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Sacramento Police Department Report Shows Number of Victims Shot Up 333.33 %

Violent crimes continue to rise

By Katy Grimes, April 29, 2021 10:51 am

The Sacramento Police Department publishes a Monthly Chief’s Report  of the most recent statistics: shooting victims, shooting reports, firearms arrests and seized, and the like. 

The March 2021 report clearly shows violent crimes continue to rise, in comparison to this time last year:

2021 – Number of Victims Shot: 65 (333.33 % Increase)

2021 – Shooting Reports: 186 (121.4 % Increase)

Our officers continue to encounter and seize a lot of firearms:

2021 – Arrests for Possession of Firearms: 302 (86.4 % Increase)

2021 – Number of Reports with Firearm Seized: 309 (83.9 % Increase)

2021 – Total Number of Firearms Seized: 422 (61.1 % Increase)

Of disturbing interest is the category, “Assault and/or Resist a Police Officer. In just one month, March 2021, there were 53 assaults and/or resisting a police officer incidents assaults and/or resisting a police officer incidents.  In all of 2020, there were 199 assaults and/or resisting a police officer incidents. Year-to-date 2021 ending in March, there are already 169 assaults and/or resisting a police officer incidents.

This is the very incident that can and has lead to deadly consequences for both the police officers and the person they apprehended – and these are only increasing. 

The final monthly chief’s report from 2020 (below) provides statistics for our entire city and gives a comparison of 2019 versus 2020. 

Arrests for possession of firearms:

2019 – 561

2020 – 838

49.4 % Increase

Number of reports with firearm seized:

2019 – 633

2020 – 917

44.9 % Increase

Number of victims shot:

2019 – 150

2020 – 217

44.7 % Increase

Shooting reports:

2019 – 461

2020 – 599

29.9 % Increase

Total number of firearms seized:

2019 – 973

2020 – 1,238

27.2 % Increase

Another important statistic, not included in the attachment:

*Homicide Statistics:

2019 – 34

2020 – 43

26 % Increase

Monthly Chief’s Report – March 2021

Monthly Chief’s Report – December 2020
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7 thoughts on “Sacramento Police Department Report Shows Number of Victims Shot Up 333.33 %

  1. Unfortunately not just Sacramento. This is happening all across the state.
    The Soros funded DA’s like Chesea Boudin and George Gascon coupled with the results of Prop 47, covid early prison release and no cash bail has led to this mess!

    Orange County I hope you can fight this off!

  2. Just wait til Social workers enter the police routines….we will wish it was only 333% increase in crime

  3. Why aren’t the Sacramento police department doing anything about gun control, they should be telling California legislators and lawmakers to push for more freedoms with our firearms, like permitless open carry for example and 18 year olds having their rights back considering it hasn’t done anything at all

  4. Do you live in a gated community? You should! The people running this state do, some with armed guards! Their not worried for the safety of themselves and their families why should you?
    Creating chaos and civil unrest is a Marxist method to drive us with fear to the feet of the government.
    Don’t buy it!

  5. What percentage of those crimes are committed by, according to Lyin’ Joe and Kacklin’ Kamalalalala, the existential threat to the country, the white supremacists? Asking for a friend.

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