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Parents Horrified by Public Schools Forcing Masks, COVID Tests, Quarantining on Students

Elementary school brought in ‘school safety’ cops to enforce masks, contact-tracing, COVID testing

By Katy Grimes, May 27, 2021 8:16 am

Parents of K-12 kids who are back in-person at school are sharing stories with the Globe of the abuses their kids are being forced to suffer by teachers, administrators and now “school safety” cops, with mandatory masking, contact tracing and even regular COVID testing.

A married mother of three kids is fighting back against the San Juan Unified School District’s face covering policy. Her 4th grader attends Mariemont Elementary School in Sacramento in the San Juan Unified School District. The mom says her son is being forced to wear a mask in class, and he can’t breathe while it’s on. So when he takes it off, his teacher berates him in front of the class, and has threatened to kick him out of school, back to distance learning from home.

Another parent told the Globe his junior at El Camino High School, also in the San Juan Unified School District, plays on the volleyball team. The players are tested for COVID before every game, sometimes three times a week. The players have all tested negative until recently, when on player tested positive, but immediately tested negative after. Most assumed it was a false-positive.

However, the school ordered the entire El Camino volleyball team quarantined in their homes, back on distance learning, until June 7th. The last day of school is June 8th.

These irrational decisions are infuriating parents for several reasons, aside from what they are doing to the kids. The parents the Globe has spoken with say these school officials aren’t medical professionals and have no authority to issue these types of medical orders. And these teachers and administrators are unnecessarily scaring and intimidating their kids.

Notably,  America’s Frontline Doctors address this very issue with their  Notice of Liability to Schools: “This is your official and personal Notice of Liability. You are not a medical professional and, therefore, you are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing, recommending, and using coercion to insist on this experimental medical treatment.” The doctors encourage parents to print out the notice and give it to the schools their kids attend.

Mandatory Mask Order

On Monday May 24th, Mariemont Elementary School had an armed “Safe Schools” officer posted at the main gate of the school. The mom says police officers had never been seen or located at the elementary school, and it was very intimidating.

Ironically, schools, teachers and administrators have fought bringing in campus police after school shootings, but they don’t have a problem with them to enforce student mask wearing, contact-tracing, and COVID testing.

She said she’s concerned that this was in response to her email of 5/23/21 (below) to the Superintendent of San Juan Unified School District, the school principal, and her 4th grader’s teacher.

Seeing the “Safe Schools” officer, she instructed her son to wear a mask so as to not invite a confrontation. But when he got to class, he took his mask off. The teacher called him out for the infraction, told him to put it back on, and then ordered him to stay behind at recess so she could talk to him. The mom said he told the teacher “I don’t want to wear it, and I know I don’t have to put it on.”

Later that morning, the Mariemont Elementary school principal sent the mom San Juan Unified School District’s Face Covering Policy (below). The mom said the principal said her fourth grader would be dismissed from in-person school if he has 2 more incidents of not wearing his mask.

However, this mom has two older children who attend Rio Americano High School, also in the San Juan Unified School District, who are not forced to wear a mask so they don’t. And they have not been disciplined for it.

The the mom sent a letter to SJUSD Superintendent Kent Kern on Sunday 5/23/21, to Mariemont Elementary principal Cristina Petroni, and the schools her kids attend. This is an excerpt from it:

Dear Kent Kern:

I am sending you this notice as a parent, on behalf of myself, my spouse, and my children (names redacted).

I understand that the San Juan School District (the “District”) has been mandating daily health screenings, the use of facemasks and contact-tracing for the return of in-person school instruction. I regret that my family now finds itself in the uncomfortable situation of having to point out to the District that masking of children is wrong on legal, ethical, and common-sense grounds. We conscientiously object for health, religious, legal, ethical, and personal reasons.

My findings raise significant concerns, both medically and legally, of the current mask policy in place. Masks are medical devices covered by Health & Safety Code §109920 and the combination of masks upon the person along with contact tracing and health screenings constitute medical experiments that require informed consent under the law.

Further, masks are ineffective for the purpose claimed by the mandate, potentially harmful, and only authorized for use by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization (an “EUA”). Promoting use of a non-FDA approved, Emergency Use Authorized masks, are unwarranted and illegal. Devices authorized under Emergency Use Authorization requires wearers to be informed of the option to refuse the wearing of such “device” under 21 U.S.C. Section 360bbb-3€(1)(A)(ii)(I-III).

Involuntary masking is unlawful under well-established legal principles. The right to bodily autonomy, right to unrestricted breathing, the right to be recognized and the right to display and express one’s face are basic human rights grounded in individual liberty, one of the cornerstone principles of the United States. The right to breathe is fundamental and basic to all human life. California Education Code §49005.8 prohibits the use of “…a physical restraint technique that obstructs a pupil’s respiratory airway or impairs the pupil’s breathing or respiratory capacity” or “a behavioral restraint technique that restricts breathing, including, but not limited to, using a pillow, blanket, carpet, mat, or other item to cover a pupil’s face.”

My children have not been diagnosed with COVID so forcing them to wear masks is a violation of presumption of innocent until proven guilty. In addition, the mask policy violates a host of other provisions of the U.S. and California Constitution that I detail below. Finally, masks, veils, bourkas etc. are practices of other religions that are incompatible with our family’s personal beliefs.

The next school day, a “Safe Schools” officer was still posted at the gate entrance to the school. The mom said her son masked up and entered without incident.

“Where are all of the other parents?” the fourth graders’ mom asked.  “This teacher bullied my child when they have no authority to mandate masks. They threatened to dismiss him from school.”

She said in August when the kids go back to school, the San Juan Unified School District has already notified parents the students will still have to wear masks. “And a Rio Americano guidance counselor says students will have to show vaccine cards,” she added. “The kids are getting sick wearing these masks.”

“I know there are other parents out there like me,” she said. “We need to fight this.”

Face Covering Policy
SJUSD Email to Parents
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13 thoughts on “Parents Horrified by Public Schools Forcing Masks, COVID Tests, Quarantining on Students

  1. Parents can object reasonably and politely and forcefully but the sad truth is that they are dealing with a top-down bureaucracy that is just NOT responsive to the citizenry. The time has come to take action. Organize recall campaigns for these school board members who are ELECTED. Once parents have retaken control of their school boards, they can deal with the incompetent administrators and teachers through legal actions.

  2. Get a good law firm that specializes in federal laws, and join with other parents and file a lawsuit against these child abusers and tyrants. Also contact the Alliance Defending Freedom, among others, for assistance. Never give in to these totalitarians when it comes to kids.

  3. Parents, get involved and be informed! Join California School Choice Foundation at http://www.californiaschoolchoice.org/ In the meantime, get your kids out of public school. Just when you think it can’t get any worse than it is today with all the Covid theater and experimental vaccine pressure, they are implementing a critical race theory and BLM curriculum. Remember, every day that your kid is enrolled, the public school gets allocated funding. Get out now. What do you have to lose? Really?

  4. My son attends Mariemont in 1st Grade and I am completely against the mask policy as well. It doesn’t make any scientific sense. I’ve asked Superintendent Kern to send me the data in which the mask policy is based – I have received nothing. I did send him a pub Med study showing that a-symptomatic people aren’t spreading covid. I guess THAT science doesn’t count. My son has asthma so I got him a medical exemption – so he wears a face shield. My son was harassed by a mariemont employee and was told he wasn’t allowed to wear a face shield in an attacking tone. My son came home very upset. The principal apologized but it just shows you how idiotic the staff are about these covid “rules.” We loved mariemont prior to this last year but I am now disgusted with the entire district.

  5. Enough is enough. These people have shown their true colors to us as authoritarians. Why would a guard at the school need to be armed? Are they willing to shoot a child that gets out of hand??? Between extreme sex ed and CRT and now this I cannot believe people would put their kids in this situation. THIS IS STATE SANCTIONED CHILD ABUSE! They are re-education camps posing as schools. Vaccination without parental consent is next.

  6. We had to pull our 4th snd 6th grader out of Loomis Basin Charter School because our 4th grader was being bullied by his teacher. This needs to stop!!!

  7. Where is the full letter? I’d like to know what else she elaborated on concerning the US and Cali constitution.

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