypocrite fear mongering government officials all across the US.
      Personally, I have been gathering with my church congregation for the whole “pandemic” and not a single person has ever caught this thing, from the gathering or anywhere else. We frequently attend gatherings at friends’ houses for dinner and fellowship and none have caught this thing. My family and I go about our lives as if this isn’t going on and nothing has happened to us.
      This is what I see with my own eyes, then I understand that this isn’t what it’s being made out to be and then I make a judgement call and determine that I will not live in fear of this thing because I’ve proven in my large circle of friends and family that COVID isn’t what they say it is. So I continue to go to work, go shopping, play basketball, go the gym, get my kids outdoors, gather with my church and have in home fellowship and dinner with friends and family.
      I encourage you to use your own eyes and mind.

      1. You are spot on! I am amazed that so many people cannot look at this virus with a logical perspective. Add a dose of critical thinking skills and do a little math/statistics and you will determine on your own, without the help of mainstream media, how truely dangerous this virus is and that the real danger is the politicians and media who are fear mongering the sheep of this state!

      2. Well said, Brandon. I find it ironic that the ones doing most of the complaining are the ones sitting at home, following the lockdown orders, while the rest of us go out and work hard to keep our economy moving. It’s called LIVING. Millions of us get up and go to work, every single day, to provide services for all. I wonder how Jaeson feels about the poor UPS, USPS, FEDEX and AMAZON drivers? Or how about those truck drivers, delivering goods to the grocery stores? What about the grocery store employees themselves? And how about all those employees keeping Costco, Wallmart, Target, etc moving? Don’t you fear for their safety, Jaeson?
        This manufactured “crisis” has been blown out of proportion for the sake of political gain. If the rest of America is paying attention to California, they better make dang certain that Newsolini never makes it to the White House, that’s his goal you know. That’s what he’s being groomed for. We who live in California know he is a failure and unworthy of an further public office.

      3. I agree with you, Brandon. It is unfortunate that people are so easily manipulated and the rest follow suit because they are guilted into it. The governor has an agenda and it isn’t to “save California”, he is wealthy and has not changed his life for corona. He can go on trips and vacations…have large, expensive dinner parties…but we all must lockdown. The theatrics of “showing us” he is taking the flu shot and I am sure the vaccine….proves nothing…it could be fake for all we know….but yet people choose to believe the smoke and mirrors. I pray for all of them, that they open there eyes before it is too late. Even with some not following, the increase of mask wearing, social distancing, and limits of gatherings should have affected the numbers some, yet they continue to “grow in positives expedentially”. This makes zero sense. There will always be some people going to work…the so called essential. Even if that was only 25% of our population in California…that is 10 Million people! How could anyone think that will work? And a vaccine for this type of virus….that just shows how little people know about infection control and they really should educate themselves instead of trusting government officials who clearly line their own pockets so they can have their kids continue regular school, have their gatherings, and enjoy their trips out of state. Never before has the government pushed this hard….for a viral infection that has a 95% + recovery rate??? With no proof that it works….no proof it will last….no proof you won’t get it again? Now….ALL need to get it?? And I would be majorly suspicious that American Indians and Minority groups are being targeted to be the first in line??

        Please people do your own research, question those things that don’t add up. It doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist….it makes you smart! These are labels to stiffle oppostion.

      4. Exactly the point I have made since this whole bunch of bs started back in March. Ignore Newsom’s rules, and go about your lives, and render this wanna be King irrelevant.

      5. Brandon, I can also back this up in the northern bit of this not so great state, pretty slow except for the occasional stuff like accidents, crime, heart attacks, overdoses, etc. A few months ago a friend of mine died of covid (the ONLY one that I was aquainted with). Guess what his comorbidity was. …? Fatal motorcycle accident. No bullshit. This is all an attempt to kill capitalism and needs to be nipped in the bud asap. Before it fucks the planet as a whole.

    2. I expect that people read this article carefully so as to comprehend the how the testing generates false narratives about spread, and how the public health officials are misrepresenting the hospital statistics. What you said… is what she’s talking about. Your anecdotes do not refute the data which support what Ms. Grimes is saying.

    3. A “Mexican party”? Wow. Those pesky Mexicans putting us all in danger! Are you sure they were Mexicans??

      **eye roll**

      1. Comrades

        Are you aware how much market share big box globalist stores are acquiring……
        And you stand in lines like dutiful sheep following the directional signs to get your allotment.

    4. Pretty sure “Jaeson” is an emissary of the state or similar because he says the same thing they do; e.g., people “aren’t listening.” Huh? Sounds fake. Plus his “list from the past week” doesn’t ring true; e.g., “multiple people thinking it is still a joke,” and “an elderly lady I know” is traveling to Arizona “maskless.” How does he know that? And why would anyone share their plans with HIM, knowing how hostile he is? It strains credibility.
      Seems like the best thing we can do at this point is jump on the Recall Newsom Train:

    5. Oh no! People are living their lives without fear! A Mexican party! Isn’t it racist to label the race of the attendants? Horrors! People went to Arizona. Did you read any of the points in the article that the facts for lockdowns are not supported and misconstrued? Anyone that bothers to think for themselves and do their own research will find out what a scam is being pulled on us. People are waking up, finally.
      BTW, if you want to hide in your house go ahead. Do not dictate or virtue signal anyone else’s choice.

  3. Ahh, Newsom the master in the art of deception and manipulation.

    He has become such a ghoul. I find it stunning, he wants us all to be around for the great California Comeback. Sure tell that to the thousands of defunct restaurants and salons. He better let HP, Oracle and Tesla in on the “great comeback”!

    I wonder how he will account for the lost tax revenue?
    Governments do not create business, they KILL it along with the citizens who could no longer wait for the “California Great Comeback”, God rest their souls.

  4. The “lock downs” are to be extended nearly through the whole RecallGavinNewsom campaign extension. ???? Interesting political chess move, perhaps brilliant, and also encouraging my continued and deepening revulsion of him and his merry band of crooked cronies.

    1. Lock down should have NO affect on the recall because you can print the form, sign from the privacy of your own home, and mail it back to the recall organization. You can even get up to ten friends and family members to join you on the petition.


  5. Comrades
    Aghast. Each day….shudder…..soon those with Vax chits will demand travel, concerts, sports and restaurant dining while you’re with your blankleee in the hall closet.

  6. Leftists now say you must take the vaccine but then are also saying you still can’t travel and you must use a mask even once you have taken two doses of the vaccine. This is about COMPLIANCE and FEALTY to the Dicktater in Sacramento, nothing else.

  7. Please, everyone, don’t listen to this fool and liar. He has no authority over you. Go out and enjoy your family and friends and stop this phony madness–and make sure you sign the recall petition!.

  8. All Californians need to be vaccinated and the first ones should be the African Americans and Hispanics? This Man had gone completely insane. You want Jab all of us with some vaccine that was rushed out and not properly tested. Are you fucking kidding me? No because he also wants to keep us locked down so all the small business are gone. On top of that the federal government cannot agree to a stimulus deal and have not done anything about the eviction and mortgage protection that ends here in a couple weeks. What the hell is going on? These people must want a revolution. When that time comes these people are done. Its pretty evident that its up to all of us to stop this tyranny that is in overdrive now. This is not America. V

    1. I listened to the Owner of Pfizer, the manufacturer of the current vaccine, he hasn’t even taken the vaccine yet. He gave the lame excuse that he doesn’t want to “jump the line”, you know, get the vaccine before someone else who really needs it. But, he also said the company did some internal polling, asking people what would make them feel more “comfortable” about taking the vaccine, the number one response was knowing that the people who developed the vaccine had actually TAKEN the vaccine. So, he’s going against his own polling. What a joke!

  9. Only at the precipice of annihilation of humanity, will people rise up and fight back! Well, we are here! Where is everybody????

  10. Government tyrants don’t run my life, especially Newscum, who still gets paid on time, while bankrupting small businesses and throwing millions on unemployment. Christmas plans at my house will continue to be fulfilled, like it has for decades, and no one gets to tell me who, how many, and how long I can have people over to my house. And I still leave the house for whatever reason I DECIDE to leave, and still go on my bike rides. And no, I don’t bleat, so I don’t wear a mask while outdoors. Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Well said Abe. Lets live our lives the heck with newsom and the rest of the rotten dems.
      And a very Merry Christmas to everyone!

  11. Buy a Christmas tree, put up lights galore and celebrate Christmas to say to hell with the SJW warriors, politically corrects and to Newsom.
    Where and how you spend your money is more important than your vote.
    It’s time for economic warfare. We are battening down the hatches and loading up on four years of supplies now so that we can boycott spending anything other than CASH for workmen and groceries bought in family owned small businesses after January. Cut off Gavin’s sales taxes and those of the political parasites that have occupied our local governments. Force them to go on a spending diet, by doing so yourself. Sell off your surplus stuff, buy from others what they need to sell and that you can use. Let’s make the Biden Depression dark and deep and do to them what they have done to us.

  12. Sounds completely racist to me. How does the color of your skin make you more susceptible to getting COVID? I thought this was a respiratory virus?!! Does he really think he makes sense? How will he rationalize skin color as high risk? If the shoe was on the other foot, aka white skinned people getting vaccine priority, the country would be on fire with all kinds of gatherings allowed indoors and out. Since when did a virus/flu become a disease?

    1. Stacy, has anyone noticed which ethnicity seems to tower above every other in regards to these covid dashboards? Have they been addressed? Call it a coincidence. Native americans and black people seem to be a very small percentage. So by those numbers, why has nobody made any noise about this obvious “coincidence”? Oh, wait… That would be ‘racist’. Rodger that…

  13. Sorry, but where can I find the quote about his closing down the state until Feb? I have looked online, and no news sources report it. Have they buried it? Thanks Katy!

  14. I’m wondering if a certain burgeoning recall effort against a certain feckless leader of a certain big west coast state might have anything to do with this. Kind of hard to collect signatures for the recall election if everybody’s still locked down. Count me suspicious. I wish we had a real media who could investigate and get to the bottom of this scam. Dinner at the French Laundry anyone?

  15. Governor Newsom is compromised by Communist China. For example, as Lt. Governor in 2011 her oversaw the $7 Billion dollar deal with China to build out the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. During the so called Pandemic, he gave Chinese Companies Billions of Dollars for masks and PPE. He is China’s whore! China’s Long Range objective is to destroy the economy of the United States. Clearly, Newsom’s policies are doing just that! Since March 2020, none of Newsom’s orders are supported by science. He should be arrested and prosecuted before a military tribunal for treason.

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