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Solar electricity production. (Photo: energy.ca.gov)

State Agency Claims Climate Change is Rapidly Accelerating in Golden State

Democrat Deceit: Climate change science is political science

By Katy Grimes, November 14, 2022 10:04 am

Gov. Gavin Newsom continues to tout the need for drastic climate change regulations and policies.  “Every Californian has suffered from the effects of record high temperatures, dry winters, prolonged drought, and proliferating wildfires in recent years,” a new climate change report says. But where is the actual science backing these statements and subsequent policies?

The latest edition of “Indicators of Climate Change in California,” recently produced by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, reports:

“The results are stark. California has warmed by an average of 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895 and drought conditions were comparable to the most severe drought periods on record at the end of 2021. Glaciers have essentially disappeared from the Trinity Alps in Northern California, and, in 2020, wildfire smoke plumes were present in each county for at least 46 days.”

Climate change is rapidly accelerating in California, the state report by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment says, whose mission is to “protect and enhance the health of Californians and our state’s environment through scientific evaluations that inform, support and guide regulatory and other actions.”

They warn:

“California is experiencing a climate crisis that is increasingly taking a toll on the health and well-being of its people and on its unique and diverse ecosystems. Every Californian has suffered from the effects of record high temperatures, dry winters, prolonged drought, and proliferating wildfires in recent years. California’s biodiversity is threatened as alterations to habitat conditions brought about by a changing climate are occurring at a pace that could overwhelm the ability of plant and animal species to adapt.”

Yana Garcia, Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency explains the report:

“This report also shows why we must continue to act quickly. This summer, California adopted nation-leading regulations banning the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035. The forthcoming 2022 Scoping Plan builds on such policies to provide a path to achieving both California’s 2030 climate goals and state carbon neutrality no later than 2045, a goal codified by AB 1279…”

“Since 2004, California has steadily reduced its greenhouse gas emissions, and the indicators in this report present 41 reasons why we’re not taking our foot off the accelerator.”

The report claims “Human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land, leading to measurable, widespread, and rapid changes in our climate.” But they don’t provide any evidence how humans have warned the ocean and land. Most forthright scientists agree that the sun is what warms the ocean and land, and controls climate.

At least they admit droughts are naturally occurring: “Although a naturally occurring feature of California’s climate, drought conditions have become more frequent and more intense.” (emphasis ours)

The agency operates the “Climate Change Indicators Program” which:

  • Develop a set of indicators that track climate change and its impacts on California’s weather, water and other physical systems, ecosystems, agriculture and public health.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the information generated by the climate change indicators that CalEPA programs and other state and local agencies can use in decision-making for mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The report also dubiously conflates wildfires with climate change, and the resulting health issues from smoke.

Within their reports under OEHHA’s strategic plan, the following principles guide OEHHA in carrying out its mission, “credibility in scientific findings and reports.”

The bottom line is that the agency provides what the governor needs to continue to command and control the state and its people under the fear of “catastrophic” climate change, as well as to justify ongoing federal funding.

It’s also how Newsom justifies “working to hold greedy oil companies accountable for raking in record profits while fleecing Californians at the pump.” He announced a special legislative session on December 5 “to put windfall profits of oil companies back in taxpayers’ pockets.”

As the Globe reported last week, high gas prices are largely a result of his and Democrats’ own policies by deliberately creating shortages: “Gov. Newsom will start banning gasoline, diesel and even hybrid cars and trucks in 2026, well before California has an electrical grid that can handle the increased energy demand while keeping our light on, or before there are more affordable electric vehicle options for families.”

In June, Gov. Newsom signed into the state budget policies to make it easier to bring clean energy projects online by “speeding up the environmental review process of new clean energy projects, and helping the state move away from electricity generated from fossil fuels.”

“The Governor also announced that he will work with the Legislature to enshrine carbon neutrality into state law, increase the state’s ambition towards our 2030 climate goals and accelerate our clean energy targets, while supporting carbon sequestration from our natural and working lands and advancing safe and equitable engineered carbon removal. He will also work to finalize the state’s historic investments under the $53.9 billion climate commitment, with a focus on equity and community resilience, while expanding opportunities for climate innovation and manufacturing here in California.”

That statement means absolutely nothing, other than to announce the governor’s spending.

In his California Blueprint, Newsom says California’s “investment” of $53.9 million climate commitment will “Protect Californians from the extreme effects of fires, drought, and heat.”

As for the “extreme heat” Gov. Newsom continually refers to, the Globe recently reported, in 1973, the hottest temperature in Sacramento was 107 degrees. By 1975, it was back up to 113 degrees. In fact, between 1972 and 1992, over 20 years, every summer in Sacramento was in the triple digits, and there were four summers hotter than 110 degrees. In 1996, it was 110 degrees in Sacramento. In 2002, it was 110 degrees. In 2006, it was 111 degrees. In 2017 it was 110 degrees. In 2020 it was 112 degrees in Sacramento. Last summer in Sacramento 2021, temperatures reached 109 degrees. The point is, every summer in the Sacramento region, temperatures are hot – 104 up to 113 degrees.

Another $6.1 billion will provide “Affordable, convenient electric vehicles for all.” This is expected “to decarbonize California’s most polluting sector and improve public health.”

Missing from the report is how the state plans to provide the increased electricity, when currently we are nowhere close to being able to provide reliable electricity because of unreliable alternate energy sources (wind, solar).

In October, Gov. Newsom, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and British Columbia Premier John Horgan “doubled down” and signed a new Statement of Cooperation, another climate agreement – the Pacific Coast Collaborative – “recommitting” the Western region “to climate action.”

“In California, we punch above our weight when it comes to climate action – but our actions can only do so much without the rest of the world at our side,” Gov. Newsom said. He called climate change “the issue that unites all of us, not just here, but around the rest of the globe.”

Newsom called what is taking place, “the Great Awakening,” noting that “something is happening… the extreme heat, extreme drought, the extreme weather… we have all experiences this whipsaw back and forth.”

This showed us that the driving force behind climate change policies and spending is not the California Governor, but something much larger.

As President Joe Biden just attended the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt, he told us that this really is a redistribution of U.S. wealth: “A climate crisis is about human security, economic security, environmental security, national security, and the very life of the planet,” President Biden said.

United Nations climate summits are held every year, ostensibly for governments around the world to agree on steps to “limit global temperature rises.” And California, since Jerry Brown’s governorship, is bearing the brunt of the costly regulations, while not moving the carbon needle at all.

Notably, more than 400 private jets were flown in for the UN EgyptClimate by delegates. They were accused of hypocrisy, but obviously don’t care.

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15 thoughts on “State Agency Claims Climate Change is Rapidly Accelerating in Golden State

  1. Until one of these so called climate alarmists addresses the fact that there has been and continues to be ongoing climate engineering going on over our state daily, I call bullshit on all of their scare tactics. Its all 100% bullshit I assure you.

  2. I’d even argue that the off limits topic of climate engineering is probably the cause of most of our so-called climate emergencies that they need to “fix” for us 🙂

  3. More of the endless B.S. from the Dem/Marxists —- and not just here in CA —- to justify their jackboots on our necks. But why don’t they just disclose exactly and directly what they are doing instead of hiding it under the obviously fake cover of fake climate change alarm? They seem to think we can’t do anything about their tyranny anyway, right? I guess it’s some small comfort that they still think they have to hide it. To me that means they are still afraid of us and we can still be effective in taking these people down.

  4. One thing that really captures my attention is when they refer to “carbon” and “carbon reduction”. I wonder is that by accident or do they really plan to reduce carbon and not CO2?
    Should they really be that flippant with such an important issue. No! but they are. They all do it. Why?

  5. Meanwhile US Corps instead of manufacturing here to avoid the activists of climate they push it to CHINA
    therefore they can claim they are more green, yet China is using unrestricted efforts in manufacturing that would be worse than if it was in USA to begin with. CA is using this “climate” for nothing more than cash grabs and more control.

  6. Wait a minute! I thought the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” was supposed to eliminate climate change, or is it climate crisis? The bill had $300 billion dollars that was supposed to fight and eliminate the climate crisis! I know it is true because the Democraps and Former Vice President biden (aka president poopy pants) said it would! Wwww what went wrong?

  7. Did anyone else catch the segment on David Webb’s SXM radio show this morning, where he spoke with expert Meteorologist Joe Bastardi regarding the REAL drivers of “climate change”, driven by UNDERSEA volcanic activity that obviously contributes to ocean temperatures warming (magma is SUPER HOT – DUH) AND is accompanied by large releases of various gases…
    Dr. Bastardi revealed that the incidences of sub-ocean volcanic activity has increased over the last 30 years and is possibly a contributing factor to some of the ‘climate changes’ that have been co-opted by the progressive left to drive their political goals and the economic goals of the Communist Chinese, who DO NOT PLAY by the same rules that the “environmentalists” and ESG advocates are requiring of US businesses…
    This is PURE political science, NOT actual science and appears to punch a MASSIVE HOLE in the (lack of) logic espoused by the progressive left and the globalist money-managers who are seeking a way to enrich themselves, centralize control and break the economy to enable the sped-up adoption of their “Central Bank Digital Currency” to facilitate their control over the GLOBAL economy….

    Wake up people and actually STUDY Earth Science, not POLITICAL science….

  8. Remember Biden tried to hire convicted tree spiker Tracy Stone Manning to head The Bureau Of Land Management. Highly educated arsonists were caught trying to burn down California. Environmentalists are succeeding in putting a chokehold on our water supply. Democrat/Communists use Eco-terrorism in their portfolio of evil

    1. Yes, DL, I remember. Another attempt by the Grampy Joe administration to give the finger to the American people with cabinet and administrative picks and rub our noses in it.

  9. I guess I’m one of the lucky few.. As a fourth generation Californian I’m still waiting for the climate to change. Is climate change something like an eclipse of the moon? If it’s cloudy out you’ll miss it. If only we could stop the earth from quaking, volcanoes from erupting, the sun from shining, the wind from blowing, and Al Gore from lying.. We just might be able to stop climate change dead in its tracks.. God save the planet…

  10. Thanks for your article Katy. This is why I am a candidate for State Assembly 18 and why I will not stop. We must unite our forces, we can we stop this insane unscientific, un Godly Climate Zero Emissions agenda . God creates us in is image with a creative mind to make new discoveries which take human society upward. Today that would be a nuclear energy renaissance for the entire economy. with research to Fusion energy. This would give us the engery to carry out the 30 desalinations plants I have and am calling for. This would give us the energy for projects like the North American Water and Power Alliance. This is why I also endorse President Trump for President in 2024. Now is the time for all good citizens to get out and organize for these solutions. We are a repulibic and your actions count on every level. I am fighting for these solutions, join me. It is great to make history for future generations, that is American. Mindy Pechenuk, Candidate for California State Assembly 18. Thank you for those who worked with me and I welcome all in the future. We have just begun to escalate.

  11. Thanks Katy for your article. This is why I should be in the state legislature and why I am a Candidate for State Assembly 18. The entire green zero carbon policy is unscientific and un Godly. God created us in his image throught the creative mind he gave us to develop our universe in accord with natural law. We need a full scale nuclear power renaissance with a developing fusion energy program. At the same time go forward with the Artemis Space program. These programs will allow us to make the economy productive again. The key is your involvment in pushing these solutions. Get involved, we are responsible for the future of mankind. Join me and let us take an these luntics who want to destroy the real future of mankind. This is why I endorse President Trump for his 2024 election bid. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for State Assembly 18, I will never stop fighting and I will never stop serving the American people and California. We have just begun to escalte.

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