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CDC double mask illustration. (Photo: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus)

Peeling Back the COVID Masks Reveals Contradictory Statements, Studies and Mandates

While CDC reverses mask rule, California doubles down on mask mandate

By Katy Grimes, May 18, 2021 2:40 pm

Six weeks ago Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky warned of “impending doom” saying COVID-19 cases, hospitalization and deaths were rising, fanning the flames of another possible deadly surge.

She made a teary emotional plea for people to continue following mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines, indicating her own fear. Her performance was thoroughly unprofessional. Imagine your family physician fearfully tearing-up while telling you how afraid he is of catching your staff infection while treating it.

Then, abruptly last week, Walensky’s CDC reversed its mask order and announced that face masks are no longer mandatory for those who’ve been vaccinated. Did the science change? Or did politics necessitate this diversion?

This reversal occurred after 22 states had already lifted mask and distancing restrictions.

Is the CDC using political science as many suspect? Remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci endorsed the “Two masks are better than one” notion to double mask because “it just makes common sense.” Then the CDC embraced the double mask directive, to guffawing Americans across the country.

“The ‘study,’ which occurred in January, was nothing more than a handful of experiments on mannequins in a contained environment. No human beings were involved in this study. And yes, it was that simple. The CDC sprayed aerosols at mannequins and slapped a science™ label on their experiments,” investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel reported at Climate Depot.

Following the CDC’s most recent mask reversal, people were excitedly planning mask-burning parties, and grocery chains and big box stores announced they were lifting the mask mandates.

But not-so-fast: California Gov. Gavin Newsom apparently isn’t ready to give up mask mandates, social distancing, and lockdowns. Newsom’s bad COVID news scapegoat, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, announced Monday that the state’s mask mandate would remain in place until June 15th, the Globe reported.

Because “science.”

Ghaly’s directive was delivered away from the media, and without questions, as far too many Zoom press statements and press conferences have been over the past 15 months of COVID lockdowns.

However, the media significantly helped Ghaly and Newsom by interviewing and airing only those who disagreed with ending the mask mandates. In radio interviews played on-the-hour, all day Monday, many nervously told the interviewer, “it’s too soon,” giving Ghaly and Newsom the chumps they needed to enforce the mask mandate for 4 more weeks.

For many, the mask is really an emotional support blanket. Dr. Fauci told us as much when he acknowledged in a March 8, 2020 interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is, and often there are unintended consequences: People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

CDC mask illustration. (Photo: www.cdc.gov/coronavirus)

That interview cast doubt on mask efficacy for many Americans, particularly when Fauci reversed/contradicted his own comments not long after.

Notably, Texas, a state of 22 million residents, reported zero COVID deaths Sunday two months after Gov. Gregg Abbott lifted business restrictions and the state’s mask mandate. President Joe Biden berated the Texas Governor for “Neanderthal thinking.”

Now that is “science.”

“California has made amazing progress in our fight against COVID-19,” Dr. Ghaly said Monday. “With more than 34 million vaccines administered, we now have among the lowest case and positivity rates in the nation.”

Well? If the science says California has the lowest case and positivity rates in the nation, wouldn’t that indicate it is safe to fully reopen and end mask wearing and social distancing mandates?

“It’s my way or the highway,” or, “because I told you too,” like an authoritarian parent.

“We urge all Californians to get vaccinated to ensure that infection and hospitalization rates remain low across the state and that we can all return to the activities we love,” Ghaly’s statement said. “Until June 15, when California plans to fully reopen the economy, California will keep our existing guidance around masks in place.”

“Science” was lacking in that statement, and just the latest random unscientific decision to keep California under lockdown restrictions and mask mandates.

If it’s just a push for more Californians to get vaccinated, despite that California has the lowest case and positivity rates in the nation, why not make that the goal, instead of ‘get masked or vaxxed.‘”

As the Globe recently reported, Dallas physician Dr. Peter McCullough said we always vaccinate to protect the individual, not someone else. Yet public health officials keep telling us we are selfish if we don’t take the shot “for others.” That’s just not “science.”

Dr. McCullough also said that those who already have had COVID have amazing antibodies. He said doctors should be doing T-cell tests on patients who think they’ve had the virus, rather than pushing them to vaccinate. “Proof of having COVID or being COVID recovered is good enough for society,” because the COVID recovered cannot give it or receive it, or get reinfected.

What happens on June 15th? Does California magically, scientifically become safer? Or will Gov. Newsom push the date out once again moving the goalposts, as he has done at least 7 times since his original lockdown order March 4, 2020, more than 439 days ago?

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18 thoughts on “Peeling Back the COVID Masks Reveals Contradictory Statements, Studies and Mandates

  1. Texas Neanderthals (according to Biden) are clueless regarding masks and social distancing while opening their state. Texas, today, is reporting ZERO deaths from the Wuhan Virus. That’s in a state of 38 million. So, who are the REAL Neanderthals? The answer should be obvious.

  2. On Friday last I paid a visit to my local Trader Joe’s and glanced at the ever present sandwich board where they display their company directive stating they follow the CDC guidelines and that face coverings are required to enter. This time the board said if I’m vaccinated I can enter without a mask. Zip…I had that mask off so fast I thought my ears were coming with it and in I went. I was amazed but not shocked. I was the ONLY person without a mask. All the sheeple, save for me, were masked, some with masks and shields and several with nitrile gloves. Those masked drones gave me leeway when I reached for an item. It’s easy to say the Demorats, the CDC, Lame Street media as well as the truly irritable Dr. Fraudski accomplished their goal which was to wrest away and damage people’s liberty, possibly beyond repair.

    All I can say is….Recall Gavin…Make sure the bastard’s political career ends in ruins.

    1. Tom, that is great news about Trader Joe’s! I sure hope that goes for my local TJ’s! And yes, the ever reaching for an item scare tactic makes for fast shopping, they all scurry like mice when the lights come on!

    2. My Trader Joes still has people waiting in lines. The ONLY store to still have them. Stores around here stopped that more than 6 months ago, but what do you expect from a store with HQ in Commiefornia.

  3. Ahh yes, Ms. Weeping Walensky! The sense of pending doom was a mere 60 days ago and yet here we are on the verge of returning to our previous lives but wait Newsom the dictator says not so quick. They both have no credibility, it is time to remove the facial security blanket and get on with life. We live with communicable disease all around us and most healthy adults manage to live well into their 80’s.

    I look forward to seeing smiles again every where I go. Choose joy over fear.

    Dr. Peter Mc Cullough, also reminded us the CDC does not make policy they give guidance, i.e. do not eat salty foods, eat a balanced diet, get 8 hours of sleep.
    Newsom and Ghally have used the guidance to control the populace into submission. It has done damage to peoples psyches so much so that after vaccination, they still do not feel safe! Why? Conditioning perhaps and an emotional newly appointed CDC director?

  4. This article is just packed full of good information. Do you think Dr Ghaly realizes he is the scapegoat? He has no balls. Period, no balls. Hearing Gavin brag about CA having the lowest positivity rate, death rate then announcing he is not allowing his prisoners to rid their masks is nauseating. Hopefully CA voters will remember another 30 days where Gavin denies science. This is a positive for the RecallGavin2021!

  5. I’ve never worn a mask I can read. The box tells you it’s not to stop infection/covid or anything else. We aren’t supposed to agree with the government. America was born objecting government. I think people got more worried about a “Karen” then the government. How sad is that!!!

    1. Exactly Liz!
      Hey those mask “Karens” are mean and nasty😬 Didn’t stop me to walk the neighborhood, breathing fresh air.

  6. I just started with a company in Southern Oregon – another “lock-down” state. The only mask to be found in the building was worn by the welder. The delivery drivers arriving and departing had no masks. The lobby of my hotel doesn’t even bother to suggest mask-wearing is “encouraged”. There are some idiots driving alone in their cars sporting useless bananas – but I think this is more a fashion thing. And again – this is in VERY blue Southern OR.

  7. Ugh, Comrades
    Been a long slog, real long…..odd, nothing in mail in writing of what’s going down only blogs and media confusion as well as challenged TV info from seasoned silver tongue bureaucrats…..this is so so East Berlin…..bad news becomes good news to some, no news is great news to others, and there is possibly fake news from who, whom, when, why, how……pass the Vodka-

  8. I love that CDC illustration, what is it supposed to tell me? Air flows along the paths of least resistance. With the untested, non-fit-tested cloth masks, this includes the gaps between the mask and the facial surfaces. Unlike a properly fit-tested respirator, the spit-shield mask (made with non-standardized, untested material, by the by) allows leakage along a majority of its “sealing” surfaces. If these masks were actually effective against an airborne particulate in the 0.1 micron range, shouldn’t Cal/OSHA allow them to be used in all other occupational settings where airborne hazards are also encountered? Good luck with that.

  9. This thing is the 55 mph speed limit all over again. Like the 55, it was unnecessary to begin with*, has become both monetized and a career maker, and will probably linger in one form or another for at least a decade. It’s done nothing but give currency to the phobics, hysterics , rent-seekers, control freaks and virtue signalers.**

    In 50 or 100 years, people will look back and ask themselves what in hell we were thinking. It will be taught as a textbook example of mass psychosis and social control.

    Just a thought.


    *Emerging and *serious* evidence is that virus isn’t really the flu in any sort of commonly understood sense. Rather, the spiked protein in both it and the “vaccine” is what’s killing people via causing cardiovascular problems as it binds the walls of the circulatory system and creates blood clotting whilst simultaneously engendering auto-immune disorders.

    That – and yes, this is conspiracy stuff but possible – it was actually created in U.S. labs and then deliberately released in Wuhan, timed in such a fashion that it would spread during Chinese New Year travel time and disrupt the PRC economy. There’s a good deal of valid evidence to support this. Sign of the times, I guess.

    At any rate, a mask won’t protect you from it. Not. At. All.

    **As for the mask-wearing virtue signalers , I remember being in high school in the early 80s and having to listen to some tight-ass telling me all about how driving was a privilege and that we all should strictly obey the 55 mph because it was “The Law.” (!!!!) Soon after, I learned that he got arrested for bribing public officials. That, and a few other incidents, drove home the life lesson that people who loudly proclaim how moral (or Christian, honest, upstanding or whatever) they are, the less that’s actually the case. (And as for those “Perfect Families,” I could tell you some hair-raising stories.)

    I wonder what the mask-wearing virtue signalers are really hiding?

  10. An easily-manipulated populace is a subservient populace. A subservient populace is easily manipulated.

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