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Gov. Gavin Newsom announces new statewide vaccine incentive program, May 27, 2021. (Photo: ca.gov video screenshot)

Governor Newsom Announces New Electronic Vaccine Verification Cards

Newsom reiterated that it will not be a passport and that vaccinations will still not be required

By Evan Symon, June 14, 2021 2:57 pm

Governor Newsom announced Monday that a new vaccine verification system would be rolled out by California soon.

The new system will be comprised of digitized versions of all official vaccination cards, similar to New York’s Excelsior Pass. While more details will be coming in a larger announcement soon, Newsom reiterated that it will not be a passport and that vaccinations will still not be required.

“It’s not a passport, it’s not a requirement, it’s just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version, so you’ll hear more about that in the next couple of days,” said Newsom in San Francisco on Monday.

While most mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions are to end Tuesday, especially after Cal/OSHA removed the proposed lengthening of mask mandates for places such as businesses through at least the end of July, businesses can require customers to show a vaccination card to enter their place of business without a mask. However, many businesses have feared that forged or copied vaccination cards could be a simple bypass, with the state concerned with people losing the small vaccination card as well.

An electronic version could help cut back on false cards, although, since a physical card will likely be used, it is unknown how successful the new system would be.

The California Department of Health and Human Services (CHHS) noted last week that businesses can choose to simply ask customers if they are fully vaccinated in an “honor system” sort of way, still require masks, or ask for proof of vaccination.

While the official announcement is still several days away, many businesses are already gearing up for the new systems when the state reopens on Tuesday.

An electronic vaccination card

“Most places will simply have no masks and that’s the end of it,” explained Dan Sherwood, a business health and safety consultant, to the Globe on Monday. “That’s what most are saying. Now some businesses will card, usually more of those higher density places or businesses where vulnerable people who can’t take the vaccine are located. And some will even have bouncers, some being trained the last week on how to spot a fake vaccination card. The state has yet to address what happens in that situation, when the business thinks someone has a fake card and aren’t allowed in, but that will definitely be an issue. Like bars and clubs that check for being over 21, some businesses will check for vaccination.”

“Others that do the honor system are pretty much going to do it that way to not look reckless and just call off all masks, but also want a return to casualness.”

“But the main takeaway from the electronic card is that they are trying to do away with fakes the best they can right now. But we should know more about that soon.”

Governor Newsom also announced the newest in the long line of vaccination incentives on Monday unveiling a statewide drawing for one of six vacation packages on July 1st. Working with California tourism group Visit California and numerous hospitality companies, six vaccinated Californians will be chosen at random to receive a “California Dream Vacations” trip to either Anaheim, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, or San Francisco. San Diego will have two trips offered, with all trips being for four people except for the Palm Springs package.

“As we move forward to a post-pandemic life, our tourism sector is expected to come roaring back – making us, once again, a global leader in hospitality and leisure,” added Newsom on Monday.

The next vaccination milestones are expected to be hit later this week, with the state reopening on Tuesday and 10 $1.5 million vaccination lottery winners expected to be announced.

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Evan Symon
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32 thoughts on “Governor Newsom Announces New Electronic Vaccine Verification Cards

  1. The headline should say “Great Encouragement To The Dark Web!”

    I am so very weary of this bouncing from one supposed crisis to the next. I’m starting to lose track of what’s what with all the promoted insanity

    Yesterday I was talking with a 20 something about whatever, and it dawned on me that he’s spent his entire life in crisis mode. For him, the abnormal is normal.

    And that’s pretty sad.

    And no, we’re not talking about wallowing in “The Good Old Days,” because if you’re honest with yourself, they were anything but. However, there wasn’t the same sense of…malignant intrusion into your personal space and personal affairs that you find of late.

    And now maybe the latest iteration of all the craziness might yet another violation of our privacy and personal space

    I think not. And any callow or opportunistic government official or lay-down media source that says otherwise, that makes yet more demands and pronouncements will be ignored.

    Malignant Intrusions; I’ve had enough.

    And I think that anybody reading this has had enough too.

    Just a thought.


    1. “It’s not a passport, it’s not a requirement, it’s just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version, so you’ll hear more about that in the next couple of days,” said Newsom in San Francisco on Monday.

      I’m with you VicB3. I stopped believing ANYTHING this guy says, LONG ago.

      1. Yes, and the Social Security number was not supposed to be used as an identification system. Try getting a job, a bank account, a loan, a house, a car without it. This is the same scam. Wait for the mission creep. “I’m sorry sir, you’re National ID shows that you have not yet completed Political Education Course 205A and gene modification treatment 1X5-3B. I can’t let you enter the premises.” I’m in complete agreement with VicB3 as well.

    2. “Governor Newsom New Electronic Vaccine Verification Cards. This prick has got to be impeached. ASSP. California needs to leave him like his ex-wife did. He is Bad Luck, Bad News And Bad Business.

  2. I agree with VICB3. What started as “flattening the curve” is becoming more and more unnecessary intrusions into our personal liberties. I plan to become a very vocal customer if any business insists on proof of vax as a condition of my entering. Stand up for your rights! Oh… and recall Newsom.

    1. Agree fully. Push back against these businesses is essential to maintaining our freedom to move about without hindrance or tracking. We must boycott those businesses that want experimental vaccine verification. Whether you’ve been vaxed or not is irrelevant. This is about freedom and privacy, and THIS is not normal and not American. Remember tyrants progress in stages to remain undetected. This is Stage 1.

  3. Two words for you dude
    Hell No
    Here’s several more since I am feeling generous
    Vote the Recall!

  4. I really appreciate your comment VicB.

    You are right about the long lasting affects on the youngest generation.
    The invasion of our privacy and the government authoritative state will become normal to them and that is unacceptable.

    The LA Times is outwardly pushing for us to sign up and are calling out the federal government on not having the fortitude to embrace the vaccination passport nationally. The LA Times is intellectually dishonest. Where is the discussion about our Constitutional Bill of Rights or HIPPA violations?

    As Rahm Emmanuel stated during the Obama administration, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”. He borrowed that from Winston Churchill, who famously said, “never waste a good crisis”.

    If we care about our liberty then this should be unacceptable to all.

    These actions need to be challenged in court.

    1. Actually,…. no. I’m old enough to have grown up in grade school, junior and senior high with regular nuclear attack duck-and-cover drills. There is a huge difference between the pandemic as boogeyman and Leonid Brezhnev as boogeyman: Running to fallout shelters would not have been effective against Brezhnev waking up with an itchy button finger one day. Wearing masks, getting vaccinated, following guidelines isn’t perfect protection, but it does give the participant the awareness of personal agency against a threat to self, family and society.

      So no,… this isn’t something the younger generation can’t handle.

  5. If I am asked to show a card at any business, I will present “The Mr. Bill Card”. I have had it in my wallet for over forty years. It has Mr. Bill’s picture and signature on it so it is good anywhere! Somehow I don’t think this lockout bull**** is over. Knowing my luck when I present the card Sluggo will throw me out of the building!

    1. What kind of “patriotism” do you think you’re modeling when you behave like that? Genuine patriotism is love of country. If you think vaccine cards violate basic rights, then at least say so respectfully rather than affiliating the rest of us who are committed to the USA with anti-social behavior.

      Patriotism should never be needlessly rude or antisocial.

  6. What I am surprised at is how quickly people forgot what happened during the holocaust. The Nazis have returned just as they did back then they did it in the name of public health and safety. This is a start of a social credit score do not be fooled. I have actually purchased original 1941 Nazi ID cards that will be my electronic vaccination card because the last time my family had to show their papers they were shot gassed and tortured . Shove it up your ass Newsom the Nazi.

  7. The CCP and the Democrats continue to expand Chinese “social credit policies” via their engineered virus for political and economic means…
    Time to push back… HARD….

  8. This is not about the states concern of an adult losing a vaccine card, this is not about helping businesses screen patrons. Once again, how does ones private health information become live on an insecure electronic database to be used by local businesses? Why isn’t Newsom working on the EDD database or the DMV archaic electronic records instead of this ubsurd database that is just about as useless as the train to nowhere!

    1. People, regardless whether your vaccinated or not, we need to boycott the businesses that request the experimental vaccine passport or other verification. This is the precursor to a massive freedom restricting, data collecting social credit system, and government is encouraging the private sector test run it. This must be rejected en mass by customers. This is the only power we have to fight against this tyranny. Once implemented, it will never go away. Remember “2-weeks to shorten the curve” ??

  9. its a stepping stone to mark of the beast….this is one of the trial balloons.

    Those without cards will be casted by them as a scarlet letter

  10. How odd this is exactly what the EU is rolling out. We live in America I refuse to take a experimental vaccine that has killed over 175,000 people. No you won’t find that information at CDC they removed the deaths. It’s time Newsom be sentenced to death. The covid bio-weapon that was released from China through the democrats did not kill as many as they would have liked. So here comes the vaccine….It’s killed more than covid….To any business I’m warning you “I was just following orders” does not work in a criminal trail. Numberg 2.0 is coming….

  11. Demanding official ID for voting is racist, but demanding a vac-card before you can be seated at the lunch counter isn’t?

  12. Gov. Newsom and his Democrat cronies hypocritically insist that everyone must provide identification of their vaccination status but no one needs to provide identification in order to vote in California? The Democrat party is a criminal cabal masquerading as a political party?

  13. Of course, demanding your medical records is a felony. But what’s a few felonies, or even high treason mean to the Democrat party? I’ll bet Newsom was not even voted in. I’ll bet he’s in due to voter fraud. Prove me wrong.

  14. Got vaccinated and I got a card as proof. I really don’t like an electronic verification system. It’s too much of a hassle and invasive just to show your phone up every time you enter a business or public place.

  15. “Governor Newsom New Electronic Vaccine Verification Cards. This prick has got to be impeached. ASSP. California needs to leave him like his ex-wife did. He is Bad Luck, Bad News And Bad Business.

  16. Most people don’t remember Y2K and the end of civilization as we knew it. Or the nuclear arms race that was an actual threat that would have ended the world in 3 days. Or the half dozen pandemics that went nowhere and now aren’t even a memory. Covid 19 will also pass and be just a memory…..just like the many before. The first virus to be politicalized was HIV when it was believed it would only effect the gay community. HIPPA came out of that scare. The difference between this virus and HIV is the Chinese virus has been politicalized then weaponized and simple minds believe it. Yes the mall in Roseville opened and guess what nothing happened as far as hospital use and deaths. The hospital use, deaths and ICU has remained flat in Placer Co. Oh yes the numbers of positive tested went up…..a test shown to be 25% inaccurate in both posititive and negative results. When’s the last time you were tested for the annual flu? Want the fake number to go down, quit testing and they will drop like a rock.

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