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Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Opry in 2005. (Photo: Public Domain)

The Rainbow Cult Seeks to Cancel Dolly Parton Despite Decades of Support

She dared to partner with someone who exercised his First and Second Amendment rights

By J. Mitchell Sances, May 17, 2023 10:36 am

The LGBT alphabet mob has the sights of their cancel-rifle on a new target, and considering she has made it known for decades that she is an ally of the gay community, this one is a bit surprising. Dolly Parton might inspire some Othello-level jealousy from the trans community due to her more than ample bosom; however, the “community” has decided to turn on the queen of country music due to a musical partnership with Kid Rock.

Kid Rock has been an outspoken supporter of former President Trump and an overall conservative and pro-America voice. Of course those qualities earn him labels of “white supremacist” and “homophobe”.

More recently, Kid Rock added “transphobe” to that list after he made headlines with a viral video of him shooting up Bud Light cans after the company’s idiotic and baffling partnership with faux-trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Dolly Parton is releasing her newest album Rockstar later this year with a whopping 30 tracks, many of them featuring other talented artists from various musical genres and generations, from Melissa Ethridge to Lizzo to Brandi Carlisle. Kid Rock was lucky enough to make the list as well. To any rational human capable of logical thought, it is obvious Dolly, with her incredible business acumen, is trying to reach as wide an audience as possible by partnering with musicians from across the spectrum. One could imagine that the prototypical Lizzo listener has no idea who Artimus Pyle is. Working with both of these artists ensures multi-generational and diverse listeners.

Unfortunately, logic seems to play no part in the thought process of the rainbow mafia that is the gay radically progressive gay magazine, the Advocate—people who probably assume Dolly’s “Coat of Many Colors” is a pride anthem rather than a biblical allusion. Senior editor John Casey wrote a recent op-ed criticizing and lambasting Dolly Parton for daring to feature Kid Rock on her new album.

“This is not an ‘ill-advised’ decision. This is a slap in the face to all of us at a time when we are under assault by haters and state legislatures all over the country, and from someone who should know better,” Casey writes. He later adds, “Dolly has more money than she knows what to do with – and good for her! Dolly also has more love than she knows what to do with, and by joining Kid Rock, she’s shown us how much love she has for us.”

Casey does acknowledge that Dolly has been a loud and proud supporter of the LGBT community for decades. In 2018, the Advocate even made a list of her contributions and support— including her support for marriage equality and love of drag queens, particularly Dolly Parton impersonators. Despite this outspoken support, conservatives and Republicans who may have disagreed with her never demonized her or boycotted her music.

On the other hand, progressive alphabet cult members, like Casey, are willing to discount all of her love and support over the years for a single perceived misstep. I use “perceived” here very deliberately, for this cancellation of a gay icon is the ultimate guilt by association. Dolly did nothing wrong. She just dared to partner with someone who exercised his First and Second Amendment rights—the right to protest and the right to bear arms. What’s more is this partnership was most likely secured a long time prior to Kid Rock’s recent stunt.

Kid Rock protested the idiocy of a company by destroying some of their product to make a statement. Progressives somehow equivocate this to murdering or threatening to murder trans people.

Dolly Parton, who has had nothing but love and support for the gay community, is then demonized for not retroactively quashing a partnership with Kid Rock for his alleged transphobia. However, when a trans person shoots up a Christian school killing innocent children, these same progressives bend over backwards to rationalize the murders, including counting the shooter as the seventh “victim.”

If the mental gymnastics and zealous piety of these people is not indicative of disturbing cult-like behavior, I do not know what is. Nothing but perfect prostration and reverence to the altar of radical trans acceptance will suffice; the slightest deviance will result in excommunication.

Luckily, the homosexuals, like myself, with integrity who do not fancy themselves murder-sympathizers are leaving in droves before the mob comes for us like they have Dolly.

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4 thoughts on “The Rainbow Cult Seeks to Cancel Dolly Parton Despite Decades of Support

  1. The Advocate is a worthless leftist rag staffed by members of the alphabet mafia like Senior Editor John Casey. The Advocate’s circulation numbers are pathetic and it only stays in business with support from big pharma.

  2. It is a good thing I am not famous, because I would be labeled a white supremist,transphobic,
    gun loving, pro-abortion , feminist left wing California native.
    Corporate wokism is the name of the game now , and very few people understand what is
    happening right before our very eyes.
    The good news is that it is distracting us from the money grubbing people that WE have elected.

  3. Dolly lost me a while ago when she sold out to the globalists. There is a saying, “be careful who you sleep with, sometimes they don’t look so good in the morning”. There is no pleasing these people.

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