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San Francisco Vows to Vaccinate All City Residents By June 30

Unrealistic and impossible timeline, goal may be ludicrous

By Evan Symon, January 22, 2021 3:03 pm

San Francisco city and health officials announced this week that they plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to all 870,000 residents of the city by June 30th.

In San Francisco, rollouts have been slow. As of mid-week, only 31,000 vaccines had been administered, with only 7,000 of those receiving a second dose thus far. This is despite the city receiving 103,000 doses from the government and more than 210,000 people in the city currently being eligible to receive the vaccine by being listed in the first phase or by being over the age of 65.

With a need to drastically ramp up vaccinations in the city, and San Francisco falling behind cities like Los Angeles in the total number of doses administered, the total vaccination by summer plan as revealed at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday.

“Working with our major health system partners and other community clinics, our goal by June 30 is to get our entire population of 900,000-plus individuals in San Francisco vaccinated for COVID-19,” said Director of the San Francisco Health Network Roland Pickens on Wednesday. “As you can imagine there will be many twists and turns in the road, but we are feeling confident that once the vaccine supply is more readily available and reliable we will be able to reach this goal based on our current planning and collaboration.”

San Francisco City Supervisor Matt Haney. (Photo: Wikipedia)

“The chief obstacle we are facing is not enough doses. You only get it one way; you get it for free and you get it from the federal government.”

While the city aims to get more doses soon, they are also following the lead of Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and other Californian cities by building large mass vaccination centers at high-capacity areas. A large drive through center at the City College of San Francisco is due to open on Friday, with other large vaccination centers also going up soon at the Moscone Center and the San Francisco Market. By the time they are all open and enough doses arrive, the city said they could be vaccinating up to 10,000 people a day.

“Many things we’ve been pushing for for the past few weeks and there were no commitments to do, we now have commitments,” said Supervisor Matt Haney during the meeting. “The private health care providers are all committed to sharing data. There are now timelines on mass vaccination sites, including one opening on Friday. And there’s commitment to a goal of when we can vaccinate everyone in the city and a daily goal. This is good.”

An unrealistic and impossible timeline

However, despite the optimism shown by the Supervisors and health officials, many noted that the timeline is very unrealistic.

“San Francisco was even less prepared for vaccinations than Los Angeles,” Peter Inouye, a Bay Area nurse who has helped care for COVID-19 patients and is currently helping administer the vaccine, explained to the Globe. “I’ve been to enough meetings to know that a promise of total vaccinations means nothing if we don’t get the vaccines in the first place. That’s the big hang-up. There’s no guarantee that San Francisco will even get half that many doses by the spring. And also, what if production has to stop or something?”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed. (Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“You also have to take into account the number of people refusing doses. 20 to 40% of all healthcare workers are refusing it right now. I know a few in San Francisco who are just saying no to it. So that trend gets even more worrying when we get to the general public, because there we have even more refusing it, as well as people like anti-vaxxers. So, with that taken into account, it’s an impossible task. but the city made a big promise anyway. They just can’t meet it. It’s a good goal to have, but it’s a promise they will have to break.”

While not mentioning the high numbers of vaccine refusals, city officials this week have noted that the need for vaccines, like much of the country, is needed.

“We simply need more vaccines,” stated Mayor London Breed on Tuesday after announcing that the vaccine supply in the city was exhausted.

New vaccination figures are expected to be released by the city next week, which may signal how the city is responding to the new ‘by summer’ total vaccination goal.

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Evan Symon
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11 thoughts on “San Francisco Vows to Vaccinate All City Residents By June 30

  1. On March 6, 1900, Chinatown resident Chick Gin was found dead in the basement of the Globe Hotel. Public Health authorities had an autopsy performed, and they sent his lymph glands to the Marine’s Medical Service on Angel Island (forerunner of the CDC). The Marine’s came back and said it was “bubonic plague.” At the time, Plague had never occured in North America , and the bacteriological etiology used by the Marines were based on hearsay from British inquests in Calcutta. The Board of Health ordered the SFPD to surround Chinatown and completely barricade it. Only whites could leave, and local press called it a “rice eating disease.”

    The board of health then issued an order to innoculate all San Francisco Chinese with the experimental Haffkine pophylactic vaccine, which had been tested on “volunteers” in a Bombay prison in 1897. On May 19, health authorities descended on Chinatown with syringes. Public health authorities then mandated Vaccine Passports, forbidding travel of any Chinese outside of San Francisco if they did not receive the experimental vaccine.

    On May 24th the Chinese sued on behalf of Wong Wai. On May 28th 1900 Judge Morrow handed down a decision overturning both – these are still precedent in the City and County. Judge Morrow further stated it was beyond the authority of the city Charter for the Board of Health to legislate without a popular vote. The Board then proceeded to put a draconian quarantine on Chinatown, closing thousands of businesses. Thousands of Chinese were deported to Angel Island as vagrants. Fremont Older’s “The Call” (the liberal paper) urged Chinatown be razed to the ground. The situation went on until 1905.

    When plague actually reached America in 1907 when port inspections were relaxed after the earthquake, it hit every neighborhood in San Francisco EXCEPT Chinatown where rats were considered a food item. In 1994, a researcher examined the preserved lymph node of Chick Gin when it was being moved out of the US Public Health Service facility at the SF Presidio upon its closure. Gin had tuberculosis – not plague.

  2. Tell me why Mayor Breed and others keep crying they don’t have enough vaccine, when it is reported that only 31,000 doses have been given out of the 103,000 they (SF) received?? Considering the high percentage (20-40, so must be 40) of people declining the vaccine along with your slow distribution rate, your current vaccines have a high rate of instability due to storage variabilities. Worry about what you have now instead of making this an inventory issue! Who knows, things magically happen in CA, just like the Sacramento Counties getting to open even though the ICU numbers do NOT meet the criteria on Newsoms State Wide Regional dashboard to do so. IS this the first step in COVID-19 emergency magically going away after inauguration? If so, I love magic!

    1. Well, let’s put this in context of San Francisco’s public health system: two years ago at Laguna Honda the staff was caught taking “abu gharib” like photos of mental health patients. It’s a prime piece of real estate, so what Mayor Breed has done is appoint totally incompetent administrators so the state would come in and shut the hospital down. It would then be sold to politically-connected developers who stand to make a fortune.

      San Francisco regularly ships patients out of county, so the idea that there is suddenly a hospital bed shortage is ludicrous. It’s been going on for years and is mostly related to an insurance spat. Then there’s the Hospital bond which saw about $700 Million dollars diverted to other crony projects. Then there’s also the “Vertical therapy” the use to bilk Medi-Cal in their psychiatric ward by forcing patients into sleep deprivation “therapy” (a form of torture) so they can speed up the revolving door instead of actually treating mental illness or caring about positive health outcomes.

      And don’t even get me started on the AIDS-Mafia and its San Francisco Nonprofit Industrial Complex.

  3. A ramped-up rollout of experimental, untested vaccines that have a strong potential to destroy lives (kill) and maim is NOT a sane or safe program. There is no proof that these vaccines prevent CV-19. There is no proof that the CV-19 virus even exists. You can’t have a vaccine for a virus is unfounded and proven. The CDC has already admitted that there is no isolate of the virus;. The PCR tests are a fraud; they don’t diagnose CV-19 even though the Mayor keeps talking about “cases” rising. People’s lives are being destroyed by the lockdown and the mayor is obsessed with a fraudulent number of rising “cases.” This hysteria over the CV-19 is one for the history books.

    1. I am just wondering who is left in San Francisco at this point?
      I guess they will vaccinate the drug addicts, indigent and a few young techies.
      How can city officials make such claims, they will vaccinate all residents by July?! Ridiculous.
      Wait was that a unicorn running down Market street?

  4. San Franfreakshow hysteria at its finest…

    These people are INSANE…and they run our state….

    The solution is becoming clearer…

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