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Gov. Gavin Newsom at press conference. (Photo: Twitter, Office of the Governor)

Science or Politics? Gov. Newsom Stretching Out California’s Re-Opening

Will the lockdown on businesses last until Tuesday, Nov. 3?

By Katy Grimes, June 6, 2020 10:11 am

California, with 40 million residents, has 4,653 deaths attributed to COVID-19. New Jersey has 12,216; Michigan has 5,895; Illinois has 5,904; Massachusetts has 7,316; New York has 30,442.


Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a statewide business lockdown and shelter-in-place order on March 19 for the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. However, California’s numbers never spiked as expected, except in Los Angeles, and even there, it was mild compared to other large cities.

Sacramento County has only 60 deaths attributed to COVID-19, out of 1.5 million total residents in the county.

Since then, Newsom has been dribbling out teaser announcements for re-opening businesses, with little to no actual “science” behind the decisions, despite his protestations.

Disingenuous media continue to run misleading headlines claiming an “increase” in COVID-19 cases, such as this by the Sacramento Bee:

Coronavirus cases jump by 33 percent in Placer County as it reopens business, government.

Deep into the article, the Placer County Health Officer Dr. Aimee Sisson contradicts the headline: “fewer than 5 percent of tests are coming back positive over a rolling 14-day period. This is not high enough to warrant imposing stricter social distancing guidelines.”

There still is a recovery rate from the virus of more than 98%, but the media rarely says this.

However, the reporter undermines the county doctor: “Since a surge in COVID-19 cases could result in an overwhelming number of people seeking hospital care, public health officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been keeping tabs on hospital capacity nationwide.”

“As of Wednesday, they said, COVID-19 patients, occupied six percent of California hospitals’ inpatient beds. That adds up to 4,469,” the Bee reported.

However, “According to the CalMatters hospitalization tracker, there are over 3,100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients across the state.” And the bulk of those are in Los Angeles County.

Dr. Sisson explicitly said confirmed “cases” are expected to rise as more testing is done. But cases don’t translate to hospitalization with a 98% recovery rate.

In late April, Californians were told that it could be months before residents would be able to get their hair or nails done, or visit gyms and entertainment venues, according to officials.

On Friday, Newsom’s California Health and Human Services (CHHS) Secretary Dr. Mark Gahly announced that schools, campgrounds, movie and tv productions, zoos, gyms, bars, and professional sports could reopen under strict rules and alterations beginning on June 12th, California Globe reported. The advanced Phase 3 reopenings would also include updated rules for already partially reopened places such as hotels, museums, and casinos.

“According to Dr. Gahly, counties will only be allowed to move up to the advanced Phase 3 if coronavirus cases remain low, adequate testing is done, and that counties have shown that they are prepared for a greater number of re-openings, as well as being prepared for upticks in the number of cases in case of another outbreak.”

It is apparent to anyone paying attention that Gov. Newsom is trying to keep the state under his thumb in lockdown mode as long as possible – Tuesday, November 3, 2020, comes to mind.

In March, Governor Newsom announced that the lockdown in California would continue on through at least April but also possibly through mid-June.

In April, Newsom announced that the state lockdown would begin to end in only a matter of weeks, fulfilling a prediction he made in March about the lockdown possibly lasting until June.

Also in April it became evident that Newsom was refusing to even put out a tentative re-open date, even as testing of coronavirus infections showed than they were not only leveling off, but dropping. Californians began protesting the lockdown throughout the state.

Early in March, Newsom told Californians to stay at home in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus outbreaks in order to not overwhelm our hospitals. But hospitals in California were never overwhelmed. Emergency rooms have been largely empty, and the state’s 422 hospitals’ ICUs had few actual coronavirus patients each.

The media and government hysteria over Coronavirus overshadowed the 780 people who die each day anyway in California from other causes: cancer, motor vehicle crashes, suicides, homicides, drug overdose, and the top killer, coronary heart disease.

For context, look at the numbers from the Center for Disease Control – actual numbers, and not projections and models:

California, with 40 million residents, has 4,653 deaths attributed to COVID-19. New Jersey has 12,216; Michigan has 5,895; Illinois has 5,904; Massachusetts has 7,316; New York has 30,442.

In the three most populated states, California (40 million), Texas (29 million) and Florida (21 million), with 90 million total residents, there a combined 8,796 total deaths attributed to COVID-19.

New Jersey has a population of 8.9 million. Michigan has 10,045; Illinois has 12.6 million; Massachusetts has 6.8 million; New York, the fourth most populated state in the country, has a population of 19.8 million.

The reasons for keeping California even partially closed are not based on science; it is pure politics at this point.

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26 thoughts on “Science or Politics? Gov. Newsom Stretching Out California’s Re-Opening

  1. Gruesome will keep the unemployment rate high to fuel the looting and rioting. None of this is by accident or chance.

  2. “Will the lockdown on businesses last until Tuesday November 3?”
    I doubt there are many of us here who would be surprised if that happened.

    Maybe by conservatives saying that, “Gruesome-the-Contra” will open up just out of spite and to show us we’re wrong. Isn’t that exactly who he is?

    If there is one good thing to come out of this it’s that Gruesome and the Gang’s phony “science” mantra has been blown to smithereens. We’ve seen with our own eyes that this has never been about “science” and “data” but ONLY about politics and punishment.

    We’ve been drowning in lies from these people. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who believes ANY of the COVID numbers and continued death-knells coming out of CA state and local govt. now or who isn’t rejecting them in retrospect. We’ve been HAD, folks! How do you FEEL about that? Good? Grateful?

    Here’s another good thing: For anyone who didn’t know already, Gov Gruesome has been revealed as a failed, fraudulent, incompetent leader, and an annoying one as well. That can’t be good for his fantasized political future. But I guess we’ll see.

    1. Well said @ShowandTell!

      Has anyone noticed how robotic Newsom has become? He looks like a cardboard cut out and his data is as flimsy as his picture perfect cutout!

      It has been all about control! Let’s see how this fairs for the liberal, ruinous governors!

      1. I’m thinking an actual robot as Gov would be preferable. How could it be worse?
        For all of Newsom’s fake concern about COVID and the orders to his minions to hand-wring and be heartbroken and “follow the science” about COVID, the mayors and the public health officers and whoever churns out those dreadful Public Service Announcements, the last couple of weeks have demonstrated without a doubt that none of them give a damn what happens to the Californians they are supposed to be working for and protecting, or about their livelihoods, or their welfare, or their businesses, or their safety (eye roll), or their LIVES.
        So at least stop with the phony show — it’s an insult added to injury and we’re sick to death of it. If you’ve locked the exit door and thrown away the key, at least have the guts to say so.

        1. Agree, a robot would be preferable. He is more like a snake and unfortunately snakes in the grass lie in wait, give ya a phony smile and then poison you.
          Now W.H.O comes out with updated information informing us that asymptomatic people are not super spreaders. How convenient for the looters and rioters.
          Timing is everything I guess the supposed scientific data is important when it fits the cause!

  3. Being the pampered prince of the Getty Fortune financial pipeline, he has never understood that for actual people, money is finite. When you lose your lively hood, you also lose the capital necessary to start over. Taking a statistically thin chance of dying in preferable to being destitute.

  4. His name is actually STALIN NEWSCUM.

    We are fed up with all these communists running our state to the ground!

  5. Covid messages are confusing, technical, sometimes kooky irresponsible….If the spike comes, the true horror arises….

    People are taking the easy way out……hope it’s the way out.

    1. His joker smile is disgusting. He is phoney, fake, manipulative and a criminal. He doesn’t even try to hide his corrupt scams with we the peoples money. How dare he send a billion dollars to china to make masks, when we could have made them here for much cheaper an made many jobs for Americans. He just lets criminals walk the streets. Gives our money to illegals. Plays politics with our livelihoods like its nothing. All while flashing that joker smile. I really hope californians have had enough of all the democrat politicians in CA an across the US. Please walk into a poll station an vote red in November. Take a friend or neighbor with you. Im tired of Newsom an his crime family punking us.

      1. Iwishuwood: Seems to me you have covered it all re Gavin Newsom. Who he is and the havoc he has wreaked in this state. To begin a U-turn on this devastation, to repeat what you said: Vote Red in November.

  6. I for one am thankful for the decisions made by our Governor.
    Californians should be grateful for all the lives that were kept
    from getting this virus. His early responses saved numerous lives.
    Thank God he opposed our 9th-grade reader President
    (fact Check). He was told this will just disappear and go away
    (fact Check ) Wake up Republicans time to admit he needs to
    go, if not for your self do it for our pride to be an American.

    1. “His early responses saved numerous lives.”

      Yeah, sure Newsom did and how can you prove a hypothetical? Must be the original data and modeling…..

      Wow, so now if you vote other than democrat you are un-American! Me thinks you have that backward, oops, that is my ninth grade California education speaking:;)
      I guess I have no pride:(
      TRUMP 2020

  7. The only one who needs to go is your lying Governor who tanked the CA employment market intentionally for political purposes.

    1. Amen. I cringe inside that others cannot so blatantly see this is purely a POLITICAL game to overthrow Trump. Trump is not the enemy, here. Far from it!

  8. he’s doing an excellent job & all of you spoiled brat whiners need to pay attention to caring for each other instead of demanding everyone party in the streets slobbering your stupidity all over each other

    1. @ elizabeth

      He definitely is going a stupendous job at failing, lol !!

      Don’t lecturing me on caring for Karen the Liberal since you people do NOTHING to protect innocent, vulnerable, helpless, unborn children. The only people partying in the streets are your fellow HATE-filled democrat voters. Or did you miss all the riots? Oh, I mean … the ‘ protests ‘.

      Go back to nextdoor and/or facebook so you can shame, bully and rat on your neighbors with the rest of the fascist democrat NAZIS and be rewarded by your left-wing handlers.

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