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Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris in San Leandro on April 5, 2021. (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

Newsom for…Vice President?

He was the Lieutenant Governor after all

By Thomas Buckley, March 3, 2023 2:30 am

Kamala Harris is bad at her job – that is a given.

Republicans say it, Democrats say it, independents say it, former staffers say it, the polls say it, and – with her consistent butchering of the English language – she pretty much says it herself .

From the get-go, it was clear Joe Biden had been cynically maneuvered into choosing her – the one opponent for the Democratic nomination that out and out called him a racist – as his veep.

When she got into office, she demanded a high-profile task from Biden and he gave her the border.  As with the re-nomination of Eric Garcetti – the cruel futility of that move makes it utterly apparent that the president (or the people who script, feed, walk, and medicate him) has a nasty and vengeful sense of humor.

It appears that the wish is that – if Biden does attempt to run for re-election – the movers and shakers in DC really want him to drop Harris as his vice president.

Interestingly, that would theoretically open her up to run for Feinstein’s seat and such a run has a built-in slogan: Too Stupid to be Veep but Smart Enough to be a Senator (Note – I cannot say I made that up as it appeared as a comment from someone I don’t recall in one of the many other stories about Harris’ incompetence so credit where credit is due wherever it is due.)

So, where does that leave the Democrats?

In a bit of a pickle.

Kicking the first Jamaico-Indian vice president in history to the curb would be an extremely problematic look for the party, especially considering its identity politics tunnel vision.

But it seemed there was a relatively easy fix for that  – simply slide Pete Buttigieg into the spot and get almost as many identity points for running the first openly gay vice presidential candidate. Though it would definitely not help with the Black vote, it might be enough to drive other election turnout numbers.

That concept, however, is no longer an option because of East Palestine. The transportation secretary was handed a pretty simple opportunity to appear sensitive, empathetic, and on the job – instead he was nasty, aloof, no help, late, and even managed to mis-pronounce the name of the town.

Coupled with supply chain issues, the still lurking freight rail system problems, the FAA’s computer whoopsie that grounded a whole day of flights, and his taking weeks and months off for paternity leave and his chances for moving up politically have become toast.

The rest of the Democrat bench is also a bit problematic. Elizabeth Warren? Doesn’t expand the base. Gretchen Whitmer? Apparently not interested. Amy Klobuchar? Possible but has the same problem as Harris with poorly treating her staff. J.B. Pritzker? Chicago crime and his blutocrat appearance are not vote winners. Hillary? Too perfect/funny/horrifying and then there’s the that creeping feeling that with her as veep Joe would definitely not survive to the end of the term.

Oprah? Interesting but probably not. Michelle Obama? Also interesting and, with Barack hanging around the White House there would, for better or worse, be at least one non-senile president on staff.

AOC and/or the rest of the squad? The ultimate gift to the Republicans. A moderate Democrat governor? Probably the best idea but absolutely never going to happen.

So, of the major players (at this point,) where does that leave us?

Hello, Gavin.

Telegenic (until he opens his mouth) – check.  Progressive bona fides – check and check; California has CO2 and methane detecting satellites – or Fartniks – for God’s sake.  Access to gobs of money – yup. A history of making sure he doesn’t raise taxes on his zillionaire personal friends? – what wealth tax? Can project the future of the Democratic party, as horrifying as that may seem? – he is the poster boy for it.

Politically, if asked it would be a no-brainer. He can keep is day job, he grows his national presence, and he sets himself up perfectly for a 2028 presidential run, either as the sitting vice president or as the “seasoned veteran campaigner who tried hard but couldn’t overcome the weakness of Biden.” (you will see that exact line in a paper in 2025.)

But isn’t he so self-absorbed and narcissistic that he could not from a personality standpoint handle the number two spot?  Not when he knows there’s something in it for him – he did that job for Jerry Brown for eight years.  

The scenario does have a flaw – the inherent weakness of Californian pols when they try to take their act on the road, but with a fawning collaborationist press that could be at least mitigated somewhat.

Vice President Gavin Newsom – I think I remember seeing those words in the Book of Revelations or Brave New World or The Lathe of Heaven or Dante or some sort of medieval bestiary.

Let’s hope we don’t see it next year.

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9 thoughts on “Newsom for…Vice President?

  1. If Poopy Pants runs again and gets reelected (God forbid) he will be 82. With his physical and mental health I don’t see him completing his second term. If Governor Climate Change were the VP our Country would be in worse condition than it is now and would be finished. Yes Mr. Buckley let’s hope we don’t see it next year!

  2. GREAT —- go for it Dems! Newsom as Biden’s V.P. pick makes a Dem ticket even more toxic than it is already, and that is REALLY saying something. Grampy Joe is totally out of it so he obviously wouldn’t care, but Newsom is too thin-skinned to handle the gibes and laughter that would be directed at him if this came true.

  3. No doubt Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the traitorous globalist RINOs will do everything they can to assist a Biden/Newsom ticket? That along with rampant Democrat voter fraud and rigged voting machines will ensure a Biden/Newsom election victory?

  4. Very on-target, insightful, whimsical and humorous! I don’t believe Newsom will even finish out his term, for his part in WEF, deep state, Treason, Sedition and Crimes Against Humanity. God has decreed it, we have declared it
    in the Name of Jesus Christ. It’s an entertaining show though!

  5. Mr. Buckley thinks Oprah and Michelle Obama are interesting as potential vice-presidential candidates? Oprah’s murky past being a good buddy of disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein will disqualify her since there are lots of photos of them hanging out together and yucking it up? As for Michelle Obama (aka Big Mike), she doesn’t seem to be all that driven to be president and there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm among the general population for another divisive term of Obama and her?

  6. Yes, Mr Buckley, my money (not my vote) is on the Democrats putting the “Michelle and Gavin” ticket forward. Dems love Michelle and will tolerate Newsom better than they ever have Kamala.

  7. Obama (the third-term shadow President) thought that Headboard Harris is hot, so that explains why she got the nod for the Veep gig…
    And Newsom’s WEF “Young Global Leader” status qualifies him to be installed at some point in some role to further the destruction of the United States…
    He must be prevented from successfully running for anything else important in politics – he’s only qualified to play with his Plumpjack Winery, and that’s a stretch….

  8. Nope. Ditching Harris wold alienate Black women- the most important and reliable Democrat constituency. We are stuck with her. Newsom will run in the next cycle, or….

    Things could change. If a miracle happens and Hunter is prosecuted, Joe would be forced to pardon his son, and the political fallout would require him to withdraw. Then the Democrats could draft Newsom for 2024.

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