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Oakland protests. (Photo: youtube screen capture)

The Left is Eating its Host

Be careful what you wish for lest it come true

By Katy Grimes, June 12, 2020 2:31 pm

Antifa. Black Lives Matter. By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Riots. Protests. Looting. Arson. Theft. Vandalism. Destruction. No-Go Zones. “Defund the Police.”

This is the left eating itself, destroying Democrat-run cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and Los Angeles, breaking into and obliterating businesses including minority-owned businesses, in Democrat-run states. The only problem is Libertarians, Independents and Republicans live in these cities too, along with a lot of children and elderly folks. Otherwise I’d say “let it happen; they’ll soon enough be voting in Republicans to clean up the physical and financial messes.”

Comments on California Globe articles tell us: “You voted for Democrats… now you reap what you sow.” We are told, “you deserve what you get.”

In many cases, those comments are spot on. However, the many editors being escorted out of newsrooms and magazine editorial board rooms shows us they are indeed eating their own.

The editorial page editor of the New York Times, the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the editor-in-chief at Variety, and the editors of Bon Appetit Magazine and the young women’s website Refinery 29 were fired and cancelled by their own. They were forced out by the staff and owners of their publications for not groveling enough to BLM and Antifa. They were cancelled for not being woke enough or left enough. And even worse, they allowed differing opinions on the editorial pages.

The purpose behind an op ed, which is an abbreviation for “opposite the editorial page,” is to express a differing opinion from the publication’s editorial board. These firings go against the very purpose of having an editorial page.

The left is eating its host.

We are witnessing an insurrection in Seattle, where armed anarchists, BLM and Antifa thugs have taken control of the “capitol hill autonomous zone” – now known as CHAZ – and even installed border barriers. Seattle Police abandoned their neighborhood precinct on Monday, prompting President Trump to say the neighborhood had been overtaken by “domestic terrorists.”

The people who live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and work at the businesses there were not consulted prior to the armed takeover – there was no vote. Many are stuck inside CHAZ, or can’t get in to their businesses or homes.

So what do the thugs want? Will we see this in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles as well? Portland is already a lost cause, much for the same reasons – local politicians who refuse to hold the thugs accountable, and refusing to back their police.

Are they fighting for equality of opportunity or do they want to take what others own?

Downtown Oakland, CA is already like CHAZ, and as close to an insurrection as any of the coastal cities. “200 businesses were looted or vandalized and 137 arson fires were set during a period in which ‘numerous’ shootings also occurred throughout the city,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “One killing was related to the incidents of looting, and two federal security guards were shot outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building. One of the guards, David Patrick Underwood, was killed.”

“More than 30 first responders were injured amid the unrest, including 21 Oakland police officers and two Oakland Fire Department personnel, and four people in crowds reported injuries. More than 300 people were arrested, with more investigations pending.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has been feckless throughout, much like the Mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

The radicalized leftists have been able to take cover within the Democrat Party, and now they target anyone who doesn’t stand with them in solidarity. They are trying to take over the left. With their mob violence and authoritarianism, is there really room for safe spaces, all-gender locker rooms, diversity training, and vegan delicacies?

This insurgency isn’t a result of the left’s long list of micro aggressions and grievances. What we are witnessing in the violent mobs from Los Angeles to Oakland, to Seattle, to Minnesota is throngs of angry adult-children who’ve been lied to for decades by educators, parents, politicians and the media. They aren’t educated or qualified to do anything; they were taught social justice instead of social studies and history; they never took an Econ 101 class nor were made to learn how to balance a checkbook or a budget. Yet they are young adults armed only with a Gender Studies degree and a mind full of leftist tripe. And when they are presented with ideals like equality, freedom, redemption, equal opportunity, and righteous behavior, they snap.

Be careful what you wish for lest it come true. The left is eating its host. As Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) wrote this week, “Without law enforcement there is no law, and without law there is no civilization.”

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21 thoughts on “The Left is Eating its Host

  1. Exactly Katy! It has been a slow burn and now it is a raging fire amongst the younger generation.

    Cloward and Piven in the afterlife must be very happy with the seeds they sowed in the education field! We are now seeing this in real time. How will it play out in CHAZ? Will they turn on themselves in the end. I doubt it will end peacefully. Utopia is devils play. It is reported they have already taken arms to keep the public and police out. So much for despising oppressive rule or brutality and injustice. Make no mistake this is all about power and control.

    Keep voting for liberal democrats and it will come to you soon enough.

    Time for a change vote for candidates who reflect family values, law and order, lower taxes who believe in personal responsibility., who stand for the flag!

    Seriously, is this what far left liberals want? A broken society!

    I do not know about you but it has never been my dream to see my little Johnny on the streets wrecking stuff and declaring himself king!

    ….end of short rant 🙂

  2. These destroyers on the left don’t even KNOW what they want.
    So why do they do it? Because they LOVE to wreck things.
    Destroying is fun for them, and easy, and makes them feel powerful, for doing nothing but defacing and vandalizing everything in sight and screaming platitudes. It’s a million times harder to learn a trade, and to think something through, and use your brain, and build an argument, and build skills like writing or speaking in a compelling, persuasive way, or to build ANYTHING for that matter. Destroying what others have built and then crowing about it like the good-for-nothing you are is the path of least resistance.

    The destroyers were rewarded for it in school and at home and they continue to be rewarded for it out in the world. It doesn’t take a genius to figure THAT out, so they’ve figured it out. DUH.

    Good luck to such people when there is no capitalist fast food place to go to where one can buy food when CHAZ gets a bit boring and one wants to duck out for a hamburger or a pizza, no bottled water or Porta-Potty company to provide what is needed in the Autonomous Zone, no cell phones to communicate with one’s loser compatriots, no spray paint companies that produce paint with which one can deface buildings and statues and city streets, and no police to respond to the inevitable rapes and murders and assaults that will surely happen to themselves and the people they’re hanging out with in their little slice of heaven.

    And the mayors of these occupied cities are even WORSE, and more to blame, than these brainwashed unthinking zombies are.

    1. The people of CHAZ remind me of the boys in Lord of the Flies: Stranded on an island, this group of schoolboys degenerate into savagery despite the few rational boys’ attempts to prevent that. It sounds like California, doesn’t it? I’ve compared California politics to Lord of the Flies more than once. And now we are watching it play out in Seattle.

      1. It’s true; California as Lord of the Flies is the perfect comparison.
        How amazing it is to think that once upon a time Americans would willingly put themselves in a crowd of 45,000 strangers, say, at a ball game, and be able to take for granted that they wouldn’t be knifed, beaten, rolled, robbed, and left for dead. In California now, under Newsom et al, all of our worst human impulses are encouraged and the best ones are punished. What the heck do we THINK is going to happen? Human nature left to itself to do whatever it feels whenever it feels it doesn’t work out so well, does it. Without laws and consequences we have no civilization, as Tom McClintock recently reminded us. And now these people, CHAZ and their ilk, want to throw it ALL away. Just because.

        Maybe by watching this foolish experiment of the CHAZ island and its enablers up close we can learn — before we have to live it ourselves — how dangerous playing at anarchy can be and how precious what they want to destroy is.

  3. Half of this information is false or misrepresented and the rest is nothing more than your opinion at best. This is a weak article representing views that are equivalent to the problem at the forefront if the entire world.

    1. Easy to throw out comments like yours. So, for someone who is watching what is going on, what part of the information is, by your words “false”..??

      CHAZ is blowing up big time. They are now trying to decide who is Black enough to be in their compound. They have vigilante justice occurring and due to the abandonment of the Precinct, Police response times around the CHAZ have increased from five minutes to 18 minutes.

      SFO Police will no longer respond to neighbor on neighbor calls or calls regarding homeless people committing crimes, leaving those calls for “Social Workers”.

      Come on Mike, back up your claims with facts…!!

      1. Just learned that truckers will refuse to deliver to cities that do not have police protection.
        It’s already one of the most dangerous professions and truckers feel vulnerable enough as it is.
        No more food and other necessary items I guess. Oh well! CHAZ and the rioters and looters will move on to another fertile municipal field to plunder, I suppose? But every resident who is stuck in the city they ruined and left behind will be screwed, including many of the people they are presumably “fighting for.”
        The stupidity and self-destructive tendencies of these SJWs is beyond belief.

  4. So True! The whole point of all the lefts various agendas are the same. The destruction of western civilization. Now they are launching a full frontal attack since all the other lies have failed to convince people to self destruct.

    I hope this is a last ditch effort of a failed political party and not the end of civilization as we know it.

  5. They’d continue to vote for the same corrupt leaders but they’ll assure you “This time it’ll be different”.

  6. Add to the list of “Adult children” (a great description) that “every participant gets a trophy”.

  7. Don’t you wonder how these woke governors and mayors would respond if Isis decided to take over six square blocks of their cities? I feel confident they would do absolutely nothing!

  8. I’m looking forward to a new Republican Party when this dust settles. I’m looking forward to being apart of the party of reason. One made up of countless ex libertarians and conservative Democrats, that are excited to ban together and form a more intelligent, clear headed, and effective Republican Party than has ever existed before. California is where that dream will come true.

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