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Richard Grenell speaking young Americans, hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Ric Grenell to ‘Fix California’ With Three-Point Plan in Democrat-Dominated state

‘What I’m consistently hearing from activists and donors is that people in California want permanent change’

By Katy Grimes, April 9, 2021 3:42 pm

Richard Grenell speaking at ‘An Address to Young Americans,’ hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, June 23, 2020. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence and U.S. Ambassador to Germany, announced he is launching a group called “Fix California” aimed at bringing meaningful change to the Democrat-dominated state. He is also being talked about as a potential candidate for California Governor if the recall election against current Gov. Gavin Newsom qualifies for the ballot.

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“What I’m consistently hearing from activists and donors is that after a year of our economy being shut down for political reasons and Zoom school, that people in California want permanent change,” Grenell said according to Fox News.

Grenell told Fox News that Fix California’s three main focuses will be suing counties in California to clean up their voter rolls:

  • Registering voters
  • Researching paths to expand school choice in the state
  • Going after frustrated decline-to-state voters

“We’re going to go after the frustrated ‘decline to state’ voters,” Grenell said. “People who recognize that the pendulum has swung too far left and needs to come back.”

Grenell said one way to drive turnout in 2022 specifically is to make school choice a significant issue. There’s been massive frustration with the status of school re-openings in California, which lag behind most of the country.

Recently Grenell also weighed in on common sense energy infrastructure. Globe contributor Edward Ring reported:

California resident Richard Grenell, an American diplomat and politician who served in both the Trump and George W. Bush administrations, has been making some unusual and very welcome noise on Twitter. Interspersed amid his more conventional conservative commentary are calls for California to invest in infrastructure, and not just any infrastructure.

On March 20, Grenell tweeted “I hereby order an LNG terminal to be built ASAP on the West Coast of the United States (preferably in California).” Later that day, he added “I hereby order multiple desalinization plants to be built in California. And I also hereby order new Nuclear power plants to be built in California.”

Republican Politics

Interestingly, Grenell said conservatives in California had largely stopped focusing on Democrats’ efforts to move the state far to the left about a decade ago, realizing they did not have the political capital to stop them. California Republicans would help GOP candidates in other states, he said, until Democrat policies had become so “disastrous” that Republicans would have a chance to win back California voters.

California Republicans, as with older Republican office holders in many states, seem to only play defense anymore, rather than taking on the left offensively. However, the younger group of elected Republicans don’t seem to have any problem challenging the status quo or taking on leftists who they see as a dangerous enemy.

The Fox article claimed “any effort to move California to the right is going to be a massive uphill climb.” But Grenell’s policies aren’t an attempt to move California to the right, but rather common sense, common good policies in which all California residents benefit.

And Edward Ring concluded much the same: “Grenell deserves praise for being the only politician, certainly on the West Coast, who is willing to support common sense infrastructure: nuclear power, desalination, and natural gas.”

While the recall might oust Newsom from office, it will take a massive effort to realign California’s politics.

“I’m telling our donors when I meet with them that this is not a sexy, quick fix like one hyped-up statewide race,” Grenell said. “This is a four-year campaign to fix California and to do the long-term reforms that we know we need.”

A recent straw poll at the March 6 rally to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom found Grenell polling in first place to replace Newsom, should the governor be recalled. While it wasn’t a scientific poll, Pollster Brice Adams said the results illustrate the thinking of a group of the state’s most dedicated activists, painting a picture of which campaigns are gaining traction and whose leadership is resonating, apart from a declared campaign.

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36 thoughts on “Ric Grenell to ‘Fix California’ With Three-Point Plan in Democrat-Dominated state

  1. Comrades

    Gotta do something….we can’t absorb one million more residents……the homeless will overwhelm every community…..the human misery outdoing the old gulags.

    1. Yes, we need to send back the 25% illegal immigrants, in California, back to where they came from and focus on US Citizens.

      1. Anyone who truly loves California would vote to heel that abused and beaten state. Ric Grennell is the real deal to start that process.

  2. Nope… The fourth pillar is RESTORING ELECTION INTEGRITY across California politics, county by county…

    That means getting rid of Dom in ion Vo ting Sys tems and anything similar to the m…

  3. I am sorry to say, but no one will beat the public union ballot harvesting machine. All you have to do to void a non democrat ballot is deface the signature with a Sharpie, and ballot counters will void it.

    1. I am proud to say, one of the biggest secrets with unions is the VAST majority of us support law and order regardless of party. The democrats have lost the rank and file of most unions. IAFF.


  4. If you do not deal with voter fraud the state will be permanently communist. Amazing that this did not even make his list. The Republican establishment has show over and over again they don’t care or even want to know.

    1. CW, I could have sworn I saw elsewhere that election integrity was the number one point of the three for Grenell. Will have to go look for that. Agree with you 100% that election integrity is fundamental. We can’t proceed without it.

  5. For all of the complaints above concerning Voter Integrity, I can not agree enough BUT reform must start at the local level, that way the Big Party Machine may be gimped by Public Support. Regardless do something rather than sitting it out, to many have for far to long, THAT is how we became a 1 party State to begin with in the late 90s.

    1. Anyone who truly loves California would vote to heel that abused and beaten state. Ric Grennell is the real deal to start that process.

  6. Please run for governor. Newsom must go. Election fraud must be fixed or this state is lost. Newsom is destroying our state. He is taking our Constitutional rights away.


  7. What was such a beautiful state is crumbling right before us. We need to put people who know how to run a state in charge, not someone who is related to the White House some how.

  8. What was such a beautiful state is crumbling right before us. We need to put people who know how to run a state in charge, not someone who is related to the White House some how. Clean your act up.

  9. What is the website for FixCalifornia? Where can people sign-up to support and to get involved?

  10. Grenell, an open homosexual, will not get the conservative Christian vote. If he runs for governor he will split the conservative vote and make it highly likely we will end up with either a liberal Reoublican or a Democrat as the new governor. He has no clue how many conservative Christian Republicans there are in California. While they are not a majority of Republicans, without their vote Grenell will not only lose, but will screw things up for other Republican candidates.

  11. Ric Grennel, Wish you were running for governor of California. I am concerned that Michael Shellenberger was put in the race by the Democrats to split the votes and ensure a win for Newsom. Sellenberger claims to have a lot of Republican votes. I haven’t seen or heard anything regarding the Republican endorsed candidate. I am concerned.

  12. Who do we contact to take a duplicate name off the voting lists? My husband gets two ballots for each election and only submits one. We’d like to have the other removed but have so far been unsuccessful. Thank you.

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