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U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard seized 333 pounds of methamphetamine headed to U.S. Jan 2021. (Photo: CBP.gov)

Mass Migration Across the Open Border Provides Cover for Drug Cartels

Border Patrol says fentanyl seizures increased by 361% on the border in the first five months of this fiscal year

By Bob Makohin, May 30, 2021 2:20 am

Long before Ronald Reagan’s “War On Drugs” the Mexican cartels were wreaking havoc across our southern border for more than a half century. For the last two years of the Trump Administration, their criminality was curtailed by his effort to continue adding to the border wall and halting Obama’s policy of allowing migrants to cross into the United States, documenting them, issuing them a “Notice To Appear” (usually dated three years into the future), and releasing them to move freely about the country wherever they pleased.

95% of migrants never showed up for their appearances in administrative courtrooms in the jurisdictions where they originally entered and were processed. They were gone. Disappearing into the growing illegal alien population, which when wall construction resumed, was estimated to be as high as 22 million. Nobody knows for sure, because there’s no accurate way to count everyone. In a country of 331 million people, that’s a sizable 6.6% of the population.

Trump reversed the Obama, open-border policy with his own “Return To Mexico” policy. Instead of allowing the children to stay here and sending for their parents to come join them, he sent the children back to the parents and asked, “Do you want to claim refugee status?” Which 90% of them do and 90% don’t get, because they’re not refugees and don’t qualify for asylum under federal law. He then added, “Fine. You can do that in Mexico.” He made a truly remarkable arrangement with the Mexican government and other Central American countries, which previously had not been working with Washington D.C. at all.

Mexico agreed that all these people coming into their country, as well as their own citizens who wanted to emigrate to the U.S. based on some claim of refugee status, had to file their paperwork in Mexico. U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents were once again freed to spend the majority of their working hours tracking and intercepting the cartels’ cross-border activities. This effort is the most important responsibility their jobs hold, rather than babysitting thousands of migrant children.

Senator Ron Johnson has stated that the Biden Administration’s transition team asked the Trump Administration what they could do to avoid a crisis on the border? The answer was to keep the Trump policies in place. Of course, Joe Biden didn’t do that. Using executive orders, he got rid of the “Return To Mexico” policy on day one. He got rid of the wall on day one. There are massive gaps in the wall and the cartels and migrants know where they are.

The Washington Post reports that according to Roy Villareal, who retired last year after 33 years in the Border Patrol, roughly 40% of those taken into custody are now children and families, but they consume 60-70% of agents’ time, attention, and paperwork. As was the case under Obama’s policy, while agents are dealing with the renewed influx of migrants, the border is wide open. By reversing the Trump policy, Biden is once again empowering the genocidal, domestic terrorism of the drug cartels in Mexico. He’s actually undermining the Mexican government. Even Mexico’s president has told him he’s screwing things up. He’s enriching the cartels and knows this is happening. He’s briefed on it and is aware that it’s a crisis. After more than 120 days in office, he has yet to take any action against it.

In media appearances and on his Facebook page, Derek Maltz Sr., Former Director Special Ops, 28 years in Federal Law Enforcement, and National Security Public Safety Executive, claims that the cartels, who are making millions of dollars a week, are using this as a weakness against our country. They’re blitzing the border that’s wide open. They send a large group of migrants, something they call “flooding the zone,” to where they know the Border Patrol agents are located. Then a mile away, they send in special-interest aliens. These are the aliens who pay the highest fees; up to $10,000 per person to the cartels for their “coyotes” to guide them safely across the border undetected by agents. They include a cross-section of individuals from countries all over the world.

In separate incidents in January and March near a California port of entry, two Yemeni men were arrested by CBP. Both were on a U.S. government watchlist for terrorism suspects, as well as on a “No-Fly List.” According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “For perspective, the 100, or so, watch-listed migrants logged from 2012-2017 compares to roughly 3,000 ‘special-interest alien’ migrants from countries of interest who are annually apprehended at the southern border. This indicates a small ratio of terrorist suspects apprehended at the border, though a high number considering the threat that any one of them poses is outsized and of high consequence.”

The cartels are smart. They send the Mexicans, Guatemalans, and Hondurans into our agents. And then, they route the special-interest aliens farther down the border, so they can sneak them in unobstructed. CBP estimates that 1,000 people per day are coming into our country. Many of these individuals are special-interest aliens. The obvious questions are: Who are they? Where are they coming from? What is their intent? And what is their motive for being here?

Ketamine hidden in salts seized. (Photo: CBP.gov)

The cartels also send in their narcotics using the special-interest aliens as “mules.”  CBP states that in the first five months of this fiscal year, there was a 361% increase in fentanyl seizures on the border compared to the same period last year. That’s not to mention tons of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and cannabis.

Not high on the list of public awareness is that large numbers of America’s youth are dying from popping counterfeit pills. They’re not waking up after taking fentanyl that’s coming from the cartels. It’s not a Republican or Democrat issue, but a red, white, and blue one. Our future generation of kids are dropping at a very high rate. A search for “Lost Voices of Fentanyl” on Facebook yields personal stories from heartbroken parents who have lost their beloved ones. Their kids didn’t even know what they were taking.

Mr. Maltz adds that in the same way Iran uses Hezbollah as a proxy to carry out its terrorist missions, China is using the cartels as proxies to destabilize our country and kill our citizens. Few in the public arena talk about it. The Chinese, too, are smart. They know the cartels have complete control of distribution into the illicit drug trade in America. They’ve been dominant for years with the supply.

The Chinese started producing synthetic drugs in labs in China, together with precursor chemicals used in the production of amphetamines. When they shipped them to Mexico, and those drugs made their way into the pipeline, they quickly realized what was happening in our country. Americans started dying at record levels. The Chinese figured out they could make millions of dollars from the drug sales and kill our citizens at the same time.

The cartels, which are using those chemicals, are now producing fentanyl in labs in Mexico. They’re feeding it into pill presses, which are also supplied by the Chinese. The fentanyl is being pressed into Oxycodone, Adderall, Xanax, or other pills. Our youth are taking the pills, thinking that they’re one or another of those drugs, when in fact the chemicals in them are all fentanyl. Many of them don’t wake up.

Frequently, the kids are just normal high school and college students, and are not typical needle-injecting, hard-core junkies. They are average kids in neighborhoods around the country who are dying from the overdoses. One kilogram of fentanyl, 2.2 lbs., can kill 500,000 people. Most physicians will confirm that only 2-4 mg. can be fatal.

Effectively, the Chinese are using chemical weapons and are killing our citizens. Here in the U.S., we’re not doing anything about it. It’s not even being discussed. This story should be all over our news outlets and other media.

We know the chemicals used to manufacture the pills are coming from China. This massive, chemical drug problem is something that’s never been seen in the history of our country. The CDC lists 88,000 dead Americans for the 12-month period through August of 2020. That breaks down to 241 per day. It’s an astonishing number of individuals dying from the equivalent of a chemical attack.

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to consider that the U.S. should designate the cartels as terrorists. They’re killing more Americans than any other terrorist organization in the world. They’re putting these weapons of mass-destruction in our country, this poison that kills our kids instantly. They’re chopping off heads, dismembering bodies, and throwing people into acid pits. We’ve never seen this kind of murder and violence in the history of Mexico. They’re right on our southern border, coming into our country, setting up command and control throughout our cities. We should have declared them terrorists during the Trump Administration. He wanted to but was getting bad information from his advisors. We must go after the supply routes, the chemicals, the money flow.

Most people are also unaware of another piece to this puzzle. According to Maltz, the Chinese have now taken over the money laundering business for the cartels. Using the cartels as their “bagmen,” they’re picking up millions of dollars on America’s streets from the drug dealers. They’re laundering the money on banking apps in China. They just move the money from one account to another. They don’t put cash into businesses or into banks here. It all gets sent overseas.

El Centro Border Patrol
seized 8.5 pounds of methamphetamine
hidden in the oil pan of a car. (Photo: CBP.gov)

China provides all the chemicals, and all the money laundering services. That’s why the cartel business is booming. But it’s also a developing national security threat. It’s no longer just a humanitarian crisis and a public health crisis; it’s a national security crisis. We don’t know who is coming into the country. While at the same time, the Chinese are working hard to destabilize it. It’s not an overstatement to say that the U.S. is an economic power they want to destroy.

As a direct result of what the drug cartels are bringing into the United States, and the epidemic of overdoses and deaths from opioid use, the cartels should be declared terrorist organizations. Because they pose such a grave threat to American national security, we should get serious about eradicating them.

Classifying China’s and the cartels’ actions as chemical warfare is not extreme. Just consider the facts and follow the money. If Al Qaeda had 100 pounds of chemical weapons stored across our border in Mexico, and we knew about it, wouldn’t we go after them? Wouldn’t we get serious about it?

The cartels are doing nothing short of overwhelming our interdiction efforts. We simply do not have the manpower or resources at the border to compete with this onslaught. In the reverse direction, they send their cash and weapons southbound. It’s a multi-billion-dollar business taking complete advantage of the renewed, radical open-border policy. The children and family migrants serve only as decoys, because the cartels know that the CBP agents are required by American law to tend to migrant care first. We’re a compassionate and humanitarian nation. China and its cartel proxies are doing nothing other than working the U.S. system to their advantage.

As already stated, for Americans this is a bipartisan issue. Most certainly for those living in the states that bound our southern border. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in Washington D.C., where the elites are completely untouched. On March 22, while taking questions from reporters outside of Air Force Two, Kamala Harris was asked if she had plans to visit the southern border as the immigration crisis escalates. The vice-president dismissively responded to the question with, “Not today,” punctuated by a hearty laugh. She continued, “But I have before and I’m sure I will again.” More than two months have passed, and she has yet to come anywhere near the border. Being tasked by her boss to be in charge of this crisis, the best she could muster was a sarcastic response together with inappropriate laughter, as if to mock the idea of the question, itself.

It’s shocking to the average American how little control we have over this. How little our government, whose most important responsibility is to protect its citizens from outside threats, and whose Job #1 is the security of our nation. Our current leaders appear to be nothing short of asleep at the wheel. Either that, or they’re clearly more focused on some other agenda.

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14 thoughts on “Mass Migration Across the Open Border Provides Cover for Drug Cartels

  1. The “elephant in the room” is CHINA. The Communist collusion with the drug cartels is an existential threat not only to Californians but to ALL Americans. Their alliance is the epitome of EVIL. Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are committing crimes against humanity – for example, in concentration camps for Uhyger Muslims; euphemistically called “re-education camps” by their propaganda machine. The time has come to stand up to CCP bullying and interference in our political and economic system. The FIRST step is DIVESTMENT from state-owned Chinese companies; a process already begun at the Federal level with the government-employee Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Contact your California representatives and senators to demand DIVESTMENT from companies run by Xi Jinping and his CCP cronies.

    1. I agree 110%. A BDS movement should be mounted against China, not Israel, as has been proposed by members of the Left.

  2. Joe has survived 40+ years in D.C. Because he is smart? Because he is nice? Because he is handsome?
    None of the above. Joe has survived because he does what he is told.

    1. You already know the answer to that question. The most radical and corrupt elements of both parties and the corporatocracy. Those who are happy to do China’s bidding, because it’s all about the Do-Re-Mi.

      1. Ha,ha yes Stacy, who really paid for Joe’s double scoop chocolate, chocolate chip??
        The inept mainstream media needs to get to the bottom of that????

  3. This will all be swept under the rug by the media and social media (censored) and then Trump and the Republicans will be blamed for causing drug deaths, overwhelmed border staff and the solution will be to eliminate ICE and make the entire country a sanctuary country, which is already happening.
    The Democrats know that the more chaos is created by their policies, the more the media will blame the Republicans, and that the Democrats will be re-elected.

    1. There’s a lot of truth in your statement. The conservative movement has only one option – to get serious with its resistance and to unify. Otherwise, the republic will be lost. We may already be beyond the point of no-return, but I still refuse to agree to that.

  4. This article is too significant to be released in the middle of a three-day holiday weekend…

    Thank you for publishing it, however… It’s scary as hell, given the likely weaponization of Covid-19, the hyperpartisan nature of the mRNA vaccines, the build-up of ChiCom training troops in western Canada and CCP China’s long game…

    1. Agreed. The extent to which not only our present government, but the rest of the world coddle China is getting dangerous. I see the global predicament as being very similar to the threat level that existed in Europe and Asia in the late 1930s,

  5. Migrants have been the human cover for drug operations for years. Follow the money. There is little money in human smuggling but huge money in drug smuggling. The human flood shields the drug flow. Always has. The people used are expendable to the cartels but are needed to hide their activities at the border. Once across, drugs are less likely to be found than criminal aliens.

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