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Poster for recall debate. (Photo: Yes California Campaign for Independence)

Recall Candidates to Have Live Debate Sunday June 6

50 candidates have already declared for the recall election of Gov. Newsom

By Katy Grimes, June 5, 2021 1:10 pm

The “Yes California Campaign for Independence” is hosting a live debate of recall candidates Sunday June 6, in the recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. The Yes California campaign is the group pushing for Calexit.

Look at who’s running to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom besides Caitlyn Jenner, Kevin Faulconer and John Cox:

Nickolas Wildstar

Chauncey Killens

Hilaire Fuji Shioura

Louis Marinelli

Adam Papagan

Dan Kapelovitz

James G. Hanink

Luis Huang

Veronika Fimbres

Joel Ventresca (POSSIBLY*)

Doug Ose (Former Congress member)

The Yes California campaign, a Californian political action committee, has a Facebook page which is hosted by candidate Louis Marinelli, founder of the Calexit movement, a native New Yorker who also lived in Russia. According to KQED, its efforts have been supported by the Russian government. “If elected, Louis Marinelli will declare California an independent country,” a post on the Facebook page says. “Never before has there been a chance to vote for California Independence – until now. A vote for Marinelli is a vote for Calexit.”

Yes California promotes the Independence of the state of California from the United States. “It was founded in 2015 by Louis J. Marinelli, a New Yorker living in Russia, and its efforts have been supported by the Russian government,” the Los Angeles Times reported in 2015.

The Yes California campaign sent an email Friday announcing the June 6 debate: “We formally invite you to watch and ask questions -of the candidates at the next upcoming Debate.”

CLICK THIS ON JUNE 6 @1PM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIg3EmoBU5U

The Yes California campaign says it has hosted two debates already:

MAY 26

(Skip to minute 11:00 for start of debate)

With Nickolas Wildstar, Carla L Canada, Chauncey Killens, Louis Marinelli, Adam Papagan, Dan Kapelovitz, James G. Hanink



With Dakota K. Vaughn, Grover Coltharp


In their email, the Yes Campaign says:


– We are the only group hosting Recall Debates

– More registered candidates have agreed to be part of this debate series than any other

– We have proven twice that we run a fair show

– (MOST IMPORTANT) These debates defeat the main counterpoint to the Recall effort – that only Trump loving Republicans back the Recall – we are hosting multiple Democrats and Green Party candidates and Social Progressives in addition to Mainstream Republicans.

(Proving the Main stream media is lying)

Marcus Ruiz Evans, President Yes California campaign, signed the email. The Calexit website reports there are 623,212 Signatures needed to qualify Calexit.

Ballotpedia shows 50 candidates have already declared candidacy for the recall election of Gov. Newsom.


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4 thoughts on “Recall Candidates to Have Live Debate Sunday June 6

  1. Shaking my head….

    This is serious business for deadly serious times, and yet here California is, running a clown-show just like 2003’s cluster-show, where we ended up with a steroid-addled action hero wannabe-“Governator”….

    Thanks, but I’ve got better things to do, like go to church and pray for REAL leadership to address California’s REAL problems…

    1. That would be wonderful if only it could happen. Unfortunately, California is owned by public employees unions who pump billions of dollars into propping up lackey-stooge candidates who are then beholding and do the unions’ bidding. Just consider Assemblymember Lorena Gonzales, a complete union stooge and a vile person.

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