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Mikuni's on J St. windows broken, looted. (Photo: Twitter)

Sacramento Destroyed by Rioters; Mayor Steinberg Refused to Impose Curfew

Stunning lack of leadership in California cities led to destruction, chaos, anarchy

By Katy Grimes, June 1, 2020 8:10 am

While the Sacramento Bee still was calling the downtown protests “peaceful,” most of downtown was destroyed Sunday evening by rioters.

“A relatively peaceful day of protests in Sacramento descended into a second night of anarchy Sunday as looters and vandals roamed through pockets of downtown and midtown, smashing windows and looting stores,” the Sac Bee reported. “Some businesses were hit for the second night in a row.”

Black Lives Matter rioters blocked traffic on I-5.

Sacramento police used tear gas to break up a large group at the Capitol.

Rioters even flooded in to my downtown Sacramento neighborhood and threatened neighbors and homes.

“The National Guard should have been called in early yesterday, which is the Mayor’s call,” a neighborhood friend who was on the police scanner reported. “By not doing so, this city is being destroyed and our safety is being put at great risk, because it is allowed to be. Absolutely disgusting.”

Here is a list of some of the destruction highlights in Sacramento Sunday night, into Monday morning:

Tony’s Deli at 12th and J had its windows smashed for the second night in a row, and the interior vandalized.

Building at J St. and 8th on fire.

Businesses looted at L St. and 10th.

Rioters threw fireworks at police.

Rioters broke into Target again – approximately thirty individuals.

People broke into BestBuy

Boost Mobile breached and looted.

O’Reilly Auto Parts windows broken, looted.

Land Park Pharmacy plate glass windows broken; store vandalized.

BevMo in Midtown was looted again Sunday night.

Rite Aid on K St was set on fire, but the sprinklers inside put it out, probably destroying all of the product.

On 16th St, Starbucks, Mikuni, PF Changs and Pieology were vandalized.

Safeway at S and 19th vandalized.

An ATM was stolen from the Wells Fargo on the corner by Safeway.

Fleet Feet was looted.

Miosa Bridal vandalized.

Multiple corner liquor stores looted near G St.

Restaurants looted, cars vandalized on the street and in parking structures, and reports that windows at City Hall broken.

On Broadway, Walgreens was boarded up from Saturday’s riots.

Two vacant buildings across from Golden 1 Credit Union on Broadway had many windows broken.

Is this enough destruction for Mayor Darrell Steinberg?

There were reports that Sacramento Police Department officers were overwhelmed by the rioters.

This destructive chaos was inevitable in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego because of the stunning lack of leadership by California Mayors.

Members of the media could hardly hide their excitement at the destruction and crowds – finally they had footage to support “if it bleeds, it leads” – because the media loves violence.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg refused to issue a curfew Sunday evening, even after the violence, chaos and destroyed businesses Saturday night. In neglecting his responsibility to the people of Sacramento, Steinberg effectively authorized the destruction of downtown, the many small, privately owned businesses, and violent attacks on police.

Rule of law must be returned, and the people must demand it.

Elections matter.

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69 thoughts on “Sacramento Destroyed by Rioters; Mayor Steinberg Refused to Impose Curfew

  1. He’s a coward.
    And if Sacramentans re-elect this Leftist ideologue, they will have no one to blame but themselves as this city disintegrates.

    1. Let Sacramento go the way of SF, and all the other big cities around. It’s whose in the Capitol that’s doing this to your city. The new mantra is “it isn’t in my backyard, wait until it comes to you.” Sacramento set itself up to not do business with certain states due to their stance on transgender issues. Reap what you sow.

  2. Thanks Katy!
    You highlight another example of the lefty tool of “Burn it all down to rebuild it.” Except it is literally burning while smothering the hard work of business owners.

    The NUMBER ONE job of a government, whether left, right or center is to protect it’s citizens! How about it California Mayors!

    1. They gave these people an ok go ahead and distorey our beautiful city’s State’ and literally giving all of these hard working business owners the middle finger as saying I don’t care about you, as long as I get my large pay check.

  3. This is exactly why I am leaving California. It is a shame to see these “so-called protestors” ruin the City of Sacramento.

      1. Get all of your racist asses the fuck out of here and everywhere else too.

        You, who care more about the names of business with broken windows than about the names of people murdered by racist “peace keepers”….get the fuck off of this planet.

        1. THANK YOU. I was waiting to find some sense in these comments. Everybody whining about how unfair this looting is to all the “hard working” people out there, listen up: looting will always be an effective form of protesting so long as we live in a society that continues to value money and material over human life!!!!

          1. That is not what it’s about. They have to work hard for their business. As do I.Burning looting and stealing and attacking people doesn’t solve it.It actually makes the problem worse. Because then they don’t hear us. It just makes people dislike you even more.You people are not solving anything. I had to work hard. I grew up with good parents but no money. I’m black I own a business. Do you think I appreciate somebody going in and destroying my business that I’ve had to work for?That I feed my kids with?These people doing this don’t give 2 dam shits about any dead people.Their criminals. People like you that think it’s OK.Your the problem.

        2. Im black I own a business?am I racist too? They do t care about dead people they are criminals destroying things and harming people. You need to get your priorities straight. Protest peacefully not attacking people burning looting. Thats bs. Your the problem if you think it solves anything. It makes it worse. Just because somebody once there to be line order that’s the way I was brought up I had good parents. I was taught right from wrong not hate this isn’t how to fix this review can’t see that you’re the one that’s in the wrong whether you like it or not. It doesn’t make someone racist to want to protect their families or their businesses that’s the problem with this.

        3. late to the game buuuuuut, you’re an idiot. so if I believe I was wronged by a black person it’s okay to smash your car, house and business?

    1. No where to run to Was A Call Girl. Friends ran to Texas and it’s worse in Texas. Be careful where you run to, it’s all the same every where. Except for maybe Polk County, FL. I like the sheriff there and his way of thinking. He told his citizens to arm up and take them on!

  4. I’m very sorry to hear about the terrible widespread destruction in Sacramento, and that it spilled over into your residential neighborhoods and threatened them. But you are so right that all of this was inevitable because of mayors who are weak and leadership that is ineffectual, so much so that it actually served to cheer on the destruction. In the meantime I sincerely hope the National Guard has shown up.

    In my neck of the woods I watched looters and vandals and predators in some L.A. County cities never before affected by riots (that I am aware of) lay waste to places like the Third Street Mall in Santa Monica. I’m wondering today what will be the reaction of the mostly smug progressive residents who made up the culture when I worked there several years ago and who are still, no doubt, the majority there today. It SHOULD be a wake-up call, but I wonder if it will be. Some, I think, will be sitting in shock, mouths hanging open, wondering HOW the low-life looters they have naively supported could have possibly attacked THEM. “Weren’t we immune?” they might be saying to themselves. But who knows what such people will conclude in the end. I don’t live there, so won’t be able to observe first-hand.

    Of course the City of Santa Monica is also “blessed” or “cursed” (depending on your point of view) with weak leadership. I knew when I saw town-hopping city manager Rick Cole land there and start handing out huge salaries to city workers, only to resign recently at the first sign of unmanageable financial trouble, that Santa Monica was in big trouble too, as of course so many cities in CA and elsewhere are.

    I guess we’ll wait and see — on the edges of our seats — what today and the rest of the week will bring….

    1. You are correct in that all those rioters are destroying society and that the damage they have done is despicable. But, if the Mayor imposes a curfew, only law-abiding folks will obey it. The dirtbag vandals, with the morals of a dung beetle they have, surely will not obey it.

      1. If a mayor imposes a curfew you are correct: the law abiding folks will obey it. But that will leave only the outlaws on the streets, and they will be much easier to notice and arrest. Curfews work.

  5. Katy,
    Nail on head- “Members of the media could hardly hide their excitement at the destruction and crowds”

    I watched the looting of BevMo in real time on KCRA 3 last night. ‘Magically’ , two ‘Good Samaritans’ were there sweeping up the shattered glass minutes after the cops drove up. MAYBE they were legit, but KCRA later interviewed one of them, and by his behavior and mannerisms, it dawned on me he was probably one of the looters. Perhaps not having already looted, but it sure seemed he was either waiting for the news crew to leave so he could go grab some ‘booty’ for himself, or at least make his own casual getaway.

    I had to ask myself, WHY, when the cops arrived and the looters scrambled, the camera man captured one person high tailing it to a get away car- did the camera man zoom in on the plate? Nope- guess it’s not their job? Or perhaps legal ramifications showing a license plate number, even though it was a crime in progress?

    Bottom line is, ALL media wants is a story for their ratings. Interesting thought to ME is IF that had been a situation involving a mass shooter, you KNOW the camera man would have made sure he captured the license plate number as the car began to drive off. But heck, it’s only looting and destruction of property …

    1. yup! the media glorify destruction and chaos, they can not wait for the next run. Steinberg needs to resign today!.

    2. Dave: you are right on in your impression of the media, they are not giving the full story of what is happening. They start the evening saying how peaceful everyone in Cesar Chavez park is. The park seems to be the place where Stevonte Clark and others give speeches that incite the crowd and feed the anger. The media also does this by repeating the Floyd story over and over and pandering to the looters and rioters. They keep calling it a “protest’ when it is a riot and free for all for thieves and the Godless masses. No responsibility is ever taken while people are destroying businesses, hurting policemen, and causing fear and chaos. Many, but not all of the people cleaning up are the virtue signaling liberals who support these groups on sites like NextDoor. BLM openly seeks support on these platforms and these people are hitting the “like” button and giving financial support.

      1. White Liberals are the sickest of all Creatures. Im glad they took their looting to Santa Monica. It is a mecca of White leftist women who support BLM. and every other far left cause… Do you think they will change?

    3. You so nailed it. They are getting a rush from this cuz they have put there self’s other in the line of violence, RIGHT!! They had extra security with them. This has broke my soul that our country and state is trying into a war zone. We have other countries celebrating that the United States is at turmoil with our own people.

  6. This is what happens folks when you elect these “do gooder – social justice warrior Democrats”. They need to give the rioters, oops I mean the “peaceful protestors” room to show their anger. Minneapolis and Minnesota have been run from top to bottom by Democrats for years. The cop that killed that man last week was a veteran of the Minneapolis Police for nineteen years and had at least ten complaints of brutality from citizens during that time. Where was the liberal Democratic mayor when this happened? Where was the appointed Democratic police chief when this happened? I thought the Democrats were the party of racial justice and the party of the little guy. Truth is the Dems don’t care about anybody but their Party. They could give a rat’s $#% about you, me, or anybody! Looks like you will have a lot to talk about Katy Wednesday morning with Phil.

  7. The dirty little not-so-secret is that these leftist mayors and in cahoots with the looters. They prevent the police from doing their jobs and they give inside information to the rioters so they can get away with their mayhem. If you want peace and law and order vote these anti-Americans out of office.

  8. Your article is extremely opinionated you’re obviously a trump fan I’m sorry that this is not Trump country. Obviously people are infuriated and outraged and down right angry and although I don’t agree with looting and destroying businesses , I understand why people are so upset. To blame the mayor and all the lefties for Trump’s lack of leadership is just typical a blind sheep Republicans

    1. What an ignorant comment. Please tell me what this writer has said that is not true. I’m sorry your progressive American hating ideologies are being exposed and we see them for what they really are. We see you & it’s horrible please spare me from your Trump blaming TDS….you are the sheep & sound like a whiny child.

    2. Hmmm. I must have missed something when I read this article. I did not notice that it was opinionated and I did not notice Trump mentioned in it. But what I did notice that there were facts about what businesses were destructed by these “peaceful protestors” and there were citizens concerned about their SAFETY IN THEIR HOMES! It’s not Trumps fault for lack of leadership it’s these Democrats lack of leadership who have been in charge for years in these cities and states where the &%!@ is hitting the fan! By the way Ms. Baulwin I am not a Republican.

    3. Oh my Melissa, may I suggest you reread Katy’s report. Facts do matter, she listed 20 incidences of destruction. I guess that is your definition of law and order. Peaceful, legitimate protests should never end in such violence, whether you understand the anger behind it.

      One last thing , incompetence crosses all party lines. It is always easy to blame “Trump” or Bush when a republican is in office. “The National Guard should have been called in early yesterday, which is the Mayor’s call…”, as stated by Katy. Last time I checked Trump was not the Mayor of Sacramento.

      Truth hurts. Mayor Steinberg has put many innocent lives and businesses at risk by not keeping law and order.

    4. But who is running this state? Who is running all the blue states? This article doesn’t show opinion, it shows facts. But I know, orange man bad.

    5. And you’re a maroon!
      Folks with your mindset are at the root of the problem. Orange Man Bad. He was duly elected and will be re-elected overwhemingly. Just get over it.

      Sorry sweetie, but there’s a REDWAVE a comin’ and it’s comin’ like a freight train.

    6. You have got to be kidding me blaming Trump. Where do you get off with such a statement. Your hatred for a sitting President shows me your inability for critical thinking and just blame everything that’s wrong in the world on Trump. You are so wrong and maybe not today but history will show that Trump is one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

  9. “The Globalist Psyop Has Been Triggered
    The elite are making what could be their final move
    The many layers of the psyop onion are in play.

    It is up to us to recognize how we are being manipulated.

    Social media and every available minion for globalist propaganda is pushing the narrative that will ultimately plunge America into violent chaos.

    Everything we are being fed must be analyzed to uncover the globalist directives. As the National Guard and law officers ratchet up their enforcement. A section of the population blinded by hatred with zero regard for the civil society they are rejecting must be dealt with.”


  10. Every single comment here failed to identify the cause of the riots. Its not steinberg or trump’s fault. It is the 2 cops getting away with murder that caused these riots. Take that out of the equation, no riots. This has been happening for decades. We all know the rioting and looting is wrong, we all know its making things worse, repeating that over and over is missing the point entirely. This is what happens when there is no justice. Easier than tear gassing thousands of enraged and crazy people, or stopping hundreds of criminals taking advantage, is to hold two cops accountable for their actions. The riots stop instantly, just like that.

    1. That is a pretty naive observation Ron, this cop should not have even been able to continue in this line of work. You are correct on that count. At the same time there is no responsibility taken by people committing crimes and resisting arrest. There have been whites also killed by bad cops with no outrage from society. We are being played by the globalists into a race war to divide and separate. These events will not stop here until we weed out the enemies of America and freedom causing these staged events. We can start with the main stream media.

    2. Last I heard one cop has been charged with 3rd degree murder. Some dispassionate examination of his background may reveal cause to up the charge to 2nd or 1st degree. The Ron Burgundy moniker is cute; the creation of a comedian. Apropos.

    3. OK Ron,

      Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor kills Justine Damond and no businesses were damaged, set on fire/burned to the ground, or looted.

      That tells you everything you need to know.

      1. They say every police murder is an isolated incident, even though it adds up higher and higher every year, hence the riots. People are beyond sick of injustice, pushed over the edge. To say that because there was no riot with a murder once or even a few times, it now establishes some kind of proof that it doesn’t have to happen, does not make sense. Police don’t have to keep murdering people, but they keep doing it. People don’t have to react to violence violently, but they keep doing it. What happens most of the time? I can agree they are both wrong, the Police and the looters. There’s no way just the rioters are wrong and not the police. Its easy to judge the rioters for their wrong doing when you are not under attack yourself. As soon as your relative, friend, or self is murdered by the cops, all of a sudden you dont mind the idea of breaking some shit as much. How long does it take after someone pushing you down and slapping you for you to get violent? Guess you’re a rioter too!

  11. whats interesting is that nothing about what happened with FLoyd was proven yet to be racist, all we know at this time is it was a black man and a white cop I have seen zero evidence that this was racially motivated does anybody out there have any evidence in fact the initial contact that I saw on film with FLoyd was another black officer who was the one who handcuffed and removed him from the car.

    Out of the thousands of contacts a year any one police department in America has, this one incident was immediately highlighted as being racist, it could be, it may not be, but there is no evidence at this time definitively that it was. it was at the least extremely bad use of force by a cop that seems to have a history of this sort of thing and at the worse outright murder, to take it immediately to racist was very irresponsible by the media.

    Never does something like this justify what is taking place across the nation now, but one thing for sure we are finding out who the leaders of our government really are by the way they are handling this. It is not Trumps responsibility to govern local communities that is the “Governors” responsibility. Nobody talks about the black and asian officers that were on the scene during the whole thing, why? I was a policeman for many years in a hispanic community and we were often accused of being racist by the people we were dealing with however its funny that it was Mr. Gomez or Mrs Hernandez that called 911 many of the times asking us to run into harms way to help them and we did, we didn’t single out people because of race we singled them out because of the crimes they were committing.

    This whole thing was highlighted because it was the perfect storm for what the left needed right now to push their agenda, people have been cooped up for a long time and very frustrated to begin with and when the narrative started to fall apart low and behold this comes along, racism is not like it use to be when I was younger, not even close and we were doing well to move away from it and yes we still have a ways to go but this is how they divide us because many who have no contact or limited contact with other races now only see black people rioting, burning, and robbing our communities, they don’t see that it is a bunch of white fascists that call themselves antifascists carrying out the exact actions of the brown shirts of world war II, they are the ones infiltrating the peaceful protests and causing all the problems because they know that if they can get the fire going all the frustration will boil over, once they throw the cocktail or break the window they quietly walk away as the rest will self perpetuate. This has been shown in many videos, WAKE UP AMERICA! Your real enemy is not white people, it is not the police departments it is an evil evil bunch of people who control you economically, and socially by controlling what you are fed in the media and making it impossible for you to get ahead in life. If we could unite and concentrate our unity on weeding them out of our society we would live more peaceful than ever before, but many of you can’t believe that they really exist…..

    1. YES, one thing we are not seeing talked about is that the coincidence of a HUGE DESTRUCTIVE CRISIS right smack on the heels of — and actually overlapping —- the PREVIOUS HUGE DESTRUCTIVE CRISIS is a major clue that all of this is being orchestrated. Waiting for an anomaly of an event to happen as a plausible trigger and then calling on the henchmen to overreact and blow it up to further undermine order and an otherwise functioning society certainly looks like what is happening.

  12. Nacho,
    Thank you for sharing that link. I had heard the police officer and Mr. Floyd worked at the same restaurant, but was unable to verify.

    It will be interesting to see how the Minnesota A.G. Keith Ellison will conduct this investigation.

    It is my hope the entire truth will be revealed. We cannot rely on mainstream media to aid in the truth.

  13. Last night there was word rioters might be headed into the foothills of El Dorado County. El Dorado County called in the National Guard to keep the peace and made their presence well known. Guess what? NO RIOTERS. Imagine that.

    This can be done by the Governor, Mayors and county officials. Why aren’t they? They are willfully allowing the mayhem. Why?

    Oh and by the way El Dorado County is run by Conservatives. I think I just answered my own question.

  14. Oh my, the usual “moral values” hypocrites have showed up in force here. Where are you when the human rights of others are being violated, year after year, decade after decade. Oh, that’s right, you tend to support the violators.
    That’s how it works in real life — if someone gets treated unjustly, and you don’t care, then they don’t have to care about you, or your kids.
    If the government gets to break the law, then the citizens are not obligated to keep it either.
    It’s a mutual contract, no exceptions.

    1. @ Vic – thanks for pretending to care, but the simple fact that you and your party do not even protect defenseless unborn life says everything about you and the democrats that anyone needs to know about your morals, values and standards.

      Nice try though !! : D

    2. Arson, looting and assault are justified if you think the government is wrong about something? Apparently you are a thug waiting for any feeble excuse to do what you want to do all the time. You do know the LAW is taking action against the cop that killed this criminal?

    3. Who are you talking about? I care when someone is treated unjustly and I probably typed out my opinion there too.
      you must live in an ivory tower or are a sociopath.
      What does police brutality or injustice have to do with cockroaches destroying the city and people’s small businesses. What gives them that right?
      It is wrong and so is unjust killing.

      Don’t change the subject.

  15. To accuse the left of the rioting is to shift the focus away from the guilty like the O.J. trial. There’s no legit reason to assume the left is for rioting and  wanton destruction of business, no reason to assume only the left engages in protest. Most people are not rioting, most people of any political bent are against smashing up a city. You ALL know that. The blame game is to shift the focus away from the guilty CAUSE and to blame the bad EFFECT. There would be no riots if they had not murdered a man. The extreme conservatives don’t want cops to have to be held accountable, they don’t want justice. For them, the cops are always right no matter what. So they use smoke and mirrors to distort the issue. They call names like commie etc. to make you have to defend yourself, prove you are legit, wasting time, and moving away from their skeletons in their own closet. They stay on the rioting and looting and blame those they don’t agree with as the cause for all the worlds problems, the people they don’t agree with must be the same people looting or must be involved somehow. They don’t advocate for fairness and justice for all, let cops get away with murder because they are supposed to be the law and can do whatever they want. This is bull. Don’t be fooled by the extreme right conservatives. They don’t have a leg to stand on. You can beat them in any debate, all the time. They won’t admit it, but that’s par for the course.

    1. @ Burgundy – it’s amazing at the lengths you leftists will go to deny reality and convince yourself of what you want to the truth to be. No wonder you all go bananas so often, but that makes sense since you’re constantly struggling with reality pulling you out of fantasy land and hitting you in the face.

      The left is behind the riots, the FAKE flu panic, shutting down and the destruction of their states, going full NAZI and forceful oppression based on their manufactured voodoo science. Since you support that and them you’re just as guilty.

      LIKE IT OR NOT !!

  16. “…most of downtown was destroyed Sunday evening by rioters.” Wow, this seems very dramatic for a news story. You didn’t even include enough pictures as proof. This is very poor journalism.

    1. @Chico
      I do hope you are being facetious! You need more pictures! As stated several times here, Katy lists 20 examples of real businesses being destroyed, behind those businesses are real people who earn a living, who now are struggling with a new hurdle.

      Not enough pictures for you huh? Maybe she can put it in cartoon form for you. If you are searching for factual news you have come to the right place, otherwise stick to the local 5 minute news clip or the late night comedic monologue.

  17. Anyone who in any way supports this and the decision to sit back and watch it for any reason is either a sociopath or lives in a gated community in an ivory tower…or both. How much do you hate your fellow American? How dare you feel anything but disgust for this destruction. Shame on you.

    Now that downtown is an expensive mess, all is fixed in this world, right? The bottom dwelling gremlins who did this are just misunderstood right?

    The people involved in this are rotten, empty creatures. Make no teary excuse. This has nothing to do with any racism inside any organization. This is evil. If you support this then no doubt your house hasn’t been torched yet. If you support this, I hope it does.

    Any message will be difficult to hear among the sound of sweeping and vacuuming and crying over loss of small business one day after reopening. But it’s just stuff, right. Right.

  18. The looting and destruction visited upon these business, is of no consequence, since they “did not build that”.

  19. My apologies to those of you who reside in Sacramento, but I just can’t find it in my heart to mourn the destruction caused to our capitol city by what amounts to peasants with pitchforks and torches. Indeed, it’s been something of a personal fantasy of mine for several decades.

    Perhaps the Legislature will learn something from the experience.

  20. I actually live in Sacramento and ot was not destroyed. Some damage was done by angry people. But it was FAR from destroyed. You sound like cry babies. This article is based in lies.

  21. In June 2020 Sacramento Mayor Steinberg Refused to Impose a Curfew when Black Lives Matter and Antifa Terrorists were destroying the city. By February 2021 the dopey Sacramento mayor came to recognize terrorism, when his home and property was vandalized by “peaceful protesters” who destroyed a cherished homemade piece of art, threw rocks at his front door, and repeatedly shouted his children’s names. This is proof that even the dumbest Democrat Mayors can learn the difference between riots and peaceful protests.

  22. There was senseless destruction from looters and vandals who used the demonstration as cover, but far from destroyed, maybe slightly damaged. The actual protesters did leave mounds of trash all over the place like a band of homeless people. Does protesting even accomplish anything? Did they “wake white Americans up to the racism, brutality, unfairness and fear black Americans have had to endure”?(BLM) I wasn’t even aware that was a secret and 2 years later I dont see how any of this made any progress, if anything it made it worse. Petitions seem more worthwhile and usually have a clear single message of what you want and how to get it done, plus its less likely to take damage resulting from the bad and idiotic behavior by a few members

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