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New Cal/OSHA Recommendations Will Continue COVID-19 Regulations Until July 31st

‘We all knew June 15th wasn’t going to be the end; these revised regulations prove that’

By Evan Symon, June 1, 2021 11:13 am

Late last week, the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Cal/OSHA) recommended to the state that most COVID-19 safety rules would not need to be changed until July 31st, rather than California’s June 15th reopening when the state mask mandate is to end.

Under the new proposed recommendations, many businesses would have to wait an additional month and a half to remove some 6-foot distancing requirements, to remove see-through partitions at stores around cash registers and check-out lines, and to end mask wearing during transit in some scenarios, amongst other restrictions. Unvaccinated workers at large outdoor events with more than 10,000 people would also have to keep in place six foot separations under the Cal/OSHA recommendations unless they are wearing employer provided N95 masks. However, while the employer would have to provide N95 masks, usage would be voluntary.

Restaurants, retailers, and other businesses would also only be responsible for employees and not customers under the recommendations.

Face coverings and masks for employees in many places of work would also not end on July 31st, and may possibly continue until early next year. Indoor mask wearing would especially take longer, as Cal/OSHA would keep mask requirements in place unless everyone there is vaccinated. Vaccination status would be known at businesses to properly enforce mask wearing, and in places where unvaccinated people such as customers could be present, masks would still need to be required.

“It would be impossible to enforce different mask policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers indoors in a constant, consistent manner,” noted Cal/OSHA last week.

Many legal experts noted that vaccinations are the main sticking point in ending mask wearing and other COVID-19 safety rules sooner.

“For anything indoors, yeah, Cal/OSHA is making it clear that they don’t want to loosen pandemic regulations just yet,” noted employment lawyer Carl Keller to the Globe on Tuesday. “Many will end June 15th, many other will end July 31st. But if everyone in one place isn’t vaccinated, then yeah, masks will still be needed for some time to come. June 15th isn’t the end. We all knew it wasn’t going to be the end. And these revised regulations, which still need to be voted on by the way, prove that.”

Many business groups expressed disappointment with the new regulation proposals during the holiday weekend, noting that the longer requirements and the specifications for certain masks could wind up hurting many people during the summer, such as a shortage of N95 masks for healthcare and agricultural workers during the upcoming wildfire season when N95 needs would go up again.

“We are disappointed to see that this new revised draft does not correspond to the governor’s June 15th opening, and that vaccinated individuals will have to continue to wear masks in the workplace,” said California Chamber of Commerce policy advocate Rob Moutrie during the weekend.

“The masking requirement will require employers to track vaccination status, stockpile N95 respirators and create policies and procedures for two classes of people: vaccinated and non-vaccinated,” added Helen Cleary, the director of the Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable.

The new Cal/OSHA regulations would not effect workplaces with a single employee or for workers currently working from home.

Cal/OSHA will vote on the new proposed recommendations on June 3rd.

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Evan Symon
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20 thoughts on “New Cal/OSHA Recommendations Will Continue COVID-19 Regulations Until July 31st

  1. Makes no sense, but I am not surprised at all. Asymptomatic, healthy people wearing masks. So much of this flu is known now, science has proven many things differently than the beginning yet the mandates are still stuck in March 2020. Once again, Newsom hiding behind other state agencies to his dirty work to keep his likelihood of recall to a minimum. This is not about safety. Its about trying to get the smartest of California’s population to comply with the experimental, unnecessary vaccine. Great governors, like DeSantis, are protecting their states from crap like this.

  2. Ahh, the plan all along! Newsom thinks he will come off as the good guy in this. He lifted the mandate scheduled for June 15th (arbitrary) but wait the Cal Osha has different plans…..

    Sorry Newsolini, damage is done, you own this!
    You killed grandparents in nursing homes, shut down Mom & Pop businesses forever and denied early treatment to save more lives! I for one will not forget come election time, nor will I forget those in government who stood by him!

  3. This is untenable.
    Having to disclose your vaccine status to be able to ditch the mask?
    First, its emergency authorized only. You can’t require people to take experimental medications.
    Second, medical privacy is protected.
    I am so sick and tired of these administrative agencies issuing regulations that routinely run roughshod over every constitution protection to life, liberty, property, privacy, you name it, they disregard it.
    This hasn’t grown up overnight though, its developed over many years and its going to take concerted action by citizens to vote and insist that elected officials toe the new line that stops way back there far away from our constitutionally mandated protections.
    The Constitution. The one and only original mandate.
    Still here. Still in full force and effect. Unless of course, we the people let it lapse. Its up to us.

    1. Yep… ALSO agree 100%

      How they think they can enforce 100% compliance on EAU “vaccines” is beyond me…

      Why is every inducement under the sun being offered, from million dollar drawings to season ticket raffles???

      It’s total bribery to get people to take a shot that MODIFIES YOUR RNA…

      Uh, no thanks…

  4. As if another reason was required to avoid working.

    Who wants to breathe through a mask all day without a specific end date in sight?

  5. FUCK Cal/Osha! Why do people that chose to get the shot, hoping to return to normal life have to continue to pay the price because some people cant be bothered to contribute to the common good?! Im truly hoping this doesn’t pass.

    1. I will not be subjecting MY body to an experimental medical treatment for anyone else’s “good”. I take care of my health, don’t get vaccines of any kind, and don’t care if others do or not. Please don’t denigrate me for “not being bothered to contribute to the ‘common good'”!

    2. why is it that YOU don’t trust the vaccine to protect YOU from a virus that has a 99.9% survivability rate??? If I choose to NOT get an experimental shot in my arm that will irrevocably change me at a cellular level, then am I not the one who is at risk and not YOU??? Most of us are healthy and have not even been sick throughout this whole “pandemic” so why do we ALL need to wear masks, stop working and take an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG to make YOU feel better?! You go ahead and do all of that and leave the rest of us healthy people who can use logic to make good, fact-based decisions alone.

  6. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
    H.L. Mencken

  7. What do you expect from a bunch of Basket Weaving 101 graduates!! All I can say is Quack Quack

  8. They want this circus to continue, it’s all about keeping their illegitimate emergency power.

    1. Well the rest of the board voted against this but later they went along with it so either they were threatened or had there bank accounts padded once again the CTA And Nurses association continues to bully people.

  9. Don’t know where you live, but it’s over where I live in NorCal and has been for sometime. On June 15th, a bunch of friends are getting together for a ‘mask burning’ party. Kind of reminds me of the bra and draft burning parties of old.

    Someone please tell Newsom that it’s over……

  10. Notice that these are “recommendations”. Neither OSHA, the governor, mayors, or “health departments” have the authority to impose these restrictions. Any business still imposing them will not have MY business!

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