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Secretary of State Releases Final Recall Petition Signature Report

1,719,943 valid signatures collected in total out of 2.1 million submitted

By Evan Symon, May 6, 2021 2:57 pm

The California Secretary of State’s office released a final recall petition report on Wednesday, showing that a total of 1,719,943 valid signatures were verified out of 2,161,349 signatures submitted two months ago – just under an 80% validation rate.

According to the final report, Los Angeles County contributed the most verified signatures with 264,495. LA was followed by Orange County with 215,714 signatures, San Diego County with 179,039 signatures, Riverside County with 146,803 signatures, and San Bernardino County with 106,475 signatures.

While high totals were reported elsewhere around the state, including the Central Valley and the Sacramento Valley, the Democratic-dominated Bay Area had low final signature totals, especially compared to the total population of the counties in question. Governor Gavin Newsom’s home county, Marin, garnered only 6,288 signatures despite a total county population of  257,154. Southern San Mateo County fared only a little better, bringing in a total of 15,092 verified signatures compared with a population of 767,423.

However, despite the wide signature disparity between counties, the recall campaign received enough enough signatures to trigger a recall election, formally qualifying late last month after reaching the needed threshold of 1.495 million verified signatures.

Leaders of the California Patriot Coalition – Recall Gavin Newsom and RecallGavin2020, the main forces behind the recall campaign celebrated the release of the final signature report on Wednesday, noting that it is a victory for both the people of California and for grassroots organizations across the country.

“Democracy reigns in California. Today, We the People of California celebrate the millions of people who took the recall campaign of California Governor Gavin Newsom into their own hands,” said California Patriot Coalition – Recall Gavin Newsom Chairman Orrin Heatlie in a statement on Wednesday. “Our campaign is ratcheting up for a new phase of our campaign and this grassroots movement. We are fueled by the People, and now we are urging everyone across America who believes in grassroots Democracy to make a small donation to help fuel this  historic campaign.”

Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Official Media Spokesman for the campaign, had similar remarks.

“Remember, is a Citizen Democracy, the final judge and jury are the People of California, not the political elite, not political party bosses and other outsiders,” Economy said. “The People oversee California.”

Despite the recall election already qualifying, the final report was anticipated by many both for and opposed to the recall in California as it shows where recall supporters, Governor Newsom, and the numerous recall candidates alike will need to concentrate geographically during the election later this year.

“This final signature report is a very useful tool for both Newsom’s campaign and the others,” former lobbyist Harry Schultz, who helped lobby during the 2003 Gray Davis recall, explained to the Globe Thursday. “It shows where recall supporters are concentrated by county. Even if you argue that it’s skewed due to recall campaign volunteers working in certain counties, that tells you where the movement is strongest at and where the battleground counties will be. Newsom, as well as Faulconer, Cox, Jenner, and everyone else running will definitely be visiting Southern California a lot in the coming months. As things reopen and large events start coming back, like these scaled-down county fairs and political rallies, it’s going to start perking up quite a bit. This won’t be like 2003, but the nation will be watching this recall again nonetheless.”

“And this time, the key is Southern California.”

The 2021 recall election is expected to take place later this year, likely in October or November.

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Evan Symon
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12 thoughts on “Secretary of State Releases Final Recall Petition Signature Report

  1. This pains me to say this, but the Bay Area is a lost cause! The Kool Aid is strong up here!
    Even as I state this, future conservative candidates CAN NOT write it off, that is one of the reasons we are in this mess! We need an alternative voice to appeal to those hurting all over this state.

    1. Agree, Cali Girl. Candidates must make INROADS in the Bay Area and other BLUE districts. An alternative CHOICE has to be presented for people WILLING to THINK. Remember: “When people start to THINK, they are no longer Democrats”.

  2. I’m losing faith that there will be or even could be change in this state. Democrats have rigged the system in this state with bloated government agencies staffed with union members to vote their candidates and causes in. They seem to have created system within the system that favors them to the detriment of Californians. They are an elitist bunch who represent very few until there is an election on the horizon at which time they claim to have the backs of every minority and fringe group they can find but it’s for exploitation not representation. Look how they have managed our state, and now they want to infect the rest of the nation. Sorry for the rant, I shouldn’t have given up anti-depressants.

      1. I know exactly what you mean, but hang in there, Stacy and Jeffrey McDonald. It’ll be a roller coast ride but it’s not over yet.

  3. Well, this may seem insensitive but I think that “crying over spilt milk” is pointless. The Democrats own California because they did the work to TAKE it. Republicans stood by and allowed them do it. If people believe that California is not worth fighting for, they can just give up and leave the state. Many have already done this. I haven’t reached that point, YET.

    1. We have… It’ll still be a nice place to vacation, but to live and be taxed???
      No way…
      And the CAGOP and their feckless female fundraiser-in-chief can go POUND SAND… you too, Marin County…
      Liberal dumbassses….

  4. People who think that they can make the Leftists “disappear” from their lives by moving to another state are kidding themselves. I have dealt with Marxists in academia learned an important lesson. They will keep coming until you face up to them and CRUSH them. I would recommend that everyone reads “American Marxist”. Order it on Amazon.

  5. I’ve been looking into Newsom’s intelligence-agency background for awhile – he was groomed for this position by the national security state. One of the more interesting tidbits I just found was Newsom’s Father, Judge Newsom (whom you can read about in Dan Walter’s “All in the Family” article for CalMatters) was on the board of a company called TCI, which was really an intelligence front for the Nazi-spyring called the Gehlen Organization brought over as part of Project Paperclip. TCI was run by Otto von Bolschwing, of the Gestapo SS. Per Mae Brussell in Carmel and affirmed by Barbara Honegger (who leaked the October Surprise and is affilated with the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey), Judge Newsom, von Bolschwing, and both a young Gavin Newsom and a young Gordon Getty would travel Europe together in the mid 70’s, and Judge Newsom was von Bolschwing’s personal attorney.

    Just to understand what this connection means: Adolf Eichmann was hanged in Israel on the specific legal charge of following von Bolschwing’s orders. It was von Bolschwing who gave Eichmann the order for the “pogrom” (murder by Einsatzgruppe) for 710,000 jews and gypsies in Romania. After the war, von Bolschwing used his network to make a deal with the Americans – and I think it mostly involved spying on Soviet rocket engines (there is a huge but highly secretive rocket engine reverse engineering plant in Sacramento), and I think Cabot Industries which spun off from IG Farben and was represented by Newsom was a front for operations of DTSC in Oak Ridge, TN, which was the nuclear security police intelligence unit that spied on and murdered Karen Silkwood.

    Here’s an article by Pete Carey in the San Jose Mercury News from 1981 that puts von Bolschwing and Newsom together:

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