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COVID-19 cases in each county. (Photo: covid19.ca.gov)

Nearly 10 Million Negative COVID Tests in California

Children may act as a brake on the infection

By Katy Grimes, August 25, 2020 9:08 am

While California’s main stream media continues to report “spikes” and “balloons” in positive COVID-19 tests, no one is looking at the good news – that there are nearly 10 million negative test results. But Gov. Newsom still has the state mostly locked down.

10,652,487 Californians have been tested for COVID – a quarter of the state’s population – with 668,615 “confirmed cases,” meaning people who have tested positive, most without symptoms. This leaves 9,983,872 Californians who tested negative for COVID -19.

El Dorado County, which has had only two deaths attributed to COVID-19, has opened its schools. Yet the Sacramento Bee reported, “One week after opening its classrooms to in-person instruction, Rescue Union School District informed the public that a student tested positive for COVID-19.”

But the school is not closing down.

El Dorado County statistics show very low cases:

* 723 tested (23,093)
* 28 cases (924) 0 in Pollock Pines, Camino, Kyburz; 12 in EDH; 0 Diamond Springs, El Dorado; 1 in North County; 4 in Greater Placerville; 0 in Cameron Park/Shingle Springs/Rescue; 0 South County; 11 in Lake Tahoe region
* 2 aged 0-17, 21 aged 18-49, 4 aged 50-64, 1 aged 65+
* 695 negative tests (22,169)
* 26 assumed recoveries (786)
* one fewer hospitalization and one  fewer  ICU (1/1)
3.7% positivity rate
* no additional deaths (2)

Tests of pupils and teachers in Saxony suggest children may act as brake on infection

Germany began reopening schools in May.

Children are not COVID vectors. The Guardian reported:

The largest study by the University hospital in Dresden, Germany analyzed blood samples from almost 1,500 children aged between 14 and 18 and 500 teachers from 13 schools in Dresden where there were coronavirus outbreaks.

“Of the almost 2,000 samples, only 12 had antibodies, said Reinhard Berner, a professor of paediatrics at the hospital, adding that the first results gave no evidence that schoolchildren played a role in spreading the virus particularly quickly.”

“’Children may even act as a brake on infection,’ Berner told a news conference, saying infections in schools had not led to an outbreak, while the spread of the virus within households was also less dynamic than previously thought.”

Try Googling “children and COVID,” and story after story pops up claiming children are high risk. Yet even the CDC reports children are not vectors.

Dr. Scott Atlas, Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution & former Stanford University Medical Center Chief of Neuroradiology, has explained numerous times why people should not be concerned over the increasing “coronavirus infection rate” across America, and instead said the focus should be on the hospitalizations and death rates, which are decreasing amid an increase in positive cases. Atlas also notes the risk of significant illness from seasonal flu is far greater in children than serious illness from Covid-19.

County by county, Los Angeles has the most “cases” by far with 231,833. Riverside County is closest with 50,293.

Sacramento COVID deaths. (Photo: Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboards)

Sacramento County has 16,084 “cases,” with 12,452 “likely recovered.”

Looking at the “deaths” graph above, it appears there has been a real spike since March. However, The daily deaths start at 1-death in March, and grow to 9-deaths at the highest on August 8th.

A total of 255,013 Sacramento County residents have been tested, with a 5.7% positive rate – about 14,000 positives, with about 240,463 testing negative.

This information was buried, rather than posted right next to the deaths and positive cases.

There have been 246 deaths in all of Sacramento County, with a total county population of 2.5 million – that is 1/10th of 1 percent.

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5 thoughts on “Nearly 10 Million Negative COVID Tests in California

  1. The total joke and criminal Newsom continues destroy peoples’ lives and incomes for no reason at all other than he thinks it helps him politically, which makes no sense at all. Open up the state COMPLETELY and stop this mask and social distancing nonsense.

  2. Gavin Newsom is a sick and sadistic man and he has sick and sadistic people around him.
    The “death chart” is a perfect example of where these people are coming from. It only goes up to “10” and thus it purposely exaggerates the size of the bars to make the number of deaths seem like much more than they are. Now why on earth would anyone want to make the number of deaths look like MORE? If this were the only thing you knew it would be enough to know that these people are up to no good.

  3. I worry about the kids who are “allowed” by the dictator to go back to school but wearing masks. They are constantly touching their faces to adjust the mask. They are contaminating their masks with germs of all sorts including the flu virus.
    But if they let their mask down, a lefty teacher screams “put it on!!!” because it makes everyone safe, right? People, we need to fight the mask mania.

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