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Sacramento County COVID website. (Sac.epidemiology.gov)

Squishy Data Calculations Surrounding Deaths Associated with COVID-19

Counties and state using every death possible to boost morbidity numbers

By Katy Grimes, December 20, 2020 10:08 am

We know that Gov. Gavin Newsom and CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly conflate positivity of coronavirus “cases” with actual illnesses to keep California in a state of panic and lockdown. A “case” is not a “case” unless someone is sick with the virus in the hospital, or has died as a result of COVID-19.

The current COVID-19 dashboard is a perfect example:

California COVID-19 dashboard. (Photo: ca.gov)

Because the governor dramatically ramped up testing of the state’s residents, there are more positive results. There are also 26,976,653 Californians who have tested Negative for COVID-19.

However, looking at Sacramento County is a head-scratcher. Where is the pandemic?

Sacramento County COVID website. (Sac.epidemiology.gov)

Sacramento County claims 741 deaths and 54,003 “cases.” They even admit to 38,134 “likely recovered.”

But digging in to the “notes” on the Sacramento County COVID-19 website, here is what it says:

Cases – Includes laboratory confirmed cases according to the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologist (CSTE) COVID-19 Case Definition.

Deaths – Includes confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths as follows:


    • Meets CSTE confirmatory laboratory evidence for SARS CoV-2 AND
    • Meets CSTE vital records criteria for COVID-19


    • Meets CSTE vital records criteria with no CSTE confirmatory laboratory evidence for SARS CoV-2 OR
    • Meets CSTE confirmatory laboratory evidence for SARS CoV-2 within 60 days of date of death, death certificate pending >8 days after date of death, meets either CSTE clinical or epidemiological criteria, and no more likely alternative diagnosis OR
    • Meets CSTE presumptive laboratory evidence for SARS CoV-2 within 60 days of date of death, death certificate pending >8 days after date of death, meets either CSTE clinical or epidemiological criteria, and no more likely alternative diagnosis

Everything but the kitchen sink appears to be thrown in to the calculations “according to the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologist (CSTE) COVID-19 Case Definition.”

What exactly does this “Council” say the calculations are? From the CDC website, verbatim:

Clinical Criteria

In the absence of a more likely diagnosis:

    • At least two of the following symptoms:
      • fever (measured or subjective),
      • chills,
      • rigors,
      • myalgia,
      • headache,
      • sore throat,
      • nausea or vomiting,
      • diarrhea,
      • fatigue,
      • congestion or runny nose


    • Any one of the following symptoms:
      • cough,
      • shortness of breath,
      • difficulty breathing,
      • new olfactory disorder,
      • new taste disorder


    • Severe respiratory illness with at least one of the following:
      • Clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia,
      • Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

The second “OR” should be the only real calculation because those symptoms are what land people in the hospital. Everyone else recovers or never show symptoms.

Even the CDC admits there are Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19.

As the Globe has reported frequently, every day in California 750-780 people die from any number of ailments and accidents: heart disease, strokes, homicides, car accidents, cancer, overdoses, suicides, … etc.  Are morgues and hospitals overrun on any given day? no, they are not.

How may of these deaths are being used in the COVID calculations to keep Californians in lockdown?

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15 thoughts on “Squishy Data Calculations Surrounding Deaths Associated with COVID-19

  1. Katy Grimes you are the BEST for once again wading into weeds that reveal the COVID death scam many of us suspect is being used by the lockdown/control crowd. Unfortunately even the people I thought were strong-minded seem to be negatively affected by the phony numbers that are endlessly repeated. Those people are now clamoring for the vaccine — even with its dubious efficacy and unknown side effects — to set them free now that the shutdowns and other nonsense have worn their strength down to a nubbin.

    The “positive tests” as grim “cases” is the neatest trick of all on the part of the tyrants for keeping the fear going, isn’t it. Especially when the highly sensitive PCR test is used in addition to the skyrocketing increases in testing everywhere one looks. The result? “Skyrocketing cases,” “grim milestones,” etc. Not sure a risky vaccine is even needed for something like COVID, given the many treatment and prophylactic options available now, at a reasonable cost and easily obtained everywhere, except probably in California. And with new COVID “variants” now constantly popping up worldwide, it looks like our “leaders” intend to keep this tedious game going forever.

    Just heard a witty local radio host say that maybe Dominion vote-counting machines are being used for the tabulation of the puffed-up COVID numbers!

  2. Showandtell,
    I appreciate your position and I agree the numbers game is dubious to say the least, I agree that positive cases don’t mean a whole lot when majority have no to mild symptoms. Allow me to play devils advocate here, why would Gov Gruesom have to gain by keeping the state in “lockdown”, its tanking th economy, killing off small businesses, wrecking livelihoods etc.

    1. The lockdown weakens people in every way, not least economically, and a weakened population is easier to manipulate. WHY would Newsom (and those like him) want that?

      I don’t know, could it be that Newsom has always been ambitious for power but never up to the job of achieving it by simply serving the people and governing well? Is he a puppet of China, or his wealthy friends, or the public employee unions, all of whom will enrich him or enable him to have the power he wants if he does their bidding? Is he participating, with others, in a widespread plan to weaken the country because he is beholden to a hostile foreign power who doesn’t wish the U.S. well? Is he acting out his hatred of Trump and the Americans who supported him because handing power back to the people would reveal and threaten these grand schemes?

      Of course COVID allowed someone like Newsom to declare a state of emergency whereby he then possessed (and abused) emergency powers to issue three or four dozen executive orders (maybe more, I’ve lost track) that changed California law without a legislative check. One of those was a change in voting law, before a crucial election, to a mail-in ballot system without a legislative check. This made our last election ripe for even more fraud than already existed, the extent of which we still have not been able to investigate and which may never be revealed or corrected.

      But at a certain point it doesn’t make any sense anymore to ask “why” someone does what he does. We merely observe that under Newsom’s “leadership” the middle class is being destroyed, that decent, law-abiding taxpayers are routinely punished while violent criminals and others who are up to no good are rewarded, that the infrastructure crumbles more every year and nothing is done to repair it, that more and more of the state burns every year and NOTHING reasonable is done to mitigate it, that businesses and individuals are fleeing California in record numbers, and this is just a partial list! It’s ENOUGH, already. We need to remove him from power if we can:

      1. I completely concur with your rational assessment of Newsom’s potential ulterior motives, but based upon readings from The Epoch Times, and Newsom’s past mask deal with BYD, I believe he’s on the payroll of the CCP, as are many of the NorCal politicians, given Swalwell’s & Feinstein’s Chinese spy infiltration, and Pelosi’s financial enrichment during her long tenure in office…
        It would also explain much of the election outcomes over the last 20 years, given Dominion Voting System’s prevalence in California counties…

    2. What does Gavin get from the lockdown? Gruesome keeps the lockdown in place till after Jan 20th. Then the “Biden Economic Miracle” begins with the required 100 days of further masking (and the state funeral of a certain senile executive-branch member). Then in 2024 he gets the VP slot for the Harris/Gruesome ticket.

  3. A family friend just lost their life to liver cancer last weekend and NEVER exhibited symptoms of Covid-19….
    He died in LA City…
    We are awaiting the death certificate to see what the cause of death is attributed to, but my money is that Covid-19 will be listed…
    My wife is going to protest if that indeed is the outcome….

    1. ExCaliExpat, very sorry to hear that your friend recently passed away. What a time to be enduring such a loss. Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. This video will help explain everything and who is really in control (Technocrats-Elite of the Elite). There are only 2 kingdoms in this world that Almighty God created. Revelation 20:10, ” And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. May God help us all because He’s the Only One who can! Psalm 121

  5. What’s interesting is that industries favored or given special dispensation under lockdown (Hollywood, Big Tech, Amazon) have significant investment from CCP. Also, bankrupting small business in CA makes perfect sense if you’re a Democrat, since small businesses tend to vote Republican, oppose unionization, compete directly with big Democrat donors, and can be taken over for pennies on the dollar after big losses. With B/Harris in office and with Raffensperger handing GA and the Senate over to Stacy Abrams’ Democrat cheating machine, there will be nowhere to run.

    1. YES, J F B, agree with you. That’s the plan, or so it seems. I am with others who continue to believe that we are not going to lose our country this way. We’ll see.

  6. Suppose you’re a hospital administrator. You have a medicare patient presenting with pneumonia, which is very common among the elderly. Medicare reimburses you $4,000, but if you diagnose “presumptive covid” based on the criteria above – chills, a cough, and fatigue, Medicare reimburses you $14,000. The result: you reclassify general illness as Corona because it earns you more money.

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