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The Tijuana-San Ysidro border crossing. (Wikipedia)

Pentagon Approves HHS Request to House Migrant Children at Camp Roberts

Three US military bases are being used for illegal immigrants’ housing

By Katy Grimes, April 4, 2021 10:18 am

U.S. military bases are now being used for illegal immigrants’ housing in addition to the Donna, Texas border detention facility, the convention center in Dallas, and San Diego Convention Center.

Migrants are currently being held at Fort Bliss and Joint Base San Antonio in Texas after crossing into the United States, Gateway Pundit reported.

Adding to military base accommodations, the Pentagon approved a third military base, California National Guard post Camp Roberts in Central California, to house unaccompanied migrant minors amid the border surge invited by the Biden Administration.

Based on totals released last week, there are approximately 18,000 unaccompanied minor migrants in US custody. The Biden Admin continues to refuse to call the border surge a crisis despite requests from Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra’s calls for border cities to assist.

Preliminary numbers show that Customs and Border Protection is on track to have encountered more than 171,000 migrants in March — a significant increase from last year, and also from February, when the number was just over 100,000, Fox News reported.

Friday, Fox confirmed that Customs and Border Protection is projecting that as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children could reach the border this fiscal year.

“We have a crisis on the border, even though the Biden administration still refuses to acknowledge it,” former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan and Heritage senior research fellow Lora Ries said in a statement. “Today’s numbers are just more evidence of this undeniable reality – and proof that President Biden’s policies are driving this crisis.”

What is the plan for the projected 200,000 kids that will be here by year end? The government isn’t talking, but there are additional plans for opening large-scale housing sites in San Antonio and El Paso, Texas.

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10 thoughts on “Pentagon Approves HHS Request to House Migrant Children at Camp Roberts

  1. Every community in California will be a target for the re-settlement of illegal migrant families. The children first, to garner and anchor sympathy/compassion; with the parents to follow. If you oppose this, you will be branded as cruel and racist. This is a very sophisticated strategy. These migrants are the Democrat voters of the future pending the passage of HR1 in Congress.

  2. Undocumented, potentially COVID positive migrants shipped all over the US but taxpaying, documented, healthy citizens must have a vaccine passport to board a bus, plane, subway, train, enter venues, and some offices. Still not a word from the current administration about the border crises, how it is adversely affecting Americans, or about the financial/logistical plan to care for all these people! Driving our country further, further into debt.

  3. This is great news! Things won’t get better until they get a lot worse, and we can certainly count on Democrats to make it ‘worser’. The last thing we need is some milquetoast Republicans to come in and screw things up with halfhearted reforms. I am counting on Democrats to come through and they are delivering. I give this purchase 5 stars!

  4. Democrats opposed the Trump administration’s attempt to build an Inland Empire detention center for migrant children. Read the article by Michelle Mears and you will understand their plan.

  5. Camp Roberts is in a conservative part of California, they should be housed in Hollywood and Sacramento.

    1. That’s exactly why the corrupt Democrats are doing this…
      This is part of the “fundamental transformation of America” that is part of the Obiden-Harris administration…
      Invade America with millions of grateful illegal aliens who have lived under corrupt communist dictators who know nothing else, and will repay the Democrats with at least two generations of voters, due to HR1 voting terms and America as we have known it is OVER…

  6. Robert, I understand how you feel. Unfortunately, Biden voters will not be the only ones affected. The border crisis will affect every one of us. There is a Democratic party Master Plan in place based on the “Trojan Horse” method. It is quite diabolical:
    The Cloward-Piven Strategy
    September 26, 2020
    Nancy Oakley
    Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.

  7. Are the military base housing of migrants being used by the “Deep State” to create a private militia to enforce Martial Law against US Citizens who oppose their radical, transformation of our Country? Think about it; National Guard Troops will refuse to do their bidding. However, young migrant thugs are the perfect solution. They have no loyalty to anyone and will be willing mercenaries to effect total destruction of the United States of America from within.

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