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Picture of graves decorated with flags at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Reminding VP Harris Why We Are ‘Enjoying This Long Weekend’

We remember the fallen

By Katy Grimes, May 31, 2021 8:44 am

Our Vice President told us all to “Enjoy the Long weekend,” on this Memorial Day holiday. Kamala Harris Tweeted out a flattering photo of herself, rather than remembering the fallen military men and women who served this country.

Fortunately for Floridians, Gov. Ron DeSantis knows why we are enjoying this long weekend:

Many on social media were offended at what they felt was a snub by the second in commend of the United States, to members of the military, veterans, retired military and families of military members.

“Nothing says ‘Thank You for dying for our nation’ like a picture of oneself and a note about how long the weekend is going to be. And they knew that. They knew they were going to get hate from patriots,” BaseUnderground.com wrote.

Some compared VP Harris’ flippant comment to President Donald Trump’s respectful treatment of the military:

Far too many Americans have forgotten what Memorial Day commemorates, or never knew. And in California, our schools are teaching everything but history. There are some wonderful charter schools like John Adams Academy in Roseville, CA, which makes sure U.S. History lives on in the memories of our children. John Adams offers a American Classical Leadership Education, a liberty-based education that leads a scholar to servant leadership through the pursuit of truth and the development of virtue and wisdom. Those students learn the history and background of the founding fathers, and what it was about America that produced such great servant leaders. We need more John Adams Academies.

Whether she was just being flippant, or deliberately insulted America’s military and military families, VP Harris missed an opportunity to chip away at the iceberg many Americans, and Californians feel engulfs her. She’s one breath away from the Oval Office, yet is dismissive of the military.

She and her team are not naive and sent her Tweet message to the hate-America crowd.

But there was enough blowback that Sunday VP Harris Tweeted a more appropriate message, although the damage was done. No one believes her now.

“For Harris, the military is a social justice experiment,” Andrea Widburg writes at American Thinker. “If you need any proof of that, just think of Kamala’s humorless, woke joke at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, when she spoke at the recent graduation. The joke was stupid, her delivery was awful, and it was only her anguished cackle that earned some polite applause and laughter from the graduates, who were too nice to leave her looking like the tone-deaf political abortion she is:”

“Cringe Alert” is right.

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12 thoughts on “Reminding VP Harris Why We Are ‘Enjoying This Long Weekend’

  1. So glad to see this article posted today. With any luck the despicable Kamala Harris and those like her, Americans in Name Only, will one day soon be tiny dots in our rear view mirrors.
    God Bless the members of our military and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and our veterans, and their families.

  2. I’d really like to bar-b-que Kamala Harris and feed her to John Cox’s black bear for Memorial Day lunch! Between her idiotic joke at the Naval Academy and her long weekend tweet, I sure hope those true Americans who voted for her are realizing their mistake! Thank you to all of our fallen heroes and their families for their sacrifices. Your unselfishness is appreciated immensely. I honor and respect your service! Thank you! God Bless America! May he watch over us and protect us from the evils that Joe and Kamala are leashing on Americans.

    1. @Stacy, only a bear rising out of deep hibernation would dare to eat plagued flesh. The horror!

  3. Thank You Katy for reminding Kamala and her likeminded followers what this day is all about.
    It is because of the great sacrifice made by those in uniform we are allowed our freedoms. Kamala only to gets to espouse her leftest, green ideology due to our military who protect her on a daily basis!!
    I thank all those who have served and the families that stand behind them. God Bless them all.

    @Stacy, I think even the black bear would reject the untaught, tough, bitter meat of Kamala.

  4. @Katy Grimes, thank you for writing this article. With every passing day, Biden and Harris continue to insult, disregard and denigrate America. Today of all days, they have intentionally insulted the families and the combat fallen. I have come to the conclusion that Biden, Harris and their administration truly despise America. I consider them as unrightful rulers imposed upon America.

    1. Very well said @Owednothing!
      You said it, “unrightful rulers”.
      In just 5 months they have done damage to this country that will take years to reverse. We need real reform not this back and forth Executive Order B.S. Hopefully come 2022, voting Americans will vote for representatives that truly will put America first. The one thing Ol Joe got right was we headed into a “long dark winter”. This administration has taken a sledge hammer to the economy and our autonomy. This country can survive if people awaken to the destruction the democrats have inflicted upon the hard working citizens of this country and vote differently.

  5. Otherwise marginal and inadequate, this woman exhibits all the traits of a Dark Triad Female – Narcissism, Machiavellism and Psychopathy.

    (If you’re not sure what that means, then please pause to educate yourself:

    To be fair, her twitter post about the long weekend only mirrors what most Americans think about Memorial Day. That said, as a politician part of the her description is to strike a note of gravitas when necessary, this national holiday to honour the fallen being one of them. In that regard, she doesn’t measure up.

    The real question is to why this sub par individual has been able to advance as far as she has. Sex of a somewhat transactional nature certainly played a role, Willy Brown seeing to her career “success” in return for getting his cane varnished regularly and all that.

    But her past manoeuvering as an “Adverturess”* was then, and this is now. Her numerous faux pas, this being the latest, combined with an unpleasant public (and private) persona should have gotten her kicked to the political and governmental curb a long time ago.

    So why hasn’t it happened? Who is protecting and advancing her now? And why, and to what end?

    Just think about it. And try and think five moves ahead (and without the typical and too easy pointing of fingers at the usual suspects please). She’s not her own creature, so who is really in charge?

    Just a thought.


    *A somewhat archaic term that describes her perfectly I think:

    1. @VICB3, a thoughtful and insightful assessment. I look forward to reading your future comments.

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