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Rep. Tom McClintock. (Photo: McClintock for Congress)

Rep. McClintock on New House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

‘The misuse of these powers to affect political outcomes would be fatal to freedom and it is the hallmark of any dictatorship’

By Tom McClintock, January 11, 2023 6:53 am

Congressman Tom McClintock (CA-05) spoke on the House floor January 10, 2023 in support of H. Res 12, establishing a Select Subcommittee to investigate the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

These are the Congressman’s remarks:

Mr. Speaker:

In order to enforce our laws, we have given terrifying powers to such agencies as the FBI, the IRS, and the CIA, among others.  The misuse of these powers to affect political outcomes would be fatal to freedom and it is the hallmark of any dictatorship.  This, our Constitution was written to prevent – whoever is in power. 

In recent years, we have watched the IRS target individuals because of their political beliefs.  We have seen a glaring double standard in the enforcement of our laws by our Justice Department based on the political beliefs of their targets.   We’ve seen their powers used to intimidate citizens into silence, whether the Tea Party or parents questioning their school boards.  Most alarmingly, we have seen the use of the FBI and our Intelligence agencies to suppress political viewpoints disagreeable to those in power or to manufacture or propagate one of the greatest scandals in American history: the Russian collusion hoax. When a government can interfere with the elections that govern it, and when agencies can act independently of the outcome of those elections, Democracy will die.

This select committee is designed to get to the bottom of these alarming allegations, and I would hope the Democrats would be just as eager to sort this out as Republicans.  After all, it was not THAT long ago that these powers were turned against the left and could be again if we do nothing.

As Madison warned, democracy alone is not enough to protect our liberty, for in a pure democracy, 51 percent of the people can vote at any time to throw the other 49 percent in jail.  That’s why we have a Constitution, which limits the powers of government through checks and balances including Congress and a Bill of Rights, and why each of us takes an oath to support and defend it.  Let us all honor that oath today.


Editor’s note:

Despite Rep. McClintock noting that Democrats should want the committee as well, no Democrats voted for this committee – it was a straight party line vote.

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9 thoughts on “Rep. McClintock on New House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

  1. Meh, Tom McClintock is one of the reasons why we have had a weaponization of the Federal government under the Biden regime. He voted to certify the stolen 2020 presidential election for Biden and he refused to investigate or even acknowledge any of the blatant voter fraud. He’s part of the deep-state establishment McRino mafia (Tom McClintock, Kevin McCarthy, Ronna McDaniel, Mitch McConnell) who are all talk when it comes to conservative principles when running for office and then who are no action after they are elected. No doubt he’s amassed quite a fortune while being in office like the other members of the McRino mafia?

  2. Never forget that Tom McClintock attacked President Donald Trump on Jan. 6 claiming that his rhetoric about the stolen election was “utterly irresponsible,” and that while he didn’t tell people to break into the Capitol, Tom McClintock claimed that Trump “betrayed” the trust of his supporters. So much for standing in solidarity with a fellow Republican? Sadly Tom McClintock is a RINO like most Republicans in California?

  3. Congressman McClintock and other House Republicans need to form a new House Subcommittee to investigate the experimental mRNA shots that the Biden regime and military leaders have mandated which have injured and killed thousands of innocent people. They along with Dr. Fauci have committed grave crimes against humanity and they need to be held accountable?

    1. Yes, Samantha this must be done and it ties into the weaponization of government agencies.
      After many statements Rep. McClintock has made concerning January 6th, I am hesitant to believe he will in full faith be a productive member of this committee. I hope he proves me wrong for the sake of our republic.

  4. Republican’s talk a good game when they know they cannot pass any laws due to Democrat control. Remember the whole “repeal Obamacare” Charade?

  5. One step at a time – simply reiterating the fact Congress is “given terrifying powers” is a powerful reminder we all need to re-appreciate.

    Do the right thing, Tom.

    Big Government and the unelected Deep State abuses will be our primary focus over these next two years. Pounding out that message is success enough, since politics follows culture.

    We badly need a huge cultural shift from the recent and pervasive (1) slavish devotion to the word of any two-bit government bureaucrat, to (2) ultimate disgust over how badly our own government bureaucrats, that we are forced to fund, badly abused these “terrifying powers”.

    These “terrifying powers” which these bureaucrats assumed by default, after too many years of Congressional and voter abdication. A window has opened. We have your back. Regardless of any prior Jan 6 blind spot you suffered from. We go with the team we have right now. Forward. Saving the Republic matters more than bruised feelings.

  6. Fantastic, thanks in no small part to ‘The 20’, to restore integrity and accountability. Actions and results will determine the legacy now, because ‘words alone’ are no longer trusted unfortunately. Add to the dismay of
    every compromised govt official and agent that WE SEE through the veil, evil will not stand. I sincerely
    hope these agencies are rooted-to-their-core, so WE, as a nation can move forward as God and the Founders intended. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were written to safeguard Americans from ever being subject to their tyranny and must be used in accordance. CSPAN is a great resource to review each member pledging their Oath to the Constitution. (not WEF, UN, WHO, CFR, Trilateral, Club of Rome, Ukraine, etc.)

  7. I am reminded when Clinton down-sized the US military after the long Vietnam slog was finally over, only to learn 25% of employment in San Antonio Texas depended on the military. I am reminded also the newly out of work, former military research engineers went on to form Silicon Valley. Talent unleashed into the private sector became a global revolution for the relative “good”; not just for more and better wars.

    Downsizing the Deep State will require similar dislocation – downsizing 20 million government employees will take time, care and fortitude. Is McClintock up to this task? Start sorting the wheat from the chaff and first get rid of the useless, the redundant, the ineffectual, and the corrupt.

    Even putting half of that 20 million government employees on unemployment and welfare will be cheaper, than keeping them on as fully benefited and pensioned government employees. Don’t let their howls dissuade you. This must be done. Defund the Deep State.

    Just closing the borders will downsize teacher union membership by 50%. Now do you see why Democrats refuse to close the borders?

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