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Gov. Gavin Newsom (Photo: youtube screen capture)

Is Gov. Gavin Newsom Fiddling While California Burns

The $1 billion State Capitol renovation continues

By Katy Grimes, October 26, 2020 10:33 am

As Los Angeles faces a budget gap of nearly $600 million, the Mayor   will need to cut services “aggressively,” including potentially moving forward with layoffs, the city’s top budget adviser said in a report released Friday, Oct. 23, Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Disneyland’s ongoing closure is a $5 billion hit to Southern California’s economy;

With the Governor’s COVID-19 statewide shutdown, 284,000 creative jobs have been lost;

Public schools are not reopening leaving millions of school children “distance learning” from the dining room table in front of a computer screen – if the family has a computer.

Around the state:

Wildfires are burning throughout the state – many said to be the result of arson – with homes, businesses destroyed, and lives lost.

Millions of California residents have experienced power blackouts recently and  over the weekend, and are facing more power shutoffs;

The Employment Development Department still has a massive backlog of unemployment claims – down from 1.6 million to 1.2 million, even after a two-week closure;

The State Capitol is undergoing a nearly $1 billion renovation, while businesses around the state are closed, or forever closed due to Gov. Newsom’s orders. Why did this renovation continue during one of the most severe economic crises in state history?

Adding to those difficulties, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a $200 million boost to his Project Homekey homeless housing fund in San Jose on Friday — a major cash infusion that will back several Bay Area projects, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns. (Photo: Facebook)

Project Homekey is the program the governor created to move homeless vagrants into renovated hotel rooms, calling it “long-term housing for homeless.”

It’s largely a jobs program for union construction workers and developers, as this is referred to as “a major cash infusion” for several cities.

Mental health experts say the homeless don’t need apartments with granite kitchen counters, they need extensive mental health counseling, drug addiction treatment, and many other important services they currently aren’t getting.

In January, Gov. Newsom promised, “You’ll start seeing real progress in the next few months,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said at his 2020 Budget Briefing, addressing California’s homeless crisis. “Mobile tents, medical units, FEMA trailers… as early as next week,” California Globe reported

But cities did not see progress. At all.

“We put $650 million emergency grants to cities and counties,” Newsom said at the January budget briefing, but he admitted the state did not release the money to cities and counties last year. “The $650 million hasn’t gone to cities and counties yet – but it’s going out as we speak. This is unprecedented in California history,” Newsom said in January. “The money is finally going out on homelessness.”

Where did the money go? The homeless vagrants are not only still living in tents on city streets, defecating and urinating in gutters and on sidewalks, there are more of them than in January.

Newsom’s homeless task force proposed forcing cities to provide housing, when housing is not the prevailing problem… mental illness and drug addiction is, as is the state’s policy of prison population reduction, early release programs, bail “reform,” and reducing felonies to misdemeanors and misdemeanors down to citations for a notable list of crimes under Propositions 47 and 57.

Sacramento homeless. (Photo: Facebook)

Notably, Los Angeles county and city governments collectively spend more than $1 billion annually on the costs of dealing with the growing homeless population, which continues to grow with their spending.

“I’m the Homeless Czar in the State of California,” Newsom added. “We’re going to start hitting on all cylinders.” That was January.

“Hitting on all cylinders” would be ending the dubious lockdown and opening the state up, allowing businesses to reopen and employees back to work. Sales tax revenues will begin to flow in again. Cancel the homeless task force. Send the Project Roomkey funding to counties so they may open up large shelter centers to house homeless, hire more mental health professionals, drug addiction specialists, and get the homeless triaged and treatment.

Newsom looks unserious putting drug-addicted street vagrants who have been using city sidewalks as their toilets, into newly renovated hotel apartments.

But remember, he bragged that the virus will provide the necessary fear and confusion to allow “opportunity for reimagining a [more] progressive era as it pertains to capitalism.”

What is the end goal? The distribution of taxpayer money to labor unions, campaign contributors, and favored Democrats.

As Victor Davis Hanson recently explained in an op ed, “California’s destruction can be summed up in the hypocrisies and paradoxes of its bankrupt elite, who believe that their money insulates them from their own toxic ideology, and their virtue-signaling squares the circle of feeling guilty that they want nothing to do with the millions of poor they invited in and are relieved that they drove out millions in the middle classes.”

Fiddling while California burns.

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8 thoughts on “Is Gov. Gavin Newsom Fiddling While California Burns

  1. Has anyone been able to explain how all of these homeless encampments with close proximity, lack of sanitation, and likely no attempts at mask wearing have not been ravaged by COVID? Or are they and it’s just not making the news? Either way, it’s an other epic fail for Newsom. Maybe he can put a blue ribbon panel together and figure out what’s up.

    1. Being outdoors might have some advantages for the homeless. One is it’s harder to transmit the virus outside compared to being indoors. Also more exposure to sunlight helps your immune system.

  2. I think there is something much more sinister going on. A investigation needs to be opened against Newsom, PG&E, Weather.com and China….All of a sudden California weather changes are called “Heat wave” in 90 degree weather “strong winds” when winds are 11 mph…then the announcement PG&E has to shut off a million customers..Is China controlling the electric grid in California? Why would PG&E shut off anyone when the fires were caused by ARSON? A arsonist doesn’t care if you have power or not…Is it being used to entrap people in their homes? I’m dead serious something very sinister is going on…..

  3. Appreciate the BIG LIST of BIG PROBLEMS not touched by Gov Gav and his entourage for those of us who have trouble keeping track of the daily chaos and how it tends to mount up. In California we need lists to refresh our memories after being continually bombarded by Dem-created crisis after crisis. The pile of problems keeps getting bigger and each problem keeps getting worse, or is being MADE worse…. on purpose? Sure as heck looks like it. After all, how can you cry poor and beg for more slush fund money from the Feds and from taxpayers if you are efficiently identifying, tackling, and solving the real problems in California with the wads of cash you have already been given? That you’ve been elected and entrusted and are being paid to do? But noooo… that job is for chumps, right? Fiddling while our state is collapsing is more fun.

  4. “Mental health experts say the homeless don’t need apartments with granite kitchen counters, they need extensive mental health counseling, drug addiction treatment, and many other important services they currently aren’t getting.”

    And public utilities are not being forced to comply with maintenance inspections and repair cycles either, as this greasy grifter boy-Governor preens and virtue signals to his liberal progressive donors while he prepares for his 2024 Presidential campaign…

    He’s a political snake that needs his political head chopped off by recalling his brainless, mousse-soaked head OUT of the Governor’s mansion and back to his Plumpjack Winery where he can hobnob with his wine snob friends and cheat on his taxes, his wife and everybody he contacts…

    He’s pure SLIME….

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