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Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. (Photo: youtube)

Violent Protest in Downtown Sacramento, But Mayor ‘Stands With Portland’ Thugs

KCRA news crew assaulted, property damaged again, spray paint tagging, and garbage left in streets

By Katy Grimes, July 26, 2020 6:05 pm

A violent protest took place in downtown Sacramento Saturday night. The Sacramento Bee did not report on the violence.

Sacramento Police Department sent out an email explaining what happened:

“This protest resulted in damage to windows, spray paint on property, and debris left in roadways.  One TV news crew was also assaulted and forced to leave the area. The Sacramento Police Department police helicopter and motorcycle officers were targets of lasers being pointed at them.

At approximately 9 p.m., officers observed a separate group of approximately 150 people who had formed inside of Cesar Chavez Park.  This group was wearing all black clothing, protective gear that included body armor, shields, and helmets.  Officers also observed various weapons that included metal pipes and rocks. The group began marching throughout the downtown area.  As the group marched there were reports of vandalism that included broken windows, damage to trees, spray-painting, and objects being moved into the roadway to create hazards. The group also spray-painted security cameras as they marched.

Officers observed one female suspect who was spray-painting City Hall.  This female was arrested by officers later in the night.  The female was found to be in possession of spray paint, body armor and rocks.

The investigation into this incident is still active.  Based on the preliminary investigation, detectives know that protestors attending this march were told to be prepared to use a variety of tactics that could be unlawful.”

Antifa thugs pointed lasers at the Police helicopter and motorcycle officers. Three federal officers in Portland may be permanently blinded from lasers pointed at them by protesters.

Sunday, irresponsible tone deaf Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg posted his support for the Portland Protesters on Twitter:

Violent protesters have been terrorizing Portland for nearly 60 days.

KCRA cameraman Mason Silva was assaulted by the protesters and punched in the face.  He posted about his assault on Facebook:

“There was a protest, presumably lead by Antifa. I was told that I was not welcomed and not to shoot video. These were folks I do not recognize. No one familiar from the local BLM movement we’ve been following. Not from Sacramento. My home.”

“I am a news photographer. And a damn proud one. My reporter Stephanie & I have gone through a lot these past five months and we work hard. You can troll us all you want on social media, share the BS that’s floating around, but when it comes down to it, your local news are the ones I hope you trust. We are your community. We are with you. So don’t attack us.”

Mayor Steinberg’s Twitter feed offers no expression of horror over the assault, or even get-well-wishes for the camera crew.

By signaling his support for the violent Antifa thugs, Mayor Steinberg is opening the doors to the city and inviting in more violence.

These Antifa thug terrorists were wearing body armor and carrying weapons.

In June, The Globe reported:

“Following violence, anarchy, mass property damage, theft, robbery and vandalism during ongoing Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, Sacramento residents have been under an 8:oo p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew since Monday. The rioters have ignored it.”

Steinberg Tweeted in June, “I then got on one knee and said a prayer for George Floyd, our community, and our country. #BlackLivesMatter,” including the three colors of Black Power fist emojis. 

Mayor Steinberg is too busy these days worrying about viewing Sacramento spending “through an equity lens,” and ongoing discussions about police brutality.

“Every budget decision we make, large and small, should be viewed through an equity lens. So I’m happy to say the city has added two new STEAM summer camps in neighborhoods that are often overlooked, and which will be free for low-income kids,” Steinberg posted on Twitter.

The Globe is concerned that the Antifa thugs will not stop with destroying Sacramento businesses, as they have already threatened residential neighborhoods. Steinberg’s home just South of downtown, was already the subject of a protest and a “die-in” by Antifa and BLM recently.

What will Mayor Steinberg’s “equity lens” be focused on when Antifa isn’t satisfied with his virtue signaling and starts terrorizing nearby city neighborhoods?

And this is why BLM and Antifa know they can terrorize the City of Sacramento.

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20 thoughts on “Violent Protest in Downtown Sacramento, But Mayor ‘Stands With Portland’ Thugs

  1. Antifa is all about a reign of terror. They will turn their attention to the mayor and he will not like it.

    1. A lot of good has come from past demonstrations, and at times rioting. There has always been violence and destruction. These demonstrations are the least destructive since the 60’s (my lifetime) They are fighting for an American identity, not divisiveness. Antifa and cancel culture are labels overused to disavow the validity of the lawful protesters issues. The ‘War against Donald Trump’ is being fueled by Trump’s divisiveness. repeated support of racist culture, and reliance on force.

  2. The more you let the left get away with things the more it escalates. It’s not going to end anytime soon until leaders grow a spine. It won’t come from democraps because they are fully endorsing this and they want it to get worse. They really do.

    1. I agree with you. The childish antics of these people are only encouraged by idiots like the mayor. If you put the hurt on them right away, the b.s. stops.

  3. I feel sorry for the residents of Sacramento. To have a so called leader. They voted for him now they must feel the results, unless the citizens of Sac stand up and fight back. I feel my service to Sac for 30 years was all for nothing SAD but true

  4. I think Mayor Steinberg has lost his mind. How is this violence defensible?! Has he “put his finger to the wind” and decided that “equity” is his ticket to higher office? Who pays for the destruction property and the assault on lawful citizens? I live near Sacramento. I no longer have any interest in visiting the city.

  5. The Democrat Mayors and their administrations in the large cities of America have become like the failed “Narco” cites of South America. They have police, fire, and emergency technicians but the Mayors will not deploy them effectively. What a waste of taxpayer money, and what a threat to the citizens of those cities.

  6. How convenient that all of the big west coast cities are led by mayors who are not only liberal, or even leftist, but appear to be anarchists themselves in that they are all “coincidentally” opening up the floodgates at the same time for these phony Antifa/BLMers to destroy our cities with impunity. L.A. is terrorizing “in support” of Portland, then Sacramento terrorizes “in support” of Portland, who themselves supported Seattle, who incomprehensibly followed the lead of Minneapolis, whose George Floyd event was not directly connected to any of it? It’s all very eerily well-timed, isn’t it? And how bizarre that not one of these mayors seemingly has anything resembling a spine? All of it stinks to high heaven.

    I saw an article posted this morning at PressCalifornia where even the formerly pleasant little college town of San Luis Obispo has been having — in concert with the cities — a number of very disruptive theatrical incidents involving “protestors” whose ringleader recently relocated from Portland. I guess the town was deemed weakened enough from many years of bad leadership and seen as ripe for the picking. SLO’s mayor Heidi Harmon and Chief of Police Deanna Cantrell (who made the news last year by carelessly leaving her gun behind in an El Pollo Loco restroom – ?!) reportedly gave their “blessing” in advance to the BLM and other protestors. After several dangerous incidents resulting from protestors shutting down the 101 the Police Chief asserted she had been “betrayed.” Whatever:
    “BLM Protesters Detained Pregnant Woman and Nurses in San Luis Obispo”

    Good thing the County has a decent D.A. and the locals seem concerned and awakened by recent events.
    Hope sensible citizens in L.A. and Sacramento and elsewhere too will awaken and vote in great numbers against these destructive people who call themselves Democrats as well as these burgeoning SJW policies.

  7. Wow! If I was the Sacramento Police Department, I would mark the day Steinburg said he stands with Portland and BLM as potentially a day to be referenced in the history of Sacramento. By using the word “we”, Steinburg just telegraphed to BLM and Antifa thugs that the Sacramento region is a “sympathizer” for their cause. A BLM Antifa sympathizer?! What mayor in any city of the United States would say that?.Now? He just rolled out the red carpet for these thugs! Steinburg told those punks on social media, “Dudes! You are cool. I stand with you. Come on over to Sac”. This is at a time when the violence is turning a corner with the use of home made bombs, firearms, massive destruction and support from our nations leaders who are downplaying the violence. Is Steinburg a FOOL? We know he is the biggest panderer the City of Sacramento has ever seen. Someone needs to pull that fool aside and set him straight. He just put our region and economy at risk with that irresponsible statement.

  8. steinberg is a leftist idiot and he’d enable thugs to destroy part of the city but outside of liberal downtown are Patriots who would stop it from going beyond there. (if they destroyed downtown and the liberal “society” there, it wouldn’t be much of a loss and maybe teach those dolts a lesson.
    Still, I am AGAINST the Feds. I can see how excuses could be made to put Feds in many cities and we’d be a step closer to Martial Law.

    1. What’s all this whining about Martial Law as if it’s worse than dangerous anarchists roaming the streets? The feds may be the last line of defense between these insane monsters and YOUR family.

      1. I’m with you. Imagine yourself in a residential area near to downtown Sacramento where all of this violence and anarchy is happening and ridiculous mayor Steinberg is sympathizing with the anarchists. THAT prospect will get the adrenaline moving through your system — guaranteed. Who is going to protect you and your home? Many of these innocent residents will be armed but we’ve already seen where the perfectly sensible reaction (to a very threatening situation) of brandishing a gun gets you (St. Louis).

  9. Over the weekend. EUGENE: Two opponents already standing off with pistols aimed at each other. AUSTIN: BLM demonstrator who pulled an AR-15 on a CCW opponent in his car, shot dead by the driver. Civil war has already begun. WAKE UP AMERICA AGAIN.

  10. I live in Sacramento and I did not even know this took place over the weekend. I just heard Tucker Carlson mention it on his show so I Googled for information. The Sacramento media obviously downplayed this. Sickening.

    1. The liberal media will not write about how bad these rioters are and liberal TV news excludes them. Democrats were aghast when Rep. Jim Jordan showed videos of the violence at Bill Barr’s hearing last week. It was the first time any of the Democrats had actually seen the violence. That video flew in the face of their story line of “peaceful” demonstrations. These anarchists are against every value that the US stands for.
      Our mayor has shown time and again he is against those values. He should be recalled.

    1. This “news” article is hard to follow. It must be an opinion piece. The author leaves out specifics. Times dates etc. seems more of just an attack on Mayor Steinberg. Comments here express maybe martial law is better than protests. Really? How sad. Also one comment states Tucker Carlson mentioned Sacramento? Pulleze Foxx news is the voice of trump. No factual source of real news.

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