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Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. (Photo: city youtube screen capture)

Sacramento: Typical of Poorly Run Blue-Mayor Cities

Poor Quality of Life: High crime, homeless camps, drug culture, Antifa violence, and Mayor wants more power

By Katy Grimes, August 3, 2020 2:12 am

Sacramento, CA has been run by Democrat Mayors and Democrat-dominated city councils for decades. And as with other Democrat-dominated cities, Sacramento, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, have become horrific sh*t-holes, with streets lined with people living in tents and cardboard boxes, there are rodent and bug infestations, human excrement on the sidewalks, discarded syringes and drug paraphernalia litter gutters, and a high illegal alien population. RVs also line these streets, with plastic storage boxes underneath catching the sewer leakage. And residents are just supposed to look the other way.

It’s also important to know that the top 10 most dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats.

Most of the Mayors of these cities offer very little value to the residents, and spend time only currying favor with big campaign donors and capitulating to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the far left, as Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has mastered.

Steinberg, who is rumored to have his eye on the Governor’s Mansion, has never run anything except maybe a 5K. He started out as a labor union lawyer for the SEIU, was a member of the Sacramento City Council (1992–1998), then ran for State Assembly (1998–2004), and State Senate until he was termed out (2008-2014). He then curiously ran for Mayor of Sacramento, which many say is a placeholder office until he can run for another state office.

Now Steinberg is proposing city voters make him a “Strong Mayor,” and toss out Sacramento’s Council/Manager form of governance.

Steinberg sent out a vomit-worthy letter this week explaining his position:

“The people of Sacramento are asking: ‘Is my city doing all it can to improve the
lives of all our people, but especially people whose zip codes too often dictate
their life choices and their life chances.’ Next year I will start my 25th year of elected public service to the City of Sacramento. The charter change issue is not personal to me; I just want to do what is best for our city. I know that’s what you want too.'”

Notably, Steinberg wants more control and power as he lets violent protesters destroy downtown Sacramento, with looting, breaking windows, they steal from already struggling businesses, leaving these business owners and clientele more fearful and more disposed to keeping the city locked down.

Sacramento voters have defeated three attempts to pass a Strong Mayor in 10 years. The Globe doesn’t think voters will buy what Steinberg is selling this time either.

As for the crime, the Sacramento Police Department provides all of the recent arrests from within three blocks of a very large transient/homeless camp on 22nd Street at X St. and W St. The really serious crimes are committed by transients.

This transient decided to poop right out in front of the Aikido business on 21st between Broadway and X. (Photo: Facebook)

The Globe has learned that the City (the Mayor) tells the police to leave these transient camps alone. So while California residents are still told to shelter at home, Gov. Gavin Newsom has released more than 8,000 inmates from prisons and jails, with a total of 16,000 by the end of August will have been released. These people live on the streets.

(These illegal transient/homeless camp border my neighborhood. I just drove by the transient tent camps – 22nd St. is still the worst, but 20th, 21st, 23rd are bad as well. There are tent camps on all of the freeway on-ramps and off-ramps.)

Here are a few of the recent arrests, posted by SacPD on Next Door:

15th St./X

“Shortly before 8:00 a.m., two of our officers were in the area of 15th Street and X Street when they ran a license plate check of a vehicle traveling in the area. The license plate on the vehicle returned to a Nissan and the vehicle was actually a Honda. Officers initiated a traffic stop and the driver fled in the vehicle. After a short vehicle pursuit, the driver abandoned the vehicle in the area of X Street and Alhambra, then fled on foot. The officers chased the driver on foot. While running from the officers, the driver tossed a handgun. The officers caught up to the driver and safely detained him without any use of force.”

“The officers retrieved the handgun which was a .22 caliber revolver. Additionally, officers determined the vehicle was stolen. During a search of the vehicle and the driver, officers located a significant amount of amphetamines and drug paraphernalia. Subsequently, the driver was arrested for the following charges:

•           Possession of a firearm by a felon.

•           Felon in possession of ammunition.

•           Unlawfully possessing a firearm.

•           Possession of a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm.

•           Felony evading.

•           Possession of stolen property.

•           Auto theft.

“Fortunately, nobody was injured during this incident and the officers safely detained the driver without any use of force. Our officers remain committed to keeping you and your families safe.”

“Shortly before 3:30 a.m., our graveyard patrol officers responded to a business in the 2100 block of Broadway due to a report of a vandalism in progress. Our officers arrived quickly and located a subject nearby matching the descriptions provided on the call. The subject was safely detained. The officers conducted a follow up investigation and determined that the subject was denied alcohol at the business, then he smashed the front glass doors with a large rock to gain entry and access to alcohol. Subsequently, this subject was arrested for felony burglary.”

“While most of us are sleeping during the late night and early morning hours, our graveyard officers are patrolling our neighborhoods, responding to 911 calls and doing all they can to help keep us safe. I am grateful that we have officers who are willing to put our Sac PD uniforms on every night and take on the graveyard shift.”

Broadway/22nd (post office) – the victim also posted on Next Door and said she was pregnant.

“Yesterday morning, shortly after 10:30 a.m., our patrol officers responded to the area of Broadway and 22nd Street due to multiple reports of a subject aggressively panhandling and harassing people in the area. Responding officers made contact with a subject who matched the descriptions provided by the callers. Our officers learned that this subject attempted to physically assault and rob a female of her personal belongings. A computer check showed the subject to be on probation. Based on the circumstances, the subject was arrested for attempted robbery and probation violation.”

Broadway/18th (Chevron Gas Station)

“Yesterday afternoon, shortly after 3:00 p.m., our patrol officers responded to the Chevron in the 1800 block of Broadway due to a caller reporting an attempted stabbing. Responding officers learned that the caller was at the gas station, airing up the tires of his vehicle when a male subject approached him and began acting erratically. The subject advanced towards our caller, while armed with a sharp object and started swinging. Our caller defended himself and the male subject with the sharp object left the area.”

“Our responding officers checked the area for the subject responsible for this violent act and located him nearby. This subject was safely detained and arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Fortunately, our caller was not injured during this incident and his 911 call led to a quick response by our officers and an arrest. Please continue to call our police department as we remain committed to keeping you and your families safe.”

Sacramento’s 513,625 residents are divided into eight very different city council districts.

The Government of Sacramento operates as a charter city, as opposed to a general law city. The elected government is composed of the Sacramento City Council with the 8 city council districts and the Mayor of Sacramento, which operate under a mayor-council government.

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6 thoughts on “Sacramento: Typical of Poorly Run Blue-Mayor Cities

  1. Goodness sakes…. ‘ coming to a city near you .’ Californians need to wake up as Oregon and Washington state seem like the epicenter of violence. but as we read here, the mayor of our state capitol has taken it upon himself to recruit and encourage violence and destruction to our formerly Golden State.

  2. Thank you for this post Ms. Grimes. The city of Sacramento is “small change” compared to the other West Coast cities. Steinberg is starving for attention and will continue to copy Los Angeles and San Francisco in an attempt to “elbow his way” to a seat at the table with other failing Democrat mayors who claim to know what is best for the electorate despite years of evidence to the contrary. A la Mr. Rogers, “Can you say Bill de Blasio? I knew that you could.”

  3. Dear Leader Steinberg? If you believe the Democrat rhetoric you would expect that the streets would be paved in gold. The reality is they are paved in human shi*t.

  4. What is happening in Sacramento and other CA cities has been completely unacceptable for some time now. And these mayors want to hammer away at destroying our cities beyond repair because……? Okay, money, power, blah, blah, blah. But really, no normal person can fathom it. But actually I’m finished with trying to get inside these mayors’ heads; it seems unhealthy, because I think they all belong in a rubber room and at one time they would have been in one, if only because of their delusions and failure to orient to time and place, instead spouting fantasies and irrelevancies and nonsense words that no one can understand.

    It’s a mystery that mayors like Steinberg and Garcetti and others were elected in the first place, but with the usual useful idiots, low voter turnout, a massive number of public employees, probably some voter fraud thrown in, and who-knows-what-else, maybe it’s not so hard to figure out after all. But winning the “strong mayor” crown if this year’s voters have a say? If it didn’t work on Sacramento’s voters before, it’s definitely not going to work on them this year if there is any legitimacy left in our elections. This year is different.

  5. Not living in Sacramento, I must have others vote there by proxy for me. The transient taking a dump on the sidewalk was merely placing her vote for me on how Sacramento is being run.

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