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Morongo Basin and Western Coachella Valley Votes

The first three days…

By Laura Hauther, November 3, 2020 2:10 am

Polling places throughout the Morongo Basin and western Coachella Valley reported good turnout and few problems, as the nation gets ready for the final day of voting Tuesday.

Polling place supervisors in Riverside County acknowledged their computer system had trouble checking in voters for paper ballots on Saturday, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, but they said it’s been smooth sailing the past two days.

This reporter saw a steady stream of voters on Monday at polls in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Cathedral City but a somewhat lighter turn out in two Desert Hot Springs locations.

Turnout in the Morongo Valley was light on the first two days of voting with only one Yucca Valley location reporting numbers in the multiple hundreds on Sunday.

The number of voters is steadily rising each day, according to several of the polling location supervisors. Most expect the voters to show up in much larger numbers tomorrow for the November 3rd Election Day.

While there have been reports of car caravans rallying support for both Trump and Biden in the Coachella Valley, so far there have been no reports of clashes or violence.

California Globe will report all day Election Day with results from around the state.

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