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Richard Grenell speaking young Americans, hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Ric Grenell’s ‘Fix California:’ Doing the Hard Work to Make Long-Term Impact on California

Leaked memo: ‘This is not a sexy, quick fix like one hyped-up statewide race’

By Katy Grimes, June 8, 2021 7:12 am

Last month the California Globe talked with Richard “Ric” Grenell, former Ambassador to Germany, and President Donald Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, about his long term plan to “Fix California.

Grenell’s is a long game plan to revamp state politics. “Fix California is committed to pursuing longterm solutions that advance conservative ideas and causes throughout the state,” Grenell says.

Fix California recently emailed a confidential investor memo to supporters, on how supporters’ investments are paying off. A recipient of of the letter forwarded the memo and update to California Globe on Monday. It’s interesting because rarely do supporters and investors get such detailed updates, and the work quietly being done is compelling.

“Fix California is committed to doing the hard work that will make a long-term impact on our state,” Grenell’s memo says. “So, while this work is not sexy and you may not be reading about it every day in the news, we want this effort to make a lasting difference for the expansion of conservative ideas throughout California.  I want to do to California what Stacy Abrams did to Georgia.”

Grenell reports they have been strategically and systematically working to address all three pillars of Fix California: (1) Election Integrity, (2) Voter Registration, (3) Education Reform.

What We’ve Done

1.     Voter Integrity: Fix California has launched a statewide legal survey analyzing the current status of voter rolls throughout the state. This survey is initially led by Cooper and Kirk, PLLC. And will help develop legal strategies for ensuring election integrity in every county in California. Through that work, we have identified at least two strong legal theories, which have established precedent. Additionally, through our work on the data front, we are identifying key areas where there appears to be high concentrations of inaccurate or poorly maintained voter rolls.

2.     Voter Registration: We have launched an aggressive effort to deeply dive into California’s voter data. The team leading this effort, which includes Susie Wiles, has had tremendous success targeting and registering voters. We’ve already identified over one-million targets for a statewide voter registration campaign thanks to the very generous support from some early donors. We’ve also identified conservatives who are at risk of falling inactive on the voter file and therefore must be re-engaged immediately. This data-first approach will allow us to execute the most efficient and effective voter registration effort in California history.

3.     Education Reform: Julie Luckey is helping to spearhead a statewide coalition of policy and grassroots leaders to find the best solutions to our state’s poor educational performance. Fix California helped finance an initial statewide poll on the issues of school choice and education thanks to the generous support of our donors. Through this poll, we are focusing in on the circumstances around school closures and government-imposed limitations on educational choice over the past year. There is clearly a unique appetite to pursue alternative solutions that expand education choice and equality.

What’s Next

“We want to be data-driven,” Grenell said. “We have spent the first quarter doing thorough research and establishing the strategies necessary to put Fix California in a strong position to succeed in every pillar. This work will pay dividends and ensure every dollar invested in Fix California is being spent wisely. However, admittedly, the next step of Fix California is costly. For instance, our statewide registration effort, which will prioritize target counties that will have the most immediate impact on advancing our conservative values, is budgeted at $4,224,995.31. This combines a statewide plan that will realign California, while also adding an additional targeted supplement on priority areas – meaning an increased frequency on registration efforts that will have the largest impact in advancing conservatism.”

“We are also working to continue building coalitions. There are a lot of organizations throughout California doing meaningful work. We believe strongly in working together, sharing resources and data where appropriate (given some legal limitations), and advancing our shared cause together. I am committed to helping ensure more groups and leaders are working closely together and I am personally investing time into that effort.”

“Finally, we are also looking to expand Fix California’s team. We have been able to accomplish a lot already with very minimal overhead. We believe in keeping those costs down, but will need to add a few more people to our small, dedicated team that will allow Fix California to expand at a grassroots level. Currently, we are looking to bring on an Executive Director who will be responsible for managing each pillar and overseeing the day-to-day administrative duties of Fix California.”

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Ric Grenell, Founder, Fix California

Grenell is also talked about as a potential candidate for California Governor since the recall election against current Gov. Gavin Newsom qualified for the ballot. While the recall might oust Newsom from office, it will take a massive effort to realign California’s politics, which is Grenell’s focus.

“Right now in California, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is limited to the ultra wealthy, the ultra powerful… or those who can afford to move to another state. I am not moving, I am fighting back,” Grenell said in our May interview. “California can be first state to say ‘progressive policies didn’t work.'”

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20 thoughts on “Ric Grenell’s ‘Fix California:’ Doing the Hard Work to Make Long-Term Impact on California

  1. Ric Grenell it’s time to throw your hat into the ring. You will make a great California Governor!

    1. It will be many years before anyone stained by association with Trump can win a state-wide race in California.

      1. “STAINED?” Give me a break. Libs have literally STAINED California with feces in the streets! Ric Grenell would be a breath of fresh air (which is desperately needed) in this state!

        1. Oh, yes: “Stained.” Unless he actually testified before Congress against Trump or publicly blew the whistle on some naughty thing going on inside the Trump administration , the very fact that he was part of the administration makes him unelectable in urban California. Given demographic realities, that makes him as unelectable state wide as a Nazi, a KKK member or a registered sex offender.

          1. The only “naughty” things that were going on in the White House under Trump were the deep state creeps trying to undermine him at every turn like a pack of hyenas. Last time I checked California likes to elect Nazis.

          2. It’s so sad that you have bought into Trump being a Nazi or KKK member, if you are actually being sincere here. It’s proven nonsense, yet you choose to believe it. Before believing that anyone is either of these, I would hope that you would have seen tangible evidence of such behavior. Trump is a person, not a kicking post for seemingly angry individuals that blindly accept manipulated media spin. Clearly, it’s awful to accuse others, meaning any individual, of behaviors like these because you simply wish to. Additionally. Ric Grenell is a fine person.

  2. Flipping Cali away from the progressives would be a bright light of hope for all of America.
    To do this would take a lot of courage to stand up to these bullies.
    It has to start with a strong leader.
    This is the guy. I hope he runs.

  3. As much as I would love for Ric Grenell to jump in the recall race, I think he has a long term plan that needs his attention right now. His strategy may be to address/fix the issues that hurt the chances of a conservative to win a gubernatorial race. Our last presidential election has illuminated the corrupt political games being played to retain power by the progressive democrats. I believe he may just be a master chess player.
    It is clear we need real change in this state as we devolve into Calezuela.

    In the mean time we need a placeholder for a year and right now I do not see a frontrunner. Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner would be a big mistake!

  4. Appreciate very much the efforts Grenell has made via Fix California.
    Grenell has not yet said he WON’T run, so maybe we can still hope he will. We need someone like him to take charge sooner rather than later; the state cannot sustain much more damage under Gov Gruesome and the Gang.

  5. There’s a very interesting disconnect between promising to do “the hard work to make long-term impact on California” and emailing “a confidential investor memo to supporters.” If this is really for the benefit of Californians, why keep it confidential? What are Fix-California investors getting that the rest of us don’t know about?

    And if “voter integrity” is so important yet “Fix California” doesn’t have any irregularities to report, the most obvious conclusion is that packing voter rolls with conservatives and keeping progressives out of government isn’t a path to “integrity” at all, but just another power grab by a different cabal of rich folks than the ones running the state now.

  6. Good luck with #1… The California Secretary of State website PROUDLY and apparently DEFIANTLY lists all of the Counties that are using Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment…
    The revelations that came out of the November 2020 Presidential election should give Fix California ample work to prevent voter fraud and miscalculations from algorithms, manual vote overrides from questionable ballot handling and all the other tricks and malfeasance that occurred last November…

  7. Ric Grenell is the only one who could transform California. If you followed him during Trump’s term, you would see his strength and tough, no BS drive to solving problems. A successful Governor in California will need this “no Mr. Nice Guy” attitude to push back against some of the dumbest and feebleminded legislators, assembly people, unions, environmentalist etc. intent on creating endless preventable problems in this state. People of California, let’s build up the pressure and get him to run! Send him encouragement at his FIX CALIFORNIA website (go to bottom of volunteer page): https://fixcalifornianow.com/volunteer/

  8. The only “fix” for California would be a military coup, smashing all civilian government (including in the municipalities which are all corrupt as hell, too), putting it all back on track for about 20 years and then give civilians, elections, and Republican government another shot. Anything else will not work. A single election to fix California is laughable.

  9. I worked with the homeless for five long years. One of the things that I found disturbing is for every major election, CA and US, Dems would come by the homeless camps and give each body $5.00 and a sandwich and a filled out voter guide, and take them in a truck to the nearest voting place, standing behind them. CA does not ask for ID or an address, a BIG mistake.

    This may not seem like a big deal but when there’s 60,000 to 80,000 homeless in LA……the city’s estimate/I think twice as many at least…..voting in these numbers can easily turn elections.

  10. I saw a disturbing article about him doing a Q&A session with some college students at USC. He repeatedly dodged, blocked, or kicked off the zoom call anyone who had questions about the proliferation of LGBT politics and policy in the Republican party. Only softball questions were allowed. The article is on National File. This article says nothing of the homeless or the water situation either, which I feel are huge issues.

  11. To develop a strategy it’s needed to understand what is going on in California and the world. The global elites, multinational corporations and financial institutions have the interest to establish an absolute control over the political process and economic policies in the USA and globally to promote own selfish interests. By implementing anarchistic policies, denying the law and order established by the US Constitution , they’re trying to change the rules in all aspects of social life to promote just own selfish interests. In this condition it becomes critical to explain what’s happening to the masses of people, to engage the citizens to protect the principles of American life formulated in Constitution.
    The understanding of the current political processes will unite the people of different backgrounds and political affiliations who are interested in preserving and developing the American system the way it was founded and during all the years of existence of this great country.

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