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Johan Augustus Sutter. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The Triumph of Intimidation & Violence in PC Monument Erasure

Will America’s silent majority push back to rescue our history and heritage?

By Dan Dellinger, June 26, 2020 3:26 pm

In 2017 I wrote commentary explaining that since the days of the Egyptian Pharos, totalitarian regimes have used the chiseling away of historical monuments, like the burning of books, to re-write history for the purpose of controlling public thought. I warned that the movement to erase Confederate monuments would eventually target our Gold Rush era and other pioneer monuments. 

In the weeks since the openly Marxist organizations Antifa and Black Lives Matter seized the public policy debate initiative through rioting, violent clashes with police, and other tactics of intimidation numerous historical monuments have been vandalized or removed all across America. So far this month, Sutter Health has taken down the Company namesake’s statue of Gold Rush pioneer John Sutter, and our Democrat dominated State Legislature announced it would be removing the famous marble statue of Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella of Spain from the Capitol Rotunda where it has been on display since 1883.  Simultaneously, the Berkley Unified School District has voted to rename schools previously named in honor of Founding Fathers George Washington, our first president, and Thomas Jefferson, our third president and inspiration for the founding of the Democrat Party with yet to be named fellow travelers.

Right before our very eyes members of the increasingly violent movement to progressively transform our country into what they believe will be a more just society based upon the economic theories of Karl Marx, are seeking to convince Americans that our current political and economic system is deeply flawed and must be rebuilt into their vision of a socialist workers paradise. Using historical erasure and revision, our Progressive neighbors are trying to convince us that racism is the root cause of all social and economic problems in America and only restricting speech and thought can eliminate it – that is, do not question our Marxist group thought or risk being labeled a racist and suffer our mob wrath if you do.

In 2017 I raised the question that since erased Gold Rush Pioneer and other historical monuments will be permanently lost to all future generations, should we not be civilly debating the public policy question: “Do later generations have the moral right to limit monuments to what is popular during their time on earth?” 

Unfortunately today’s policy makers are skipping public debate and allowing the intimidation of a violent minority to prevail. Today we have little time left to save our historical monuments from the current Progressive Correct mob rampage.  This dilemma causes us to raise an unpleasant new questions: “Does this mean that that the law abiding majority among us are doomed to lose our history and heritage?” or, “Will America’s silent majority push back to rescue our history and heritage?”

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10 thoughts on “The Triumph of Intimidation & Violence in PC Monument Erasure

  1. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

    When those of us speak out, who is there to listen and to actually have the power to change course? These recent actions are a result of history being replaced with social justice books in the classroom. We now have mob rule. It is utterly heartbreaking to watch.

    I do not have faith in the voters here in California to preserve our history. I do have hope in Middle America to vote in change to vote for representatives that will stand up to tyranny.

    Along with our history being shredded we have politicians that condone lawlessness such as in Seattle. The citizens of Seattle now have to sue the city to get safety back.

    The parents of school age children need to demand a classical education be the foundation. The 3 R’s need to be prioritized. As they say, the children are our future, teach them the way.
    There should be a 4th R, RESPECT. Respect for God, the flag and respect for our history, warts and all.

  2. I’m not a Southerner, nor do I subscribe to their cause. Today however, I did hear someone on the Tom Sullivan show state, ” The southerners were traitors “. Really? Pushing back should mean pushing back with THOUGHT. If the Southerners were indeed, traitors because they rebelled for a separate state, what then did we accomplish as Colonials rebelling against the crown? And of the protesters of today? Are they peacefully excising their rights, or are they too, traitors, given the same definitions? If politicians are idiots run amok, then ask yourself: what does that say about those who elected those same officials? You got, what you voted for.

    ” I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death, you’re right to say it.” Each member of our armed forces under took this upon their shoulders when they put on their uniforms. Push back, by all means, but let’s ensure we push back the right way, not the fanatical loose-lip way which MAY come back to haunt us later.

    I don’t agree with removing monuments to our past. If anything, those should remind us of what we did right; of what we did wrong, and how we as a Nation came together to overcome the odds to be THE best place to live in the world, regardless of the growing pains we’ve undergone and are undergoing.

  3. Make no mistake about it. The goals and methods of BLM, Antifa and their handlers are no different that that of Stalin, Mao. Pol Pot and Hitler. If they are allowed to continue we will see purges no less horrific than that of the last century. Wake up people before it is too late.

    1. Thanks Ex. Cali ,
      This is exactly the old tactics of Mao,Stalin and now Soros.
      I think the “Resistance” as Hillary Clinton dubbed and many of Hollywood and the MSM have stated is now in full force to oust the current administration. These are Marxist globalists who want to hold on to their power. These are well organized groups make no mistake about it. A recent video from Washington DC shows an older man (70 is) in disguise, wig , sunglasses (at night in a tunnel) , coaching the younger protesters. They march into a Brazilian restaurant and harass the customers into submission. Same tactics used in the SF bay area 2 years ago. The video can be found on the internet.

      This is a reemergence of Bill Ayers Weather Underground with a new army of young followers.
      I encourage you to look these people’s history up. Do your homework.
      Please wake up to the subversive groups willing to destroy what the United States stands for. Big money is behind this movement. It is not about the police brutality or racial injustice!

  4. I am not in the habit of posting links, but some of you who appreciate the CA Globe as an honest source of information, you might like these 2 guys. Adam Curry and Dvorak. They have been doing a podcast for years. Lately some excellent coverage of the COVID nonsense & beyond: http://www.noagendashow.com/
    Like the name implies, they have No Agenda and do some great media deconstruction. They are 100% listener funded and free. They do 3 hrs every Thur and Sunday 9am PST. Great source to help fill in some of the blanks…plus, they make me laugh.

    1. Thanks for sharing Henrik S.,
      Adam Curry was a former MTV VJ. You are right they are fun to listen to, they bring common sense to the airwaves.

  5. I am old enough to remember the riots of the 60’s and the Black Panthers and the Weathermen who bombed buildings and killed people Bernadine Dorn (still in jail) and Bill Ayres who gave the kick off party for Obama’s campaign, are now college professors. They are Marxists and have poisoned our children’s minds against this great nation. Is this what Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally change our nation?

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