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Mandatory face mask rules in some Californian cities now come with a fine. (Photo: Youtube)

‘Mask Mouth’ is Smelly Side Effect of Mask Wearing

Dentists seeing decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously nasty breath

By Katy Grimes, August 7, 2020 11:16 am

California Globe has seen reports of lung infections from long-term mask wearing, persistent coughing, as well as dermatitis on the skin around the mouth.

Providing one more reason healthy people should not wear face masks, Dentists report they are seeing a new syndrome brought about by mask-wearing which the doctors have dubbed “mask mouth,” Fox News reports.

The moisture trapped in face masks creates a petri dish of breeding ground for bacteria, as it is  in place directly over your mouth.

Like “meth-mouth,” which dentists describe as the nasty teeth and gums of methamphetamine users, the newest oral hygiene issue is caused by wearing a mask all the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Constant mask-wearing “is leading to all kinds of dental disasters like decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath.

“We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” says Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental. “About 50% of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’ — after ‘meth mouth.’ ”

“People tend to breathe through their mouth instead of through their nose while wearing a mask,” says Dr. Marc Sclafani, co-founder of One Manhattan Dental. “The mouth breathing is causing the dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva — and saliva is what fights the bacteria and cleanses your teeth.”

He adds that “saliva is also what neutralizes acid in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.”

Because it is difficult to eat or drink with a mask on, dentists remind people to drink plenty of water, use mouthwash, brush and floss regularly, and don’t let your mouth get dry.

Read the entire article at Fox.


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20 thoughts on “‘Mask Mouth’ is Smelly Side Effect of Mask Wearing

  1. This is uncanny — maybe I should start a psychic hotline and make some extra cash. I hadn’t seen the Fox article but just happened to be thinking about this subject as my mind wandered while brushing my teeth this morning. I was wondering if a lot of people weren’t bothering to brush their teeth anymore through a combination of shutdown malaise and a feeling of “why bother? I’ll be wearing a mask and social distancing anyway.” But this explains what’s going on further. Mask-mouth!

    1. Good point, the lack of oral hygiene could be just as big a problem. Add to that wearing a mask 24/7 when you don’t need to, in your car, at home, outside away from others and it could get nasty in there.

      1. Yeah, RG, what is that, anyway? All day, all night, in the car, at home — next we’ll see a feature on “people who are addicted to masks,” which now that I say it I actually think is a real thing, not a joke. 🙂

  2. Concentrating bacteria in your mouth is never going to turn out well. On the upside no one will see your rotted teeth if you keep wearing that mask! 😉

  3. Wonder if that’s from all the healthy bacteria and fungus your body is exhaling maintaining residence. Could that also cause respiratory issues???

  4. Your immune system can handle a certain level of pathogens but concentrate them and the system is overwhelmed.

  5. Plus, they make us look like the Asian masses, living in their squalid, overcrowded cities or impoverished rural areas….

    Raise your hand if you detest the CCP….

  6. THERE Is NO SCIENCE BEHIND WEARING A MASK. THERE IS HOWEVER TONS OF EVIDENCE THAT MASKS DO HARM. I almost passed out while shopping . will never wear a mask again. i bought an oximeter . within 20 min. my oxygen level went from normal to dangerious. studies say that people can have symptoms but we should suck it up for the sake of covid. since this whole thing started google has deemed other drs. opinions as hoaxes now they are simply removed from websites or you tube. its no wonder people are wearing masks. you can’t research unless you have a specific name or site to go to. i met a new neighbor the other day and she started in about all those selfish people not wearing masks not knowing i was one of those non-maskers. this goes so much deeper than masks. viruses will be around forever. are people going wear masks forever. this world will become so sterile and unhealthy.

  7. My disease management team suggested that I don’t wear the mask over 30 min at a time. Easily done by me, since I don’t work or have many “Must Do” activities on my list. I still have to laff my ass off at the idiots that wear masks in their own cars. And with the windows rolled up! How stupid? Now maybe it ok for Uber drivers, but I’ve seen one decked out UBER car w/ clear vinyl shield between the front & back seat.

  8. Sadly you body was designed to breathe in FRESH air through the nose and EXHALE CO2 and all the pollutants, bacteria, and viruses from your mouth.

    So the mere act of wearing a mask puts you at a MUCH greater risk of getting sick and staying sick.

    It’s been a LIE from day ONE that ANY mask can stop the spread of ANY virus.

    It’s is in fact IMPOSSIBLE

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