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Sacramento City Hall. (Photo: cityofsacramento.org)

Show Vaccine Passport or Unvaccinated Employees Mask Up in Sacramento City Hall

City claims employee’s submission of their vaccination status is ‘voluntary’

By Katy Grimes, July 8, 2021 5:31 pm

Employees with the City of Sacramento say the city is moving forward with a vaccine passport system/database for all city employees.

A memo dated June 28, 2021 from Labor Relations Manager Aaron Donato, was issued to City employees:

“Effective immediately, fully vaccinated employees who voluntarily provide the City with a narrowly defined medical release authorization and a record of their vaccination status using the City’s online submission form will not be required to wear a face covering,” the memo says noting:

    • An employee’s submission of their vaccination status is voluntary.
    • Unvaccinated employees and employees who have not submitted voluntary proof of vaccination are required to wear face coverings.
    • Release authorizations and proof of vaccination will be treated as secure confidential documents, in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations/laws.
    • Vaccinated employees may still choose to wear face coverings without fear of retaliation.

This is not necessarily voluntary, and really is a false choice. It’s not “voluntary” if an employee doesn’t want to show a vaccine passport, but is forced to wear a mask. And it’s not secure and confidential if those who don’t comply are ordered to wear masks.

The Globe learned from City Hall employees who asked to remain anonymous that multiple times at meetings employees say they are coerced by management to turn in their “vaccine status” to the safety department so they can be “verified,” and “walk around city hall mask free.”

“Without it, we’ll be tagged with wearing the mask of shame,” an employee said.

If this was really about health, the city would handle this very differently, as well as privately.

The Globe contacted Mr. Donato to ask about the policy decision. Donato said he he’s not authorized to speak to the press, and referred us to Tim Swanson, Media & Communications Manager for the City of Sacramento.

Here’s what I asked him:

With all of the scientific research available about masks not preventing the spread of this virus or any other, why is the city requiring unvaccinated employees to be masked?

Has the city asked employees for proof of antibodies if they had COVID, if the city is concerned about the spread? What about all of the people testing positive for COVID who were already vaccinated? Of the nine State Capitol staffers who just tested positive for COVID, half were already vaccinated. And they were masked in their offices inside the Capitol, which is limiting members of the public to visit.

Aren’t employees being singled out and marked with a scarlet letter if forced to wear a mask, regardless of their health status?

Lastly, CalOSHA is an occupational health and safety agency, not public health medical professionals. Why would the City choose to quote CalOSHA “guidelines” rather than the CDC?

And what about herd immunity? Many practicing physicians say we’ve already reached herd immunity, with the 60.2% of Californians vaccinated, combined with the rest of the population who were exposed to the virus, or already had and recovered from COVID.

We did not hear from the City of Sacramento media manager by close of business, but the Globe will report back if/when we do hear back. The letter to employees is embedded below.

It’s notable that Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) introduced legislation to Congress in late April to prohibit federal agencies from creating so-called “vaccination passports” across the United States. The Globe reported in April on a bill to-be-authored by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) to prevent vaccine passports from being issued or created by any level of government in the state.

Many other states have prohibited vaccine passports.

Ballotpedia explains:Nineteen states, all with Republican governors, prohibit proof-of-vaccination requirements. In eleven states, governors banned proof-of-vaccination requirements through executive orders. In eight states, legislators passed laws banning proof-of-vaccination requirements.”

“Four states—California, New York, Hawaii, and Oregon—have facilitated the creation of digital vaccination status applications or exempt fully vaccinated individuals from some COVID-19 restrictions if they can provide proof of vaccination. All four states have Democratic governors.”

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12 thoughts on “Show Vaccine Passport or Unvaccinated Employees Mask Up in Sacramento City Hall

  1. As I understand it, this requirement is ILLEGAL. One day soon, no doubt, there will be a huge enough law suit to put a stop to this nonsense. Until then all employees should be pointing to the wording in the Emergency Use Authorization that specifically prohibits a requirement (OR coercion) for employees to get the shot. Maybe that will work until this issue is authoritatively settled. Or maybe all of these employees in Sacramento — at the Capitol, in the City, and elsewhere — can hire an attorney, form a class, and sue.

    1. Right on @ShowandTell.
      A job should not be used as a coercive tool!
      People need to push back vaccinated or not, push back!

    2. I agree ShowandTell.
      It reeks of coercion. Wanna keep your job? Wanna share office space with co workers?
      Then get the jab and all is good!
      If not then you will be segregated.
      It is not an FDA approved vaccination. Typical FDA protocol and testing has been followed, long term effects are still being determined.

      1. Cali Girl, I truly hope this situation can be resolved as soon as possible. For everyone, including employees in private companies and students who are also being coerced. As you point out there are many many excellent reasons for a person to decide to avoid the vaccine. Besides, the vaccine risk is not necessary given a 99.9% survival rate and simple COVID treatment options as you have also pointed out. The whole vaccine push stinks to high heaven and that is reason enough to make most people suspicious.

        I suspect this is also somehow an attempt at political segregation. Or to flush the place of sensible people whose presence makes the control freaks uncomfortable. It reminds me of when the majority removed a Repub legislator from the floor in a sort of perp-walk for saying things that were ‘unacceptable’ such as criticizing Tom Hayden, or retaliating against other Repubs by relegating their office to the broom closet. So childish and nasty, but that’s unfortunately the caliber of our government “leadership” now. So much damage has been accomplished under cover of COVID.

  2. A) The jabs are EUA
    B) STILL no mention of natural immunity from those of us 99.7% who have survived the Wuhan flu
    C) Still engaging in suppression of HYDRQ, Ivermectin, Zinc, etc.
    D) You’re all trying too hard… If the jab’s benefits doubt outweigh its risks, then rational adults would flock to get it…

    As it stands, the risks outweigh the benefits, so no thanks, folks…you can take mine….

  3. Ignoring HIPAA, 9th, and 14th amendment.
    Fascism is here in full view, gov’t is using this as a tool and all this seems to lead to the eventual mark of the beast.
    Democrats are pushing this so hard its scary, they are calling on corporations to be the Sargent-at-arms and punish people who do not OBEY gov’t

    1. HIPPA does not apply. Not really a 9th Amendment issue either. You’re pretty close on the 14th Amendment, and you’re on the right track. Here are the real issues:
      Article I, Section1 of the California Constitution: Right to privacy.
      1st Amendment: Right to assemble, right to free speech. (Coerced “speech” violates 1A)
      4th Amendment: Right to be free from unreasonable search
      5th Amendment: Rights against self incrimination.

      You’re welcome.

      1. 9th amendment is adhering to bill of rights that are or may not be specifically mentioned but does mean its not covered. It protects all other rights.

        Amendment IX
        The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

        All other ones mentioned can apply too.

  4. “It is the weak who are cruel, gentleness can only be expected from the strong” Leo Buscaglia
    “…Every person parroting the mask narrative has yet to show a single evidence… that they have actually read the studies upon which their recommendations are being made.” Dr. David E. Martin
    Check out the last minutes** his 32 minute video, start at the 28 minutes,50 second mark. Dr. Martin is a person everybody needs to “meet” and who could wipe up the floor with Aaron Donato and the other weak (compromi$ed) cowards who are going along with the sick “mandates” (“a mandate is not a law” Peggy Hall) in our leadership seats vs exposing the fraud going on so this insanity can be over with. At any minute Aaron Donato or Tim Swanson can be a hero and make a difference for California but instead they choose to go for the covid $$$ bribes and incentives that are falling from the sky for anybody willing to sell out their children’s freedom and keep milking and perpetuating their own families-and our suffering.
    Even a public “no parking” order/sign can’t just be made and everybody is obedient to not park there w/out any discussion or debate. It goes thru the process to be approved and cites the code. Look around at the silly signs about masks and distancing-plus notice how they appeared all over the world all at once (as if it were planned for decades…) WHERE do these signs add “and this is the reason, based on reviewing all sides of the science etc..”
    STOP OBEYING SILLY BASELESS RULES AND SIGNS and LETTERS like this one and get together employees and “pull back the curtain” as if our lives depend on it. Start asking questions about everything and anything. Their (Donato, Swanson )hiding and making excuses or just reading their scripts shows who we are dealing with-little men and women with big bullying mouths-and impressive letterhead-not even with signatures in some cases- hiding behind the curtain.

    **Martin Exposes Anthony Fauci

  5. So, you can “voluntarily” provide your vaccine status or you can wear a mask. So, how are they going to enforce this – have some non medical person going around the work place with a clip board and a list of all employees and their vaccination status – which until now was supposedly confidential medical information – and check off the list of good vaccinated people who will be allowed to breathe and live normally or bad vaccination resisters who must be identified by masks and shunned. This is incredible. Hollywood couldn’t make this stuff up.

  6. I know most people that read CalforniaGlobe are independent critical thinkers. The COVID-19 experimental mRNA injections received suspicious FDA emergency use authorization, and most FDA employees refused to take the C19 jabs. The COVID19 injection deaths are listed on VAERS and can be easily seen on OPENVAERS.COM, which is over 9,000 deaths today and represents about 1% of the deaths in the USA from these experimental mRNA injections. Then there the millions of people that have been temporarily and permanently injured from these experimental mRNA injections. I ask if you are reading this see the fantastic and shocking VIMEO interview of Dr. Peter McCullough where he says the COVID19 “vaccine” is not needed as most Americans have COVID19 antibodies because they had the COVID19 virus and is the gold standard for immunity that will protect you from COVID19 variants too.

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